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Mahe Island brings you the paradise with the exotic beaches and the pristine coastlines, making it the best attraction of the Seychelles Island. Mahe houses around 90% of the population, offering the gateway to the capital city of Victoria. The island appears to be the picture perfect destination with the lush vegetation, the endemic vegetation and the adventure to try at Mahe. Strolling down in the streets, gazing the beaches and discovering the culture and history, the Mahe island of Seychelles, is a paradise for leisure seekers and travel enthusiast. The vibrant flora and the dense vegetation with the series of forest following the island add immense beauty making Mahe the ideal beach destination for the travelers. The talc white sands and the dominating palms characterize the beaches of Mahe that is a home to a number of lounges, resorts, eateries and adventure. Now what makes Mahe the perfect holiday destination is its mix aura that is thrilling and calm. All from exploring the history and the vibrant culture, Mahe invites you to try your hands over some water adventure as surfing, fishing or snorkeling. Small yet enthralling, the Mahe Island of Seychelles is a treat to explore for an impressive vacation.

Places To visit In Mahe

The Victoria Market

The bustling street of Victoria Markets is although small is too vibrant to explore once during the Mahe Island tour. The stalls are arranged with the fresh hues of vegetables, fruits, the local spices, the delight seafood and much more.

Bel Air Cemetery

Standing as the oldest historical structure is a monument and an attraction in Mahe, the Bel Air cemetery depicts the life history of civilization in Mahe. The place holds the memorial grave of Charles Dorothée Savy, known for his 9-foot height and the corsair Francois Hodoul.

Takamaka Bay

The Takamaka Bay offers a day tour in Mahe to explore the tales and the rum-making techniques used there. Apart from exploring the history behind the main distillery, you can sip down some finest rum and taste the delicious cuisines.

Seychelles Natural History Museum

The Seychelles Natural History Museum is one of the famous attractions in Mahe offering you the historical tour to explore the natural history and the artefacts. The tour is planned to educate you about the ecological issues with documentaries and exhibitions.

Tea Factory

The Tea Factory at Mahe attracts the tourist for its amazing tea and the delight refreshing aroma of freshly manufactured tea. You can taste and shop some of the fine quality tea from the factory during your visit while discovering the techniques used in manufacturing there.

National Botanical Gardens

Preserving some of the endemic and endangered species of flora and fauna of Seychelles, the National Botanical Gardens in the chief attraction for tourist, visiting Mahe. You can discover the rarest species of plant are widespread and some that are in danger of extinction from the world.

Grande Anse

The Grande Anse is the only beach at Mahe Island where you can enjoy the peaceful and calm ambience, the solitude and some relaxing walk. The beach flaunts its glittering sand and the high waves and the strong water current, making it unexceptionally beautiful.

Clock Tower

The resemblance of London’s Big Ben, the clock tower stands as one of the famous landmarks at Mahe that holds its popularity since the 20th century. The governor of Seychelles, Sir Ernest Sweet-Escott built this tower after being fascinated by the architecture of Big Ben.

Petite Anse

Flaunting the white sand and its curve coastline, the Petite Anse is the best beach at Mahe Island to enjoy the sunset leisure and observe the orange tinge spreading over the sea and the sky. Enclosed by the series of hotels and eateries, the beach is a great spot to relax, eat and enjoy.

Morne Seychelles National Park

With its wide habitat the Morne peak and population of mangroves, the Morne Seychelles Park counts as the best place to explore in Mahe. The park opens up the way to around 12 hiking trails that will let you explore the entire park walking down the path.

Best Time To Visit Mahe

Plan your visit to Mahe during the month of April to May and October to November. The season makes the temperature perfect for swimming, beach surfing and trying out some water games at the beaches. Apart from the perfect climate, the travelling rate offered during the season makes the time perfect to explore Mahe Island in Seychelles. The months from April to may experience negligible rainfall to wander around the beaches and dive underwater the ocean. The adventure like snorkeling, swimming and diving are preferred to be the best during the month from April and May to October and November. If not the shoulder season, the island is all year-round destinations that can be explored at any time of the year. 

Things To Do In Mahe

Let the experts guide you to the best of this mesmerizing destination

The Historical tour

The art galleries, historical sites and the museums offer a great opportunity to explore the history and the art and culture of Mahe Island Seychelles. The tour takes you to the journey of discovering the famous attractions like Marine National Parks, the Natural History Museum and the Seychelles National heritage sites.

Exploring the Aldabra Giant Tortoises

The Aldabra Giant Tortoises counts as the endemic species to Mahe that are dwelling here for more than fifty years. The Aldabra Island of Mahe houses these giant species from where they have derived their name.

The beach tour at Mahe

With the best of beaches and leisure, Mahe is a perfect destination to explore the pristine beauty of the coasts, the shires and the sands. Residing along the Indian Ocean, the beaches at Mahe like Beau Vallon and Port Launay offers a perfect tour to swim in the water, enjoy the beach life and admire the bay.

The ecological tour at Mahe Island

Mahe with the endemic species of flora is an ideal destination to explore the ecology of Seychelles. The tropical plant, the dense palm vegetation and the common flora of Mahe, makes up the botanical garden, an ideal attraction at Mahe for a day tour.

Diving under the water

Being the perfect beach destination, Mahe Island of Seychelles is recommended for scuba diving in the Indian Ocean. The temperature, visibility and the marine population covering 300 diverse varieties make it a perfect place to experience the underwater adventure.

The hiking trails

Mahe Island opens up the tour to hike up the hills and the mountain slopes with few known hiking trails, making it the best activity to try at Mahe. The Morne Seychelles have some famous hiking trails that you can pick to discover the forest region, the flora, the endemic fauna species and much more hidden in the path.

Adventure at Mahe Island

Mahe being the home to the best beaches is an ideal destination to experience the water adventure. All from the kiteboarding, Sailing, kite surfing, jet-skiing windsurfing and paragliding, you can pick up the best adventure to make your Mahe Island tour memorable and thrilling.

Catching up the Fishes

Mahe Island is home to a large number of fish lives extending to 300 species in number, offering a livelihood to a large number of localities. Fishing is the most entertaining activity to try at Mahe Island offered by a number of fishing operators.

Golfing at the Seychelles Golf Club

For all those looking out for leisure, Mahe owns the Seychelles Golf Club for the game enthusiast and people looking out leisure activity at Mahe Island. The course is available for permanent members, temporary visitors and guest without reservation.

Horseback riding

Horse riding is the best thing you can try during the Mahe tour at Anse Cimitiere, best known for its Utegangar Riding Centre. You will get a proper guiding session from the English speaking experts, before heading out for the horseback riding tour.

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How to Reach Mahe

The Mahe Island opens up three passages to enter the pristine beach city of Seychelles. Apart from the connectivity with air routes and land routes, the main seaport of Victoria opens up the gate to reach Mahe Island.

Via air- With the international airport of Seychelles, the Seychelles International Airport in Victoria and Praslin Island Airport are the main point to reach the Mahe Island. There are flights scheduled to reach Mahe from these international points.

Via land- Mahe is prefect to be explored on self drive via cars or rental bikes to get the best of the destination. The land network is not that good to choose the public mean of transport.

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