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La Digue Island at Seychelles is the third most populated region there, inhabiting the community of glorious beaches, the jungle and forests, the tranquil bay and the rolling hills. The Island of Seychelles has to offer some of the lush and tranquil trails for hiking adding on more adventure and excitement to the tour. The inner island is enclosed with a series of the hilly landscape that supports the dense forest area and wilds. La Digue Island surely stands as the pristine, calm and sleepy attraction at Seychelles all designed as the perfect escape from the chaos of the populated shores. The Island, set over a small area flaunt its old fashioned and vintage look where you can enjoy the bicycle rides, the electric carts and the laid back transport. The charming aura of the La Digue Island at Seychelles is untouched and still exists as the virgin land where you can surely enjoy the leisure with solitude, all soaked in the captivating beauty of beaches and the tropical ambience. The sandy and dirty path of La Digue Island brings the tour that will take you amidst the true and enthralling nature beauty that features a unique fusion of leisure and entertainment followed by utmost adventure.

Places To visit In La Digue

Veuve Natural Reserve

The Veuve Natural reserve is a niche for the rare male bird featuring its long black tail-feather. The attraction at La Digue even offers a series of hiking trails to explore, the population of fruit bats and terrapin species that are rare to find.

L’Union Estate

The world heritage site at La Digue Island is an attraction that offers the tourist some of the famous tourist spots to explore like Plantation House and Copra Mill. The estate takes you through the Anse Source D’Argent, the giant tortoises at Seychelles and the vast history.

Anse Source d’Argent

The Anse Source D’Argent stands as the main tourist attraction at La Digue flaunting its white and quiet beaches with its turquoise hue. The water of the beach is perfect to snorkelling with the quiet and calm surroundings where you can sit back and relax amidst the unique rock formation and the picturesque landscape.

Grand Anse

The Grand Anse is a perfect beach at La Digue where you can enjoy the solitude and the scenic walk during the tour. The glittering sand and the long coastline with strong current feature the beauty of this pristine and solitary aura.

Petit Anse

When it comes to spotting the beauty of beaches, the Petit Anse is the picture perfect attraction of La Digue Seychelles. The beach is an ideal spot to enjoy the sunset when the sky and the sea reflect its fresh hue and the white sand shimmers in the sunlight.

Anse Coco

The Anse Coco beach is an ideal gateway to hike and explore the untouched and unspoiled landscape. The beach of La Diegue welcomes you from the challenging path to the pristine and picturesque location that is laced with soft sweeping sand and the high current waves.

Granite boulder of Anse L’Union

The granite boulder of Anse L’Union is also referred to as the National Monument of La Digue that was formed due to the solidification of magma. This attraction at La Digue stands as one of the beautiful and gorgeous spots with its unique and amazing structure.

Anse Marron

The Anse Marron is the natural pool that attracts the tourist at La Digue for its amazing beauty and stunning landscape. The crystalline water and the clear beach make it popular and the perfect spot where you can swim and enjoy the water games as snorkelling.

Best Time To Visit La Digue

The months of April, May, October and November counts as the ideal time to explore the Island of La Digue. Seychelles as a whole is a year-round destination that can be explored anytime as per your plan and vacation, but these months offer an ideal temperature to explore La Digue and the adjacent beaches of Seychelles.

April and October being the dry months are perfect to experience La Digue, hiking on the hills and enjoying the sun at the beaches. This also counts as the migratory period when you can spot some birdlife at the Island of Seychelles.  

Things To Do In La Digue

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Explore the hidden trails

La Digue is a quiet and scenic island is filled with some of the perfect hiking trails that are hidden and untouched. Hike from the Petit Anse and explore the virgin beach of Anse CoCo that is known for the challenging and undeveloped pathway.

Cycling tour at La Digue

The small Island of Seychelles, La Digue can be easily explored on the cycle that makes it the best activity to do at La Digue. Rent a bicycle or a bike and start discovering the island with its quiet beaches and stunning picturesque landscape.

Discovering the carved granite rocks

The Anse Source d’Argent houses some of the unique and stunning granite rocks with the amazing formation, offering you a tour that you can never miss. Grab your essentials and head out towards the point where you can spit and capture these amazing granite monuments at La Digue.

Hiking up the peak of Belle Vue

Hiking is definitely the best thing you can do at La Digue while disclosing its lush green terrains and the hilly slopes hiding the forest region. The Belle Vue stands as the highest peak at La Digue Seychelles that you must hike up for utmost adventure and thrill.

The beach tour

The beaches are the major tourist attraction at La Digue that inviting the number of tourist for enjoying the calm and scenic gateway. The beaches of La Digue like Grand Anse and the Anse Coco makes an ideal day tour to spend the leisure hours and relax back observing the beauty.

Enjoying the beach food

Beaches at La Digue are not just for leisure tour or water games. The adjacent eateries and local vibrant restaurants and cafes make the beaches ideal to stop by and enjoy the local drinks, the traditional food and some of the amazing food the island has to serve.

Shop the boutique craft

The small island of Seychelles, La Digue is home to some of the fine jewellery and boutique crafts that you must grab as the memory of the tour. The roads at La Digue are laced with the small yet vibrant shop that exhibits the amazing craft and handicraft material.

Splashing at the beach

Not all beaches at La Digue are meant for leisure, as some offer you the great escape to try your hands on swimming and snorkelling. Plan a visit to the Anse Patate that is known for the being a picture perfect spot form the best pictures and the ideal location where you can add on more fun to your tour.

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How to Reach La Digue

La Digue is a small Island of Seychelles that is easy to explore via bicycle or long walking tours. The island is connected to Mahe and Praslin with ferries tour or boats hire to La Digue.

Via air- The Seychelles International airport is the main international airport that connects La Digue Island of Seychelles with the rest of the globe. There are helipad tours operated from Seychelles international airport to reach La Digue.

Via Land- Exploring La Digue is pretty easy and convenient as the island is one of the smallest Islands in Seychelles. There are few cabs and taxi services available for intercity tour, as people commute on bicycle, bikes or they hike to explore the region. 

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