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A UNESCO world heritage site of Tanzania since 1982, Selous Game reserve counts as one of the largest game reserves of Africa. Spreading its boundaries to an area of 50,000 sq km, tourism here lacks for being a remote region. Still, the unique wildlife and the amazing safari experience have made it stands as the heritage site with remarkable beauty. Describing the region, it is not just the largest but one of the oldest and the most diverse game reserve in Tanzania. Safari in Selous extends its edges to offer much adventure and entertainment with activities as boating, scheduled game drives, flying safari or camping. The channel of lakes takes you through the lush and smooth trails where you can spot the wildlife and the birdlife dwelling there. Suited for every visitor be the honeymooners, the family travellers or the group travellers, there is a lot you can try to make your experience remarkable. The well furnished and luxury lodges aids on to the beauty and service the region offers to the visitors. With the pools and the deck for game viewing, the lodges here are ideally architected to maintain a balance between leisure and nature. Selous Game reserve Tanzania is a niche for an abundance of wild ranging from the hippos to crocodiles, the elephants rhinos, and the endemic spies of brindled gnu, sable antelope, Nyasaland gnu, eland, waterbuck, greater kudu, hartebeest, giraffe, zebras, warthog, reedbuck, spotted hyena, hunting dog, and the lion and leopard. The game drives here are best to spot the large population of buffalo in Africa. The game reserve holds a number of lakes and rivers that act as the life for the wild basically during the dry months. The diverse landscape and the presence of volcanic spring, River Rufiji makes the Selous Game reserve safari the best and the most unique in entire Africa.

Best Time To Visit Selous Game Reserve

The months from June to October are preferred the best to visit the Selous Game Reserve Tanzania. Being the dry season game drive is easy and animals can be easily spotted near the water bodies. The low or less rain makes the temperature suitable but at the same time, March and April can be the worst. Planning to explore the region during the wet season from October to May can be amazing due to the green landscape and the population of migratory birds. Being the peak season to visit Selous, it can be crowded and accommodation can be an issue if not booked earlier. The season in between is therefore considered the best to experience a safari in Selous Game Reserve.

Things To Do In Selous Game Reserve

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Game viewing

Safari in Selous game reserve is surely the best and the most engaging thing to do. Less crowd, the natural remote settings and the vast region inhabiting an abundance of wildlife make it a unique and thrilling experience for the animal enthusiasts.

Hiking the park

With the undiscovered trails and the lush green beauty enclosing the paths of Selous offers a great hiking activity. There are bushes hiding the trails that you can probe, unveiling the breathtaking region of the game reserve.

Boat safari

Boat safari at Selous game reserve is becoming popular and the most engaging activity to capture the sight of the crocs and the hippos along with the scenic landscape of the region. The Rufiji River is considered the best and the safest to spot the deadly community of crocodiles.

Guided walking safari

Offering you the adventure and a great chance to spot the wild through bushes, guided walking safari is something you cannot miss. The park is home to some of the endemic and unique antelopes, zebra elephants and a large population of Buffalo.

Bird watching

The wildlife safari at Selous game reserve is not bounded to the game drives but with the most vibrant and diverse species of bird, bird watching is the best thing you can try during the tour. The park hosts around 350 species of birds, making it nothing less than a paradise for the birdwatcher.

Fly camping excursions

For an adventurous experience, fly camping is best suited if you are willing to observe the nightlife of the wild region. a private night out camp is where you can enjoy the meals under the star, listen to the echo of the wild and spend the entire night, camping somewhere at the bushland.

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Southern Tanzania

Duration: 8N / 9D

Ruaha National Park (3N) - Mikumi National Park (1N) - Morogoro (1N) - Selous Game Reserve (3N)

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How to Reach Selous Game Reserve

Tanzania connects the game reserve with the rest of the globe through a channel of road transfers, railway or the airways. The train starting from the Dar es Salaam is considered as the most scenic and worthy way to reach Selous Game reserve.

Via air; The international airport connecting Tanzania, Selous is Julius Nyerere International Airport at Dae es Salaam. There are flights avaibale for a quick transfer to the game reserve from Arusha and Zanzibar as well.

Via land;  A  good  network of road is connecting the game reserve with the rest of Tanzania via Morongoro  or Dae es Salaam and Mikumi. Still the direct road access is only be possible during the dry months. 

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