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Situated in the Kenyan Coast and 485 km from Nairobi, Mombasa is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Kenya. Mombasa is country’s oldest and second largest city after Nairobi. Bordering the Indian Ocean, the city of Mombasa makes an ideal spot for those who want to relax and just have fun at the beach. It is a lively city with an interesting mixture of exotic Arabian culture and progressive modern life. This cosmopolitan hub is an island that is connected by bridges and ferries to the Kenyan coast. Besides being famous for historical and cultural tours, Mombasa has other attractions making it a prime tourist destination in Kenya. Home to Kenya’s only large seaport, the Kilindini Harbour, and Moi International Airport, the city of Mombasa has garnered popularity with the passing years. From thrilling safaris to relaxing beaches, this city has it all. The true heart of Mombasa is found in the exotic old town, among the narrow streets and Arab architecture. Being melting pot of culture, Mombasa is a city of great diversity and life thus making it an ideal tourist spot in Kenya. An amalgamation of Arabian culture and vibrant modern life, Mombasa has won hearts of many people in true sense.

Places To visit In Mombasa

Fort Jesus

Built in 1593-1596 by an Italian architect, Fort Jesus is well recognized as UNESCO world heritage site and famous tourist attraction in the city of Mombasa. The fort has been built in the shape of a man and was given the name of Jesus as a clear religious reference. It houses a museum that has vast collection of ceramics and pottery reflecting the various cultures of Mombasa.

Haller Park

Haller Park is a zoological garden of 75 hectares and a must visit place in Mombasa for animal lovers. The park is well renowned for its two famous animals-a hippopotamus and a 130 year old tortoise. You can spot other animal species such as giraffe, Zebras, waterbucks, hippos and Cape buffalo.

Mombasa Marine National Park

For those who are looking for some adventure fun, Mombasa Marine National Park is a place for you. The Park protects mangroves, sea grass beds, sandy beaches, and coral reef and is also one of the busiest of Kenya’s offshore reserves.

Old Town

The old town in Mombasa is reminiscent of the days when the Portuguese ruled this important port. Widely known for its ancient buildings, historical Arabic influence and beautiful architecture with art designs, Mombasa is truly famous tourist destination in Kenya.

Nguuni Night Wildlife Sanctuary

Located near Haller Park, this wildlife sanctuary serves as a reserve for ostriches, giraffes, elands, waterbucks, camels and other species of animals as well as birds. The sanctuary serves as a great place to have BBQ or drinks with your loved ones while lighting a campfire to enjoy the spectacular view of sunset.

Diani Beach

Stretching about 10 kms, Diani Beach is one of the famous tourist spot in Mombasa that attracts tourists from across the globe. This beach is a perfect place for rest and relaxation along with the view of the beautiful sunset. You can spot cheeky black and white colobos monkeys and can indulge in kite surfing for more adventure.

Mombasa Tusks

Built in 1952, Mombasa tusk is a famous landmark in the city which was built to commemorate Queen Elizabeth’s visit to the city. Constructed of aluminum, the tusks mark the entrance to the heart of town where visitors will find most of the banks, shops, and markets.

Mamba Village Centre

Located in Nyali, Mamba Village Centre is the largest crocodile farm in the city of Mombasa. The main highlight of the village is you can watch the crocodiles fight for tasty morsels during feeding time. The centre also offers horseback riding and a botanical garden with an aquarium for the visitors to explore the village.

Spice Market

Mombasa’s Spice market is one of the crowded places which is always filled with people bargaining, shouting at the top of their voices and roaming around. If you are a spice lover, this market is sure to fulfill your needs.

Bombolulu Workshops and Cultural Centre

Your visit to Bombolulu workshop and cultural centre would be worth as you get to witness the tribal dance performances and explore traditional homesteads found throughout Kenya. Guests can also visit the workshop and purchase souvenirs such as jewelry, textiles, wood carving, and leather crafts

Best Time To Visit Mombasa

Since Kenya is located on the equator, there is no real summer or winter season. The year is divided into rainy and dry seasons. The best time to visit Mombasa si during the months of June to August. Temperatures are still quite warm but the skies stay clear and sunny, perfect to enjoy the pristine beaches around Mombasa.

Dry Season

The dry season in Mombasa is during December through April and July through September. The hottest months are December to April, while July through August or September is a bit cooler. 

Rainy Season

The wettest month in Mombasa is May, where up to 20days of the month is rainy season. April through June is the long, very wet season and October and November is the short wet season when occasional showers may occur.  

Things To Do In Mombasa

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Mombasa Go Kart

Located on Malindi road, Mombasa Go kart is a company that offers all the adventure freaks a chance to enjoy to their fullest. Enjoy karting around smooth concrete tracks or bounce around on off the road buggies for an unforgettable memory.

Diving in Mombasa

If you love water sporting, Mombasa is an ideal spot in Kenya that allows you to push your adrenaline rush to the extreme. Nyali Beach, Che-Shale, and H2O Extreme offer a variety of water sports including kitesurfing, windsurfing, stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, skim and boogie boarding.

Walk through the Old Town

Known for its vintage and Arabic experience, Old town is a famous tourist attraction in Mombasa. A walk don old town is very therapeutic, with the sound of children laughing and playing along the narrow streets.

Visit Fort Jesus

Being a UNESCO world heritage site, Fort Jesus is one of the main tourist spot in Mombasa that attracts tourists from all walks of life. Enjoy the exhibitions of the wide collection of ceramics and pottery reflecting the various cultures that traded along the coast.

Enjoy Nature in Mombasa

The city of Mombasa is best known for its every green greenery which attracts tourists more. You can opt for cycling, jogging, and strolling along nature trails which will keep you rejuvenated all day long. Haller Park and Mamba village is a perfect spot for in Mombasa for nature walk.

Go Shopping

Taking back memories of a place is one thing but taking along the souvenir is altogether another good memory to cherish. Go shopping in the famous Marikiti Market and Massai market which is a haven for souvenirs.

Stroll on the beaches of Mombasa

A walk along the white sandy beaches of Mombasa is healer in itself. Let yourself be drawn in by the sound of the water or just sit by the beach and let the tide lick your toes. The beaches in Mombasa promises to cater the best experience that you will forever cherish.

Take a Tuk-Tuk Ride

To explore the meandering streets of Mombasa without any traffic, take a tuk tuk which will take you on a fun ride. These tuk tuks may not be the smoothest or quietest of the rides, but is cheap and convenient means of transport in the city of Mombasa.

Go Clubbing

Mombasa’s nightlife is just as vibrant as the day time life. Head out for some fun with your friends and make some good memories. For drinks and quality music, Tapas, The Lounge at City Mall or Bliss Lounge covers it all. But if you want to just dance the night away, Anuba, Hypnotica or the various pubs in Mtwapa are a sure bet for lively parties.

Take a Ferry Ride

The ferry ride in Mombasa is worth experiencing. The ferry is a boat service across the Kilindini Harbour serving both the island city of Mombasa and South Coast. You will see people running in and then getting out which makes it quite and interesting experience.

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How to Reach Mombasa

Mombasa is an important junction for all forms of transportation. So you can easily travel to Mombasa via, air, bus and railway.

By air: The nearest airport to Mombasa is Moi International Airport, which is approximately 13 km away from the city. It is connected to rest if the country and other European cities by frequent international flights.

By Road: Buses are not usually the favourite mode of transport in the city of Mombasa but they are available for travelling outside the city of Mombasa. When you reach the place, you can take a local taxi, tuk tuks or local busses to travel inside the city.

By Rail: There are many train services available from Mombasa to Nairobi. The journey would take you 13 hours at the most. When you choose to travel via train, you can enjoy the local scenarios and the wildlife from up front and close. 

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