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Swakopmund Namibia is situated amidst dunes and desert close to the mouth of Swakop River. It is one of the famous tourist attractions in Namibia along the African road. Swakopmund city of Namibia is the capital of the Erongo administrative district and has 42,000 inhabitants and covers 193 square kilometres. Showcasing German colonial architecture, the destination of Swakopmund is a beach resort which was founded in 1892 as the main harbour for German South-West Africa. The city is even known as the adventure capital that opens up the gate for an exotic vacation in Namibia. From marvellous buildings to astounding town promenade, Swakopmund tour has everything for those who are looking for a comfortable and memorable stay. Today Swakopmund serves as a holiday resort and is considered as one of the best tourists stay in Namibia. This holiday resort in Namibia experiences a mild climate, with the amazing attraction that attracts a number of travellers from across the globe, for exploring the Swakopmund. Because of its multidimensional appeal and true African culture, most people end up staying at Swakopmund longer than they planned. The city of Swakopmund is small but still is listed as one of the major attraction with the facilities and sightseeing offered.

Places To visit In Swakopmund

Kristall Galerie

The Kristall Galerie is famous Swakopmund attraction known for the collection of beautiful gems and stones that was started by Johannes Adolf Kleynhans as his love and passion for stones. All from the crystal jewellery, the gemstones, the cups and wine glasses and carved handicrafts and decors are kept for display.


A wooden landing quay of 275 meters long, 9 meter, Jetty was built in 1904 that is now a famous attraction in Swakopmund for the locals and tourist. The jetty was built as a good load and passenger landing site at Swakopmund.

National Marine Aquarium

The National Marine Aquarium is a popular site for the tour in Swakopmund that offers an ideal visit to explore the South Atlantic Ocean. The aquarium passes through a tunnel taking you to the largest marine world with the closest view of the exotic sea animals.

Moon Landscape

A tour to Moon Landscape is an amazing spot for a driving tour at Swakopmund that takes you to an enthralling journey of diverse topography. The site flaunts it eroded land, the rugged hills, canyons and the deserted mountain regions making an ideal spot for a picnic.


The oasis of Goanikontes lies close to some of the amazing spots in Swakopmund all enclosed with the natural surroundings. The oasis lies behind the Swakop River amidst the fabulous desert mountains offering an ideal place to relax.

Marine Memorial

The marine memorial was built to honour the German First Marine Expedition Corps that played an essential role conquering the Herero. The marine memorial stands as a national historical site at Swakopmund attracting a large number of tourist and local visitors each day.

Woermann haus

The Woermannhaus stands as the historical building that is a famous attraction in Swakopmund that was built as the main office for the Damara and the Namaqua Trading Company in 1905. The building was later used as school dormitory in 1920 and later was a shelter for the sailors.

Swakopmund Museum

The history of Swakopmund is preserved in the old building of Swakopmund Museum. The site encloses the old harbour warehouse with the history of the town and the endemic flora and fauna exhibiting each as the display for the visitors in Swakopmund.

Best Time To Visit Swakopmund

Visiting Swakopmund is best during the months from May to October when the weather is dry and large wildlife is concentrated near the waterholes and river area. Low rainfall results in low vegetation and limited water supply that attracts the wild, making the animals easy to spot. Being surrounded by the number of wildlife parks, Swakopmund can be best explored during the dry season.

The wet months from October to April can be the low season time with fewer crowds but the hot and humid weather is not that preferable for safari tours or sightseeing. However, the low budget travellers can surely choose the period for the tour of Swakopmund.

Things To Do In Swakopmund

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Kayaking on Walvis Bay Lagoon

Kayak on the Walvis Bay lagoon is one of the best things you can experience in Swakopmund, exploring the marine world. Get close to the flamingos and the pelicans, spotting the dolphins and the seals jumping close to the boats and splashing the cold water.

The tour of the Dunes

Explore the Dunes of Namibian Desert with a quad biking tour that counts the best adventure to try at Swakopmund. The tour is about the utmost adventure and discovering the history of the desert of Namibia spreading in and around the region of Swakopmund.

Scenic Flights in the Namib Desert

Discover the vast Namibia desert from an alleviated height via scenic flights offered by the reputed operators of the region. The tour takes you to the scenic tour of attractions like the Sossusvlei, the Kuiseb Canyon, the Skeleton Coast and the Cape Cross.

The desert life of Swakopmund

Discover the rich habitat dwelling in the lifeless desert of Namibia that houses the species of Desert Chameleon, the Sidewinder, the sand-diving Gecko and desert scorpions. The eco tour takes you to the unbelievable journey of Desert in Swakopmund to discover the life adapted into the ecosystem.

Sandboarding in Namibia

Add on some more adventure and fun to your to Swakopmund Namibia with Sandboarding in the desert. Glide down the dunes and enjoy the adrenaline rush and climbing up the dunes with more efforts. This is definitely the adventure in Swakopmund that you cannot miss.

Discover the marine life

Swakopmund owns one of the largest aquarium that is best to closely observe and discover the marine world of the South Atlantic Ocean. The tunnel is passing through the sea that takes you to the tour of the marine world with the exotic flora and fauna to spot.

Birdwatching at the Walvis Bay

Walvis Bay is a scenic retreat that houses around more than 150000 birdlife that includes the species of flamingos, pelicans, gulls and the grebes. For bird watchers and leisure seekers, Swakopmund tour at the Walvis Bay is an ideal place where you can spit the astonishing birds with the migratory species.

The food tour

Swakopmund offers some amazing food trails to explore the tempting and delicious authentic cuisines of the destination. With the well known eateries, the Swakopmund city tour offers around 50 restaurants with the best authentic dishes to try at least once during your visit.

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Windhoek - Sossusvlei (2N) - Swakopmund (2N) - Damaraland (1N) - Etosha National Park (3N)

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Windhoek (1N) - Sossusvlei (2N) - Swakopmund (2N) - Etosha National Park (2N)

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Windhoek (1N) - Etosha National Park (3N) - Kaokoland (2N) - Damaraland (2N) - Swakopmund (2N) - Sossusvlei (2N)

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How to Reach Swakopmund

Swakopmund is small enough to explore on foot rather than searching for a cab. Taxi and public transport are not available in the city to wander around.

Via flight- The Swakopmund lies close to the international airport at Walvis Bay, the Walvis Bay Airport. There are flights available from Windhoek to reach the city of Swakopmund.

Via land- Minibus, personal cabs and car rentals offer you the option to reach Swakopmund from the airport via land.

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