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Extremely remote and wild, North Luangwa National Park is located in the northern region of the Luangwa Valley. This remote national park covers 4636 square kilometres and is known as one of the few wildlife destinations in Africa. The park is not as famous as its counterpart in South and is not open to the public as there are no permanent lodges inside the park. Only a few safari operators have been granted permission inside the park to conduct walking safari tour. For all the animal lovers, this national park is an ideal place where you can see amazing wildlife and enjoy safari tours that will allow you to get close with the species. The best thing about this national park is that it offers remarkable wildlife safari tours that will allow you to experience the beauty of Africa. With lush greenery, dense forest and amazing wildlife, you will never get bored of this place. To enjoy true wilderness in Africa, North Luangwa National Park has lot in store for the enthusiast travelers. You can indulge in variety of activities that will keep you enthralled all day long. You can spot animals like herds of buffalo, Zebra, lion, leopard, hyena and some wild dogs in their natural environment. Spend your day amidst the beauty of nature and with these species that will make the most of your trip.

Best Time To Visit North Luangwa NP

The best time to visit North Luangwa National Park is in the dry season that is from the month of June to October. During the dry season, animals tend to roam the park freely giving visitors a chance to see them without any hassle. Game viewing can also be done during this period as you will be able to see numerous species in their natural habitat. The wet season in the park should be avoided as it makes virtually impossible for the visitors to get a glimpse of the animals. 

Things To Do In North Luangwa NP

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Walking Safari

North Luangwa national park is well known for its walking safari tour where you will encounter endangered species in their natural environment. These walking tours were introduced earlier when there were limited tour operators. While on your tour, you can spot abundance species of animals and get a closer view of the animals.

Bird watching

For all the bird lovers, North Luangwa Park is home to many bird species where you can watch them from a distant. You can spot birds such as Lady Ross’s Turaco, African Finfoot, Narina Trogon and white winged starling. Make sure you carry your binoculars so that you can spot them easily on your safari tour.

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Lusaka (1N) - South Luangwa NP (3N) - North Luangwa NP (2N) - Lusaka (1N) - Chaminuka Game Res (1N) - The Islands of Siankaba (3N) - Livingstone

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How to Reach North Luangwa NP

By Air: The nearest airport to North Luangwa is Mfuwe airport which is almost 4 hours away from the national park. Get down at the airport and from there you can be picked up and brought to the Mpika side of the escarpment. You can find two airstrips that are open for the public and from there you can easily reach the park.

By Car: You can choose two ways to reach the national park, either from the south or the east direction. From the south, you can hop onto a 4X4 track link which is a slow route and takes approximately eight hours to pass through the 200 km stretch. From the east side, you can take a 4X4 track and travel to the escarpment from the main Lusaka to Dar es Salaam trunk road. 

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