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Mikumi National Park lies as the fourth-largest national park that resembles its backdrop with the Serengeti National Park. With a short distance from the Dar es Salaam and the adjacent national parks of the region, Mikumi is conserving the rich biodiversity and the wildlife of the region. The national park is not just an attraction for the visitors but an educational centre where a number of conservation and study projects are being carried out. The destination may not be that famous among the international tourist but the year-round weather condition and the endemic wilds make it a worthy place to explore. Mikumi National Park safari takes you to an amazing journey where you can have a great chance to spot the buffaloes, giraffes, wildebeest, elephants, zebras, crocodiles and the cat family as lion or leopards and endangered wild dogs. The big five as cheetah, lion, elephant, buffalo, and rhino will never disappoint you as there are high chances of spotting them wandering around. Around 400 bird species are recorded here that varies with the vibrant colour as the lilac-breasted roller, bateleur eagle and yellow-throated long claw and some European Migratory birds. With not much popularity among the international visitors, the park offers a comfy and leisure stay for business travellers’ ad those seeking a short vacation in Tanzania. There are few numbers of campsite and resorts along with the resorts that offer an affordable and relaxing option of stay at Mikumi national park lodges.

Best Time To Visit Mikumi National Park

Mikumi is a year-round destination that can be explored at any point of the year. Still, for picking the best time to explore the region, months from June to October is the best time to explore the Mikumi national park. With low vegetation and limited water source, capturing the wildlife is quite easy. Low humidity, clear weather and pleasing weather condition with less rainfall is best for safari. If not the dry season, the month of September to October is preferred best to spot the giant hippos at the hippo pool. But the season can be busy with lots of travellers and cab lined up at the area. Being the calving season, you will not only see the wild, the newborn babies but the hunting and dramatic predator and prey relationship.

Things To Do In Mikumi National Park

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Visit to Uluguru Mountains

The Mikumi national park lies close to the Uluguru Mountains spreading an amazing landscape and beauty. The mountain range offers adventure and scenic gateway where you can relax amidst the natural habitat or hike along the trails offered by the rugged yet lush woodlands. Camping is another option to cherish beauty while you are on a wildlife voyage to Mikumi. The mountain is generally famous for trekking and hiking among the travellers who have visited the Mikumi region of Tanzania.

Game drives

Housing an abundance of wildlife with the big 5 Mikumi national park safari is the best thing to do there. The thin vegetation and pleasant clear weather are somewhere enhancing the safari experience there. The buffalo, elephant, zebra with wild dogs and the wildebeest are majorly spotted the moment you enter the national reserve. There is a great combination of some rare and some endemic wildlife that is being conserved there.

Bird watching

It’s not just the wildlife making the Mikumi National park popular, but the diverse birdlife that is supported by the rich habitat of the region. The records hold more than 400 bird species that includes both the endemic life of the region and the migratory species coming during the season. The open grasslands and the swamp areas with the hippo pool are the best areas of the national park that host the water-based species of birds. The African fish eagle and the African spoonbill are the species you can capture.


Mikumi national park Tanzania is the region that supports great diversity and a serene environment. With the woodlands and the black hardwood trees, the vegetation of baobabs and grassy plains aids beauty to the backdrop. Now this place is less crowded and not so popular as compared to the other national parks of Tanzania offers a great spot for the photographers to capture the ideal wild habitat and the rare species. Be it the wet season or the dry, the national park has so much beauty making it an ideal place for the photographers.

Walking tour

The guided walking tours can be the best thing to do at Mikumi where you will not just get close to the wildlife but explore the vegetation of the region. Make your way through the wild trails of the national park spotting the colonies of the wild dogs, the zebra and giraffe gazing along the plains, the big cats resting over the cliff and the hippos near the pools. Make sure to get assisted with the guide so to avoid the danger and learn the depth of the wild world.

A day tour to the nearby

Mikumi national park in Tanzania is nestled close to the rest of the famous cities and wildlife conservation regions that you can explore during a day tour at Mikomi. The short and accessible distance from Dar es Salaam is perfect to engage your day observing the city life of Tanzania along with the wildlife. The national park shares its boundaries with the Selous, Ruhaha and Udzungwa taking you to an amazing wild journey of Tanzania. While spending your vacation at this national park you can surely plan your day out to the neighbouring attraction.

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How to Reach Mikumi National Park

Mikumi national park is accessible from the major cities of Tanzania via the land route and the airways. With public and private transfers, you can choose your convenient mode to reach Mikumi National Park.

Via air: The nearest airport to Mikumi lies at Dae-es Salaam and Arusha city of Tanzania. International travellers can get into Tanzania and later board a charter flight to reach the national park.

Via land: There is a good network of road that connects the National park from the city of Dar es Salaam or Morogoro and Udzungwa, Ruaha during the dry season.

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