Botswana is a country that houses diverse wildlife and an abundance of biodiversity. The Botswana tourism completed depends on the vast wilderness of the country housing some of the magnificent wonders of nature. The varied landscape here includes the savannah and wetlands with the deserted region as Okavango Delta, Kalahari Desert, Makgadikgadi salt pans and a lot more. The country ranks at the top when it comes to a vacation plan in Africa, especially for a wildlife encounter. Clearly called as the safari destination, the vacation tour to Botswana includes the thrilling safari and game drives in the serene wildlife conservancies. There are camping lodges and some luxurious properties amidst the national parks that offer a great escape into nature. The natural setting of the attraction in Botswana is not hampered due to the human inference that is the major reason for tourist attraction. Excluding the safari tours in Botswana, you can experience the rich African culture and the living tribes that are still preserving the tradition of bygone African era. Even some of the lodges in the national park are designed in such a manner that they flaunt the touch of African architecture and art. With an abundance of wildlife and diverse family of birds in the woodlands and the wetlands’, Botswana is a country to dive in the serene beauty and experience the dynamic vista.


Nestled in Africa, Kenya Safari Holidays has attracted tourists from all walks of life. The country is renowned for its abundance of wildlife and the annual great migration making it one of the ideal holiday destinations in the entire region of Africa. Kenya is a place that is brimming with romance, thrill and adventure that will leave you spell bound. If you are a wildlife lover, Kenya is the best place where you can be close to the animals as well as lush green nature. A Kenyan safari is the most popular tour which you cannot miss when in Africa. Located in East Africa, Kenya is the most revered safari destination where you can get a close r view of the animals and learn about their natural habitat. Housing the famous Masai Mara National Park, Kenya is well known for its abundant wildlife and annual great migration. From breath-taking attractions to amazing wildlife experience, the Kenya. Holidays has everything to offer to the enthusiast travelers. If you are an adventure freak, there are numerous activities that will keep you enthralled all day long. Be it the wildlife, heritage sites, highlands or valleys, the country truly has it all. Book you Kenya Holiday Package today!


The dream destination for adventure enthusiast, Madagascar is all about the wilderness, the rainforest, desert region and a lot of thrill. A gateway to experience the dynamic beauty of the diverse landform, Madagascar houses an abundance of flora and fauna that includes the species of Lemurs, baobabs, thousands of orchids and a lot more. The country was parted from the mainland of African continent around 160 years ago and today this ranks s one of the topmost vacation destinations for travellers across the globe. Wildlife of Madagascar is unique with 5 per cent on endemic species that one can only spot here. The eerie-looking fossa, camouflaged chameleons, glowing frogs, oddly shaped insects, some rays and turtles, sharks, and humpback whales are the species that dwell in the wild serene backdrop. The terra firma of Madagascar is defined by the sandstone canyons, mountains, limestone karsts, and fertile hills with terraced rice paddies, -rich soil and a lush dense forest region. It is the fertile land that makes Madagascar the Red Island. Being the fourth largest island of the world, the marine life here is so dynamic that attracts the adventure seekers to try out the thrill of surfing or diving. The natural pools and the beaches with the turquoise ting is the idyllic attraction for tourist in Madagascar.


An island paradise and premier holiday destination, Mauritius is undoubtedly one of the famous places where you can relax amidst the beauty of nature and among the palm fringed beaches. The vast sandy beaches, deep green forests and amazing attractions make this place an ideal destination for your upcoming vacation. The heavenly beauty of the place makes it an irrepressible destination for leisure seekers and the honeymooners. From luxurious resorts, busy eateries to market areas and pristine beaches, Mauritius has lot to offer to the enthusiast travelers. A paradise of heaven, Mauritius tour brings the magnificent beaches which you can explore you’re your loved one. Ideal for honeymooners, the country never fails to amaze the visitors with its rustic charm and picturesque beauty. The country is blessed with amazing beaches, lip smacking delicacies and intriguing attractions where you will never get bored. When in Mauritius, you cannot miss the nightlife that proffers unlimited fun to the travelers. With the dense woodlands, hiking can be a great option for adventure seekers and travelers looking out for a different option. You can indulge in various adventure sports like snorkeling, diving, swimming and many others that will keep you enthralled throughout your stay in Mauritius.


A vast country in Africa, Namibia is a famous tourist destination that has attracted locals as well as other international travelers alike. From deserted plains, highest sand dunes to canyon of Africa and breathtaking landscape, Namibia has lot in store for the avid travelers. The country is blessed with diverse culture, rich flora and fauna and amazing wildlife viewing that you can never get bored in this beautiful region of Africa. Namibia is one of Africa’s enticing holiday destinations where you can relax and enjoy the beauty of nature as well as get up close and personal with the animals. For those who are animal lovers, Namibia is the best place to be as it house abundance of wildlife and other enthralling activities that allows you to get close to the nature as well as other animals. The old tribal communities dwelling in this region of Africa still exists and is the best way to understand the history and culture of Namibia. Being one of the famous regions in Africa, the country houses some of the well known national parks, coastal deserts and few game viewing reserves where you can engage with the animals. With so much to offer, tour to Namibia is a perfect getaway to spend your upcoming vacation.


Situated in the mid Indian Ocean, Seychelles is a small country with an area of 455 km square. It is home to world’s oldest ocean islands and is the largest raise coral atoll. Seychelles is well known for its exquisite natural beauty, pristine beaches and luxury resorts making an ideal holiday destination for the all the travelers alike. Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands and it’s nothing short of a paradise for locals as well as tourists. Attracting tourists from all across the globe, Seychelles has become a top tourist destination in the world. A great destination for wildlife spotting and ecotourism, the country has lot to offer to the enthusiast travelers. Ideal for honeymooners, family and other travelers, Seychelles is truly a paradise where you can spend your upcoming vacation. The country is blessed with pleasant and warm climate throughout the year and also house incredible variety of rich flora and fauna. Seychelles constituted three main islands-Mahe, Praslin and La Digue where you can explore the entire place without any hassle. These islands are famous for its serene beaches, turquoise waters and soft white powdery sand making it an ideal holiday destination in Seychelles. When in Seychelles you cannot miss the fun thrilled adventure activities that will keep you enthralled throughout your stay in Seychelles. You can indulge in water sports like diving and snorkeling that will definitely boost your adrenaline rush. Seychelles is truly a tropical paradise that will make your tour memorable and worthwhile.

South Africa

Lying towards the southern edge of Africa, South Africa is an ultimate destination for a vacation. The tour package of South Africa includes an excursion to the magnificent mountains, the Wineland, the beaches, game reserves and a lot more. When it comes to experience the history and culture of Africa, the cities of South Africa houses the national museums and cultural villages where you can observe the cultural richness and political history. South Africa is known worldwide for the dark political past and the struggles. Even today, there are towns that exhibit the dark phase in the form of galleries and historical centre as Sweto or Constitution Hill in Johannesburg. Today the cities of South Africa have developed with a number of eateries and café in the waterfront region. The Cape Town and the Suncity resort are the best attraction here where you can enjoy the nightlife and entertaining vacation. What makes the tour of South Africa, best for honeymooners and families are the panoramic gateway as Garden route cities and the Cape Wineland. Knysna, Oudtshoorn or Hermanus are the destinations where you can enjoy some thrilling adventure along with the picturesque beauty. Don’t miss out the safari tours in South Africa at the national parks like Kruger or Addo elephant national Park.


Uganda is known to be the smallest yet the most biodiverse country in Africa. Although Uganda is a landlocked region there are plenty of lakes, river and streams that make the country a holiday destination. It’s the wilderness and the endemic species of flora and fauna that attracts a number of tourists to the east-central of Africa. Lakes enclosed with the lush green mountains and valleys, nature point and the presence of diverse species offers the number of attraction and some thrilling activity you want to try in Uganda. The arable land houses the magnificent lakes as the smaller Lake George, Lake Victoria and Lake Kyoga, Lake Albert and Lake Edward is known as the major point attraction. With no coastal end, Uganda still holds the beauty of marine life and some dynamic aquatic species. There are some rare fish species that one can discover while hippos and crocs are the major habitats there. When it comes to experience wildlife, Uganda is best known for gorilla tracking and golden monkey tracking. You can find some of the vibrant and multihued species of birds in the region as Lake Bunyonyi and Lake Mburo as grey-crowned cranes, flycatchers and red-chested sunbirds. Don’t miss out the thrill of safari and rafting while you are on your Uganda tour.


Acknowledged as one of the Africa’s safest countries in the world, Zambia is one of the best places to visit in Africa. Blessed with breathtaking natural wonders, an abundance of wildlife, huge water bodies and vast open spaces, Zambia offers unforgettable holidays exploring the real Africa. Situated on a high plateau in south-central Africa, Zambia has garnered many tourists from all walks of life. Home to the mighty Victoria Falls and the largest concentration of game in Africa, tourism in Zambia has increased with time. With 19 national parks and 17 waterfalls dotted across the country, it’s no wonder Zambia is regarded as an ideal safari destination in Africa. Being the best safari destination, the country provides amazing adventure activities that will keep you indulged throughout your stay in Zambia. From white water rafting, canoeing, boat cruises to bungee jumping and camping, tourism in Zambia has everything to offer to its visitors. The tribal village of Zambia is worth the visit if you wish to learn more about the diverse culture and lifestyle of the Zambian people. With spectacular scenery and abundant wildlife, Zambia is something for everyone.


Zimbabwe is a short but pleasant gateway to nature that boasts the unspoiled beauty of the destination. The country residing in the wilderness of Africa Zimbabwe attracts the travellers with the charisma of nature, the destination holds the most spectacular waterfall, an abundance of wildlife, the majestic mountains and a series of enchanting picturesque spots. Not limiting the attraction to sightseeing, thrilling activities like game drives, safari, rafting and hiking come up as the best adventure one can experience in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe is known to be the most tourist-friendly destination that is known for its warm gestures and heartily welcome. There is a charismatic beauty that defines the landscape with Highveld, or magnificent balancing boulders, the flaming msasa trees, and some laidback towns. When it comes to experience the wilderness, Zimbabwe houses some of deadly Africa wilds and the big five. The World Heritage-listed archaeological sites along with the spectacular waterfall recorded to be the largest in the world, Victoria Falls makes the country an ultimate destination for the travellers. On the whole, a Zimbabwe tour is a comprehensive package that offers a complete tour of the culture and lifestyle, art and adventure, wildlife and scenic beauty.