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The Damaraland of Namibia can be described as the most diverse land with magic and drama in the topography of the region. The underrated region of Namibia, Damaraland is known for the wildlife and the fascinating beauty of rocks and rugged land. Damaraland forms an integral part of Kunene Region, lying on the north-west of Namibia. The tour of Damaraland brings up the magnificent attractions that are unique and enhances the beauty of the destination. With some of the finest rock formation, the deserted mountain regions, the clefts and engravings on the rock boost up the rate of tourism in Damaraland. Coming to the unofficial wildlife of Namibia, Damaraland wildlife and safari is known for the critically rare endangered species and some the endemic wilds. One can capture the glimpse of black rhinos, elephants and the desert-adapted lions with the colony of spotted hyenas, the zebra and giraffe making the speciality of wilderness in Damaraland Namibia. The amazing fusion and harmony of nature with the excellent landforms, the desert and the mountain housing the wild makes Damaraland tour as one of the most amazing explorations in the African region. Featuring the wild tours with the ideal accommodation option and the untouched attractions, Damaraland tour of Namibia is something that you won’t experience anywhere else.

Places To visit In Damaraland

The Vingerklip

The Vingerklip is the popular attraction in Damaraland that is known for its amazing rock formation standing as the huge vertical finger. The rock structure lies at a distance of 70 km from the Outjo town standing 35 meters high as a remarkable spot to explore.

Brandberg Mountain Range

The Brandberg Mountain Range is one of the highest mountain range, raising up to 2500 meters towards the west of Namibia. The popular tourist attraction at Damaraland is covering up the area of 760 km² with some of the amazing rock paintings and dating back to 2000 to 4000 year.


The World Heritage site at Damaraland Namibia, Twyfelfontein is an amazing attraction housing the rock engravings and rock paintings from the Bushmen. The paintings and the carvings on the rocks exhibit the animal tracks, human activities and some of the geometric designs.

Damara Living Museum

Situated at a distance of 10km from the Twyfelfontein, the Damara Living Museum attract major tourist to experience the culture of Damaraland. The museum is a project aiming at the conservation of the lost culture of this Damara tribe in Namibia.


Rising up to the height of 1728m, the Spitzkoppe is one of the best places to explore in Damaraland Namibia. The rock is the famous attraction among the rock climbers and the adventure enthusiast who are looking forward to encountering one of the challenging peaks.

Kristall Kellerei Winery

The Kristall Kellerei Winery is one of the oldest wineries and the famous spot in Damaraland to try the best cuisine and drinks. The winery offers the visitors to taste their wines and other edibles tour the garden area and grab some of the best wine offered there.

Tsisab Ravine

The Tsisab Ravine attracts the tourist in Damaraland for its magnificent rock art, the White Lady of the Brandberg. Lying in the centre of the Brandberg range, the ravine depicts the story of a ladylike structure, carrying a feather in one hand and bow arrow for hunting in the other.

Numas Ravine

The Numas Ravine can be possibly described as the hidden treasure that is one of the famous attractions for tourist in Damaraland. The ancient paintings at the ravine exhibit the wilds carved on rocks, the paintings of giraffe, snake and some ancient antelopes on the rock.

Phillips Cave

The popular attraction in Damaraland Namibia, Phillip cave in Erongo Mountains is a known site for exploring the paintings and the hiking. The white humpbacked antelope painting is the major attraction of the cave that was even highlighted in one of the books of prehistorian Abbè Breuil named Phillip Cave.

Messum Crater

The Messum Crater is one of the remote attractions of Damaraland that is known for the amazing natural landscape and the Goboboseb Mountains. The hills or Messum Crater are formed due to the volcanic activity in the region that measures around 20 km in diameter.

Best Time To Visit Damaraland

The Damaraland tour can be planned at any point of the year, but the humid and dry temperature makes few seasons not ideal for exploring Damaraland. The dry season from the month of May to October is considered as the best time to visit Damaraland. The dry weather with no or negligible rainfall allows the animal to gather near the waterholes, making the game viewing easy and continent. The cold breeze and the chilling pleasing evening hours make the tour and safari at Damaraland suitable.

The rest of season from November to March can be rainy and hot. Where October November and December can be the ideal time to explore Damaraland, the month from January to April is not preferred ideal for safaris at Damaraland.

Things To Do In Damaraland

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Understanding rock art

Damaraland houses some of the magnificent rock art and paintings that depict the ancient wildlife habitat and the lifestyle of the tribes. Exploring and understanding the art in rocks is simply the best thing to experience the traditional history and culture.

Touring the caves

Damaraland is not just about the unique formation of rocks and hills, as the caves are the most explored attraction in Damaraland Namibia. A tour of the famous Phillip cave will offer you some amazing art and historical facts about the region.

The historical exploration at Damaraland

The unspoiled history makes one of the famous tours to spend a day in Damaraland Namibia. With a tour to the attraction like dinosaur footprints, dating back to 170 million of years, you can surely grab the best discoveries of the region.

The tour of the mountains

The mountains are the best attraction falling in the land of Damaraland that offers an incredible tour for some adventure. You can explore the panorama of the Burnt Mountain or hike up the challenging peak of Spitzkoppe.

Discovering the Art and craft

Discovering the art and craft of Namibia is surely the best thing to do in Damaraland that beholds amazing the ancient culture and the traditional handicraft. You can get some of the antique jewellery and wild sketches, handmade frames and much more.

Entertainment at the Artist Trail

Covering up the art, dance and the traditional music, folklore and some amazing eateries with the authentic Namibian cuisines, the Artist Trail makes one of the best tours in Damaraland. The market region flaunts the best studios, local shops and cafes to explore during the visit.

Game drive in Damaraland

Damaraland houses the rare endangered species with the endemic wildlife offering you amazing safari experience. The timid black rhino and the population of giraffe and zebra is the major attraction making the game drive in Damaraland the best activity.

Tasting the authentic cuisines

Damaraland has some amazing wineries and cafes where they offer amazing wines and traditional food to taste. The Kristall Kellerei Winery is the best-known eatery in Damaraland that has some of the finest wines and the tempting snacks to try.

Museum tours

The history of Damaraland Namibia is vast and interesting to be explored during the tour of Damaraland. To discover the political history, Outjo’s Museum is the ideal lace whereas the traditional and ancient culture is conserved at the Damara Living Museum.

Food trail in Damaraland

The Damaraland tour will offer you the amazing cafes with the best dishes to grab during the breakfast and lunchtime. Main street café stands as the most popular restaurant specializing in the cuisines like Quiche, hazelnut cheesecake.

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How to Reach Damaraland

Damaraland is not directly linked to the cities of Africa, as the international airport of Namibia is the only way to get in.

Via flight- Hosea Kutako International Airport is the international airport at Windhoek that is connecting Damaraland with the major destination of Africa. There are charter flights available from the Eros airport Windhoek to the park of Damaraland.

Via land- Damaraland can surely be the ideal destination to drive and explore. The distance between the airport and Damaraland is approximately 560km or 350meter that can be covered within six to seven hours.

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