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Mauritius is more than the beaches and long tranquil beaches. It’s the inland region and city centers that can be your next holiday destination in Mauritius. There are forest and the lakes, the vegetation and the urbanized region that houses around one- third of the total population of entire Mauritius. Discover the history and the ancient tradition for the tour of Mauritius with the museum and galleries that are nestled here. The city centers and Inland region of Mauritius are of great attractions that are mostly overlooked by the tourist due to beaches. While Mauritius is just known for the water adventure and the aquatic life, the forest and the town can really be the ideal region to enjoy a leisure vacation. Situated at an elevation of 400 to 600 meters above the sea level, the centers and Inland of Mauritius are cooler as compared to the coastal regions. Bringing up the tour of Mauritius with the city centers and the inland region, there is a lot to be explored and enjoyed for the vacation. Divided into nine districts, Mauritius houses an array of some vibrant cities and towns, the multi-hued streets and some culturally rich villages. Plan your holiday tour in Mauritius with the excursion to the famous attraction falling in the centers and the Inland area.

Places To visit In The Inland and Centers

Beau Bassin-Rose Hill

The Beau Bassin Ross hill stands on the southern edge of Port Louis and towards the western side of Mauritius. Known with the two distinct communities of Beau Bassin and Ross Hill, the town has now merged as one. There are market areas and the shopping centers, the library that attracts the localizes and the travelers on Mauritius tour.

Vacoas and Phoenix

Towards the western end of Mauritius lies the administrative unit of Vacoas and Phoenix. The two independent villages merged as one in 1968 to form a completely independent town of Mauritius. With an active network of highways and roads, the town is connected to the Capital city of Port Louis making it easy for your tour of Mauritius.

Quatre Bornes

Quatre Bornes is one of the most beautiful attractions of Mauritius where you can shop some amazing souvenir. The town lies on the southwestern end of the island housing the shopping centre and the Central Market. Still developing the city boast some urbanized market places and the sugar estates towards the border.

Trou aux Cerfs

Surrounded by the lush green forest and the indigenous vegetation, Trou aux Cerf is the most scenic attraction in Mauritius. The town area is blessed with the Crater Lake, Jogging Park and an incredible view of the Rempart Mountain, Trois Mamelles, and the Port-Louis- Moka mountain range. The natural and picturesque setting makes it a natural tourist attraction.


Get a glimpse of the colonial era of Mauritius that was built as a mansion with 109 doors opening up to a spectacular view. Attracting a number of visitors, the Eureka is not just an attraction in Mauritius but offers an escape to nature with hiking trails, waterfalls and a serene surrounding lased with the endemic species of flora.

Ganga Talao

A sacred spot in Mauritius, Ganga Talao attracts not just the travelers but the localities to pray and meditate in the blissful aura of the region. The Grand Bassin lake housing a population of monkey is a major attraction here where people love to spend some time and play with the local monkeys or the region. The temple with other small shrines dedicated to Lord Shiva and other gods lies near the lake.

Curepipe Botanical Garden Botanical Garden

Built in 1870, the Curepipe is known to be the second largest botanical garden in Mauritius. The botanical garden houses the species of some endemic and rare flora, with the vegetation of indigenous trees. The rivers and the lake in and around the garden area offer a great fishing activity to tourist in Mauritius.

Best Time To Visit The Inland and Centers

Mauritius with the inland and centers can be explored during the month of May to November. Being a year-round destination, the temperature here remains pleasant and soothing throughout the year but the cold and dry season is preferred best for the tour of Mauritius.

The beaming days and the dry atmosphere with no or less humidity make the temperature perfect to wander around the cities and hike up the mountains. While planning a tour during the summers, you will experience hot and humid days but the nights can be cooler and pleasant. The center region is cooler can be explored throughout the year but when it’s about the best season for Mauritius winters can be the ideal time.

Things To Do In The Inland and Centers

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Witnessing the Moka Mountain Range

The Moka Mountain Range is best viewed by hiking up the Le Pouce Mountain. This is the third highest mountain forming a part of Moka Mountain Range in Mauritius. Saint Pierre and Port Louis are the two gateways from where you can hike up the range with your tour guide. The top of the mountain offers an incredible view of the entire island.

Exploring the waterfalls

Tour to the bets seven waterfalls is the most adventurous thing to do in Mauritius. The waterfalls open up the gateway for hiking and canyoning offering an adrenaline experience for the vacation. Explore the endemic flora and fauna of the region that makes natural setting magical. Make sure you have a professional guide to ensure a safe and thrilling vacation.

Tea Route tour in Mauritius

A day trip to Mauritius can be best planned with the Tea Route that will treat your senses. The route starts at Domaine des Aubineaux, taking you through the factory of Bois Cheri at Rivière des Anguilles and ends up at Domaine Saint Aubin. Enjoy the refreshing aroma of the tea leaves and the lush greenery dominating the landscape.

The Plateau Route

Discover the highest plateau Plaine Champagne that is enclosed within the lush green surrounding of forest and lakes. Starting from the Vacoas or Curepipe towards Mare aux Vacoas, the tour covers up the Grand Bassin, Macchabée Forest and the Mare aux Joncs waterfall. The nature viewpoints on the path make the Plaine Champagne route best to explore the beauty of the region.

The food trail

The inland and centers of Mauritius offer some of the magnificent eateries with the authentic food, must not be missed. There are a number of small fancy restaurants in the village region of Chamarel serving the delicious dishes and local cuisines. One can even try out the Chinese-Mauritian restaurants nestled over the streets.


Shop the handicrafts and the trending fashion of Mauritius with a shopping tour in and around the centers. You can pick the traditional jewellery or some popular wines and whiskies as a memory for the vacation. The market region is a satire house where you can find accessories and the authentic arts and crafts with paintings etc.

How to Reach The Inland and Centers

Mauritius by water is one of the most luxurious and captivating experience. Apart from the port cities of the world like Durban or Reunion Island, intercity transfers are also there to travel in Mauritius. Cruise tours are arranged on the beaches making the trip more interesting and adventurous.

Via flight: Sir Seewoosagar Ramgoolam Air Terminal is the major international airport in Mauritius that lies at a distance of 48 kilometers from the main city of Port Louis. Mauritius is very well connected to major cities across the world such as India or Paris, Dubai, Vienna, London and South Africa.

Via land: One can easily travel in and around Mauritius by renting a car or taxis. There are a local mean of transport as buses, trains and rentals to explore the centers of Mauritius. 

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