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Named as UNESCO heritage site in 2000, Stone Town is the oldest part of Zanzibar city that is known for its cultural heritage of Persian, Indian, Arab and European elements. Stone Town is the main city of Zanzibar that has attracted tourists from all walks of life. This is a city of prominent history and artistic importance in East Africa. The architecture of the city dates back in the 19th century and reflects the diverse Swahili culture. The cultural heart of Zanzibar has changed in the last 200 years and has become a popular tourist attraction for all kind of travelers. This bustling city boasts of a bewildering maze of streets and alleyways that form the western part of the Zanzibar Town. The city boasts of winding alleys, lively bazaars, mosques, huge Arab Houses and delicious cuisines that will make your stay memorable and worthwhile. Housing beautiful places, breathtaking landscape and friendly people, Stone Town is an amazing place where you can spend your upcoming vacation. You can spend many idle hours just traversing through the fascinating labyrinth of alleys and narrow streets. Admire the various examples of handiwork and get to know more about the place. With so much to offer, Stone Town has everything to offer to the enthusiast travelers.

Places To visit In Stone Town

Forodhani Gardens

Situated on the coast of the Indian Ocean, Forodhani Gardens is one of the famous attractions in the city of Stone Town. Stroll around the garden and spend some time admiring the beauty of the nature along with your loved ones. The wonderful food market takes place in the garden every night where you can try some lip smacking Swahili and Zanzibar dishes and even purchase some food.

Darajani Bazaar

Darjani Bazaar is lively place where you can spend some time selling and purchasing. From groceries to meat and fish to spices, you can sell anything in this market. You can even purchase souvenirs that you can take home as mementos of Stone Town. To experience the cultural side of the city, Darjani Bazaar is an ideal place to spend your day.

Anglican Cathedral of Christ Church

Built by Edward Steere in 1873, Angelican Cathedral of Christ Church is a major tourist attraction that has garnered tourists from all walks of life. The unusual architecture of the church is a treat to the eyes and boats of a unique barrel vault roof in gothic and Islamic details. The church is symbolically built from the island’s largest slave market. Take a de tour of the church and get to know about the entire place.

Changuu Island

Well known as ‘Prison Island’, this island is a stunning place where you can spend some time at ease. Situated 20 minutes boat ride from Stone Town, Changuu Island is another tourist spot that has everything to offer to the enthusiast travelers. The island is home to giant tortoises and is famous for its sandy white beaches and crystal clear water that is ideal for swimming and snorkeling. If you are a history buff, you can visit former cells that housed prisoners in the 19th century.

Dhow Countries Music Academy

Opened in 2001 by an NGO, Dhow Countries Music Academy is an initiative to provide musical education to the citizens of Zanzibar. The academy hosts regular performances as well as an art exhibition where people can spend their day while on their tour to Stone Town. The performances are an eclectic mix of concerts and shows that creates a vibrating ambience in picturesque setting.

Best Time To Visit Stone Town

The best time to visit Stone Town is from the month of June to October as it is warm and balm during that period. It is considered to be the spring season and the temperature remains calm and pleasant. You can also visit this place during the dry season that is from the month of December to February allowing the visitors to explore the place without any hassle. 

Things To Do In Stone Town

Let the experts guide you to the best of this mesmerizing destination

Walk the Streets

To explore this beautiful city of Stone Town on foot or through renting a bicycle can be another option. You can hire a local guide who will escort you through the narrow streets and alleys of Stone Town. Discover the hidden gem of the place and get to know about the rich culture and heritage of the city. Try some sumptuous food while on your tour and make the most of your trip.

Go shopping

Stone Town is blessed with sustainable, fashion boutiques and bustling market that has plenty to offer to the enthusiast travelers. Shopaholics have a good opportunity to spend all their day at the market and you can explore the place at leisure. Look out for coloured Kanga and Kikois which is a traditional wrap around clothing, handmade leather bags, silver and tanzanite jewellery, wall hangings and much more to make your trip worthwhile.

Take a spice tour

When visiting Stone Town, you must take the spice tour which is one of the famous things to do there. Experienced guides will guide and take you on a detour where you will come across various spice markets. See, touch and taste the spices of Zanzibar and spend your day at ease in the bustling market of the city.

Try the local food

The food market in Forodhani gardens is one of the best places to head to if you are a food lover. Explore and sample the best of Zanzibar’s eclectic street food such as fresh fish, crisp samosas, pancake, pizza and much more that will make your taste buds crave for more. Apart from the street food, you can find new restaurants where sea food and traditional recipes are made.

How to Reach Stone Town

By plane

The nearest airport to the city is Zanzibar International Airport and is the only airport in the whole island. The airport can be easily accessible via Dar es Salaam, Kilimanjaro, Nairobi and other African and European airports. From the airport you can take a taxi that will take you directly to your desired destination.

By boat

There are boat services that run to Stone Town from Dar es Salaam and Pemba on daily basis. You can board the boat from these destinations and traverse around the city without any hassle.

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