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Antananarivo, the colourful capital city of Madagascar is a hub for entertainment and leisure. With the vibrant market, shops, cafes and number of shopping complexes, Antananarivo welcomes travellers for a leisure stopover during the Madagascar tour. Called as Tana, the town has nothing much to offer but there is culture and some historical spots that can’t be missed out. Nestled close to the national parks and wildlife conservancies, Antananarivo is a gateway to enjoy the game drives and explore the vast and endemic flora and fauna. The town can surely be your leisure spot where you can enjoy an overnight stay and plan for your short day tours. With an international airport Ivato International Airport, the town experiences a large footfall if not for tourism, then for an escape to the attraction in Madagascar. What makes the town magnificent and beautiful, are the architecture of colonial buildings, the vibrant streets and the galleries with traditional art and handicrafts exhibited to shop. During your stay, you can wander around the town and experience the burgeoning culture with world-class restaurants that serve the tempting and authentic dishes.

Places To visit In Antananarivo

Rova Palace Complex

The home to the ruler of Madagascar and the kingdom of Imerina, Rova palace complex is one of the best attractions in Madagascar to explore. The palace has been ruined by fire in 1995, but there are still some places that can be explored. The eagle carved at the gateway and the cemetery welcomes the travellers to discover the hidden wonders.


Housing the Merina royal family from the 15th century, the hilly and fortified region of Ambohimanga is a great place to explore in Madagascar. Located at a distance of 15 miles from the town, the attraction is preserved as a UNESCO World Heritage Site with its cultural community. It has been a great spot for pilgrims and tourists in Ambohimanga.

Musée de l’Art et de Archéologie

With the archaeological artefacts and the ethnographic makes Musée de l’Art et de Archéologie a must visit attraction in Madagascar. Established in the year 1970, one can discover the excavation sites, along with the fossils and objects belonging to the tribes of Madagascar. The talismans, grave decorations, ceremonial accessories and more make the museum a great place to learn about the city culture.

Is'Art Galerie

With contemporary art as painting, sculpture and more, the Is'Art Galerie is a great place where one can explore the vibrant art and culture of Madagascar. Established in the year 1999, the gallery is a great educational spot where local children are taught about the art, sculpture and designing. The gallery organizes Festival of Urban Arts, inviting the artist from Africa.

Tana Water Front

The waterfront region of Madagascar is a shopping destination with the most authentic eateries and some boutiques. From the food to handicrafts, fashion and supermarket, Tana waterfront area is a great hub for shopping therapy. Don’t miss out the delight Pili Pili Dock, the American outlets and tempting Asian and Mexican cuisines.

Musée Andafiavaratra

The palace from 19th-century that then belonged to the Prime Minister Rainilaiarivony is now the attraction for travellers on vacation in Madagascar. The museum is a great spot to discover the articrafts that were rescued during the fire at Rova palace complex. Discover the portraits of the royals, the lifestyle of Merina monarchs and the ethnic work of photographs from the 19th century.

Best Time To Visit Antananarivo

Antananarivo is a year-round destination that can be visited throughout the year. January to March is the season with the highest rainfall but little crowd making tourism easy and affordable. You can plan a tour but there is always a risk of the cyclone.

The best season for Antananarivo tour starts from the month of April and last till October. The month of October to December can be warm and humid due to little rainfall, but the best to spot the little lemurs. The cold shower of June and a low season rate during May makes the best time to visit Antananarivo.

Things To Do In Antananarivo

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Spotting the Lemur’s

With the 70 flora species and 40 endemic flora of Madagascar, the Lemurs’ Park nature reserve is a great place to spot the endemic Lemur and other wilderness. One can easily spot the free-roaming group of lemur and a charismatic vista. The reserves houses chameleons, iguanas and turtles, along with the rare sifaka.

Birdwatching at Parc de Tsarasaotra

Parc de Tsarasaotra is a private park that is known to be reserved for a number of diverse species of birds in Madagascar. The lake of Alarobia and the wetlands make it a niche for around 14 endemic bird species as grebe, Meller’s duck and Malagasy pond heron. With the rare and local inhabited species of birds, the reserve is the best place for birdwatchers.

Croc Farm tour

The Croc farm offers a great tour to discover the widespread beauty of nature and the giant Nile crocodile dwelling there. With more than 80 species of Malagasy animal, diverse birdlife and the endemic family of lemurs, the rare chameleon, Crocs farm is an ideal place for a day tour to witness the enthralling wildlife of Madagascar.

Day trip to Mantadia National Park

With the waterfalls and the jungle trails, Mantadia National Park is an ideal place to spend a day, discovering the wilderness there. Housing the endangered indri, the largest species of Lemur, one can discover the endemic reptiles, birds and other mammals along with 13 diverse families of lemur.

Tour to the Ampefy

At a distance of 2.5 hours from the city of Antananarivo, Ampefy is the best place to admire the beauty and plan an overnight tour. Discover the Lake Kavitaha, the volcanic peaks, waterfalls and hiking trails that lure the hikers across the globe. There are rustic lodges and cafes that can offer you leisure escape there.


Antananarivo is a hub to shop and take back the souvenirs from your Madagascar vacation tour. The Lisy Art Gallery is the best spot to grab the handicrafts and some fine leather goods. You can wander around the La Digue Market to shop the artisanal arts and crafts of Madagascar. Get the wood carved accessories and embroidered fabrics, with some fresh species and vanilla.

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How to Reach Antananarivo

Antananarivo is easy to reach as the town has an international airport connected to the rest of the world.

Via Air; Ivato International Airport is the international airport lying close to the city. The TNR airport at a distance of 17km from the city center connects the domestic attraction to the town.

Via land; For intercity connection, one can choose the public mean of transport like buses and taxis that commute to the Air Madagascar office and rest of the town. There are cabs available for an easy transfer.

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