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Nestled in the South east of the country, Fort Dauphin is a famous tourist attraction in Madagascar that has garnered tourists from all walks of life. This place has an undeniable charm and has become so popular in the tourist industry. With beaches on three sides and the dark slopes of Pic Loius looming, the city is blessed with one of the best scenic vistas in the entire region. Housing the splendid chain of Anosy and St Louis, the city proffers a unique and stunning view of the entire area. On the north, South and East side of the city, you can witness azure colours of the Indian Ocean that lend a magnificent view. With so much to offer, Fort Dauphin is an ideal choice where you can spend your vacation with your family and friends. The city offers the visitors a variety of activities like strolling through the markets, spending time at the fine sandy beaches, enjoying the delicious cuisine or exploring the dry forest of the surroundings. If you are an adventure freak, Fort Dauphin is just the right place for you as it has many activities packed for you. Indulge in adventurous spots like, surfing, diving, snorkeling, swimming and much more that will boost your adrenaline rush. Offering peace, luxury and comfort, Fort Dauphin will give you lifetime of memories to cherish.

Places To visit In Fort Dauphin

Saint Luce reserve

Situated some 30 km away from Fort Dauphin, Saint Luce Reserve is a common tourist attraction in Madagascar. The reserve is home to fascinating plants and animal species which are beautiful to look at. While strolling around in the reserve, you can spot 5 Lemur species, 50 reptile and bird species and 200 tree species as well. Spend your day amidst the lush greenery of the region and make most of your trip.

Libanona Beach

Libanona Beach in Fort Dauphin is an ideal place to spend your day at ease. The beach is well known for its surfing and other activities that will keep you enthralled all day long. Make sure you keep your belongings safe while strolling at this beach. Admire the stunning beauty of the beach with your loved one and make the most of your trip.


Situated just 2 hours north east of Fort Dauphin, Manafiafy is a private beach where you spend your day at ease. With a beautiful beach and thrilling sea activities you will never get bored of this beach in Madagascar. Soak in the tranquil beauty of the beach and its natural surroundings where you can just sit and relax admire the beauty of nature around you.

Lokaro Bay

Situated approximately 40 km on north east of Tulear, Lokaro Bay is a paradise where you can relax amidst the stunning view of the beach. Enjoy the stunning sunset, the rocky islets and scenic vistas where you will have the time of your life. Lokaro Bay is a stunning place where you can enjoy adventurous activity such as snorkeling, diving and other activities that will keep you enthralled all day long.

Best Time To Visit Fort Dauphin

Fort Dauphin is a year-round destination that can be visited throughout the year. January to March is the season with the highest rainfall but little crowd making tourism easy and affordable. You can plan a tour but there is always a risk of the cyclone.

The best season for Fort Dauphin tour starts from the month of January until December. The month of October to December can be warm and humid due to little rainfall, but the best to spot the little lemurs. The cold shower of June and a low season rate during May make the best time to visit Fort Dauphin.

Things To Do In Fort Dauphin

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Visit the Antsokay arboretum

The Antsokay arboretum is a famous botanic garden that has attracted tourists from all walks of life. The garden houses a collection of over 900 plant species which are 90% endemic and 80% have medicinal properties. While on your visit, you can see many creatures like chameleons, boas, tenrec, and mouse lemurs to name a few.

Korobo Tours

When in Fort Dauphin, you cannot miss the Korobo Tours which is best thing to do in Madagascar. You can indulge in 1 day local trip on foot where you can choose to go for backpacking hiking and camping. Expert guides will escort and give you knowledge about the place while on your hiking tour. Explore the region and admire the lush greenery of the place.

Visit Anosy Museum

Anosy Museum in Madagascar is one of the famous attractions that have become popular over the years. Visit to this museum will allow you to get insight about the history of Madagascar. Guides will tell you more about the place and make your visit worth the while.

Camping at Lokaro

When in Madagascar, you cannot miss camping at the famous Lokaro Beach. Due to some grassy banks sheltered by trees, camping is one of the famous things to do in Lokaro. Stroll around the in house island after your camp session and make most of the trip. Make sure you carry your essentials before heading out for camping tour.

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How to Reach Fort Dauphin

 By Taxi: To reach Fort Dauphin, you can take a taxi that will directly take you to your desired destination. You can even hail a taxi that already has passengers in it. It is easy to travel to Fort Dauphin via tuk tuk that runs on daily basis in the city.

By  Flight: The nearest airport to Fort Dauphin is Antananarivo. Daily flights ply to and fro from the capital city and make it easier for the passengers to travel. Throughout the entire year, these flights are easily available and from there hire a taxi to reach your desired destination. 

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