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The Masai Mara in Kenya reflects the real essence of South Africa with its abundance of wildlife, the cultural villages and tribe living there. Spreading up to 1510 sq km, the ecosystem of Masai Mara houses the acacia forest, the herd of zebras and wide rolling plains and grasslands. Known to be the migration hub for the endemic and seasonal birdlife at the Masai Mara national reserve is, especially for the month of July and August. The purple grenadiers, Yellow-mantled widowbirds, and Cinnamon-breasted rock buntings are some of the species that can be spotted in the Masai Mara reserve. Heading out for a safari tour to Masai Mara, there is the number of campsites and lodges for accommodation. Not just with the conservation of wildlife, the national reserve is holding some of the ancient and tribal communities and their culture. The Massai village of Masai Mara highlights the tradition and the culture of tribal dwelling in Kenya. Exploring the tribal culture, the vast landscape, what else the tour brings is the abundance of around 550 species of birdlife. From the grassland bird to the ostrich and hornbill and vulture, Masai Mara safari has a number of vibrant populations of bird species.

Places To visit In Masai Mara

Masai River

With the abundance of Nile Crocodiles and the wildebeest, Masai River is one of the major attractions in Masai Mara. The river serves as an important source of water for animals dwelling near the Mara River.

Maasai Village

The Maasai community levelling in the Mara region offers a perfect gateway to examine and observe the culture of the tribe. With the traditional house, the cattle’s and their lifestyle, the village welcomes a great number of tourists to Masai Mara.

Mfangano Island

The Mfangano Island in Lake Victoria is one of the known tourist attraction near Masai Mara. The island offers luxury leisure at Mfangano Island Camp that is nothing but a beautiful site along the tropical gardens and the lake view.

Masai Mara National Reserve

The Masai Mara National Reserve is the major attraction for tourists that houses the wildlife including the Wildebeest, impalas, Masai giraffes, zebras, elephants and several species. With the diverse ecosystem, there are predators found in a large number like lion, cheetah and leopards.

Narok Museum

The one and only museum in Masai Mara, Narok Museum is the attraction for tourist that exhibits the ancient culture and remains of Maasai village. Along with the Maasai culture, the museum displays the art and the cultural remains of the bygone era.

Mara Triangle

With a number of animals wandering around the region, the Mara triangle is not so popular among tourist but a great place for the game drive at Masai Mara. The triangle offers an entrance gate and exit way to the migrating wildebeest Serengeti.

Ol Kinyei Conservancy

Spreading to an area of 18.700, the Ol Kinyei Conservancy is a popular attraction near Masai Mara that belongs to the community of Maasai. The conservancy offer accommodation and rest camps for the tourist arriving for the game drive.

Musiara Swamp

The swamp region, the Musiara Swamp attracts the tourist to Masai Mara with the abundance of wilds. Enjoy the game drive at the swap spotting the animals like cheetah, leopard, elephant and giraffe.

Best Time To Visit Masai Mara

The Masai Mara offers a perfect tour throughout the year. Taking about the best time to visit Masai Mara, the season between July to November is the ideal time when you can witness the Wildebeest Migration.  The Wildebeest starts the migration from July to early August depending upon the rain. Still if you opt to choose any other rime, you can clearly spot the Wildebeest population who choose to stay there as the wildlife residing at Masai Mara.

The following season throughout the year brings you near the predators like lion and crocodiles waiting to feast over the wildebeest population arriving there. So you can plan your visit to Masai Mara any time of the year with utmost adventure. 

Things To Do In Masai Mara

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The Masai Mara Game Drive

The two-game drives at Masai Mara are organized for the tourist to explore the vast wildlife of Kenya. With a guided tour amidst the reserve area, you can discover the diverse landscape, the wetlands, waterholes and the abundance of flora and fauna.

Photography tour

Masai Mara is known for the vast natural habitat that is multihued with the diverse wildlife, flora and landscape. Pack up your camera gears and head out to capture the beauty of Masai Mara on a specialized photographic safari.

The Cultural tour

Masai Mara offers a cultural tour to the tribal villages where you can witness the traditional reforms and culture of these Massai Warriors. Watch them signing their folk songs and dancing on the traditional beats celebrating.

Capturing the Big cat

With a concentrated population of Lions, the Masai Mara offers you a great opportunity to capture the big cats of the wild. One can easily get the clear and classic shots of the wild cats during the guided safari tour at Masai Mara.

Witnessing the great migration

Witness the vast ecosystem of Masai Mara with its habitat of Great Migration that houses a large number of Serengeti. The Mara River passing through the region makes the place best to capture the wildlife.

Balloon Safari at Masai Mara

Observe the stunning view of Masai Mara and the sunrise with a hot air balloon ride over the vast grassland. Spot the wildlife shattered down that includes deer and zebras and the endemic species dwelling in the reserve area.

Horseback safari

Experience the thrill and excitement with a horseback safari at Masai Mara. Crossing the savannah, the grassland, the terrains, and this safari is one of the unique ways to explore the wildlife of Masai Mara at Kenya.

Commuting with the Massai

Visiting Masai Mara without interaction with the local tribes of Massai is incomplete. Tour the village of Massai and closely observe their lifestyle, admire their customs, interact with the locals and even spend time in their homesteads.

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Kenya Safari with Vic Falls

Duration: 7N / 8D

Nairobi (1N) - Lake Naivasha (1N) - Masai Mara (2N) - Victoria Falls (3N)

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Best of South Africa & Kenya

Duration: 12N / 13D

Nairobi (1N) - Masai Mara (2N) - Lake Nakuru (2N) - Amboseli National Park (2N) - Johannesburg (1N) - Cape Town (4N)

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Best of Africa

Duration: 8N / 9D

Nairobi (1N) - Masai Mara (2N) - Victoria Falls (2N) - Cape Town (3N)

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Touch of Wilderness

Duration: 3N / 4D

Nairobi (1N) - Masai Mara (2N) - Nairobi

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Masai Mara with Cape Town

Duration: 6N / 7D

Nairobi (1N) - Masai Mara (2N) - Cape Town (3N)

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Wonders of Kenya and Tanzania

Duration: 9N / 10D

Lake Nakuru (1N) - Masai Mara (2N) - Serengeti National Park (2N) - Ngorongoro (2N) - Lake Manyara (2N)

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Kenya Wildlife Safari

Duration: 6N / 7D

Nairobi (1N) - Masai Mara (2N) - Lake Nakuru (1N) - Amboseli National Park (2N)

Starting From USD 1089

Discover South Africa & Kenya

Duration: 10N / 11D

Johannesburg (1N) - Sun City (2N) - Cape Town (3N) - Nairobi (1N) - Lake Naivasha (1N) - Masai Mara (2N)

Starting From USD 1619

Glimpses of Kenya

Duration: 4N / 5D

Nairobi (1N) - Lake Naivasha (1N) - Masai Mara (2N) - Nairobi

Starting From USD 687

How to Reach Masai Mara

The Masai Mara is connected with the neighbouring destination via land and airways. The direct-indirect flights, self-drive and transfers are preferred by the travellers visiting the Masai Mara.

Nearest Airport: At 225 km, the Jomo Kenyatta Airport in Nairobi is the most convenient for international visitors. The Mara Serena Airport of Masai Mara is connected with Mombasa, Samburu and Nanyuki.

Via Land- The Masai Masa lying at a distance 225 km from Nairobi is accessible via road. There are buses and cabs provided to commute from and to Masai Mara.

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