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An island paradise and premier holiday destination, Mauritius is undoubtedly one of the famous places where you can relax amidst the beauty of nature and among the palm fringed beaches. The vast sandy beaches, deep green forests and amazing attractions make this place an ideal destination for your upcoming vacation. The heavenly beauty of the place makes it an irrepressible destination for leisure seekers and the honeymooners making your Mauritius honeymoon package memorable. From luxurious resorts, busy eateries to market areas and pristine beaches, Mauritius holiday has lot to offer to the enthusiast travelers. A paradise of heaven, Mauritius brings the magnificent beaches which you can explore you’re your loved one. Ideal for honeymooners, the country never fails to amaze the visitors with its rustic charm and picturesque beauty. The country is blessed with amazing beaches, lip smacking delicacies and intriguing attractions where you will never get bored. When in Mauritius, you cannot miss the nightlife that proffers unlimited fun to the travelers. With the dense woodlands, hiking can be a great option for adventure seekers and travelers looking out for a different option. You can indulge in various adventure sports like snorkeling, diving, swimming and many others that will keep you enthralled throughout your stay in Mauritius. With lush green forests, mesmerizing beaches and tropical climate, Mauritius travel allows the travelers to explore some of the hidden gems of the island making their tour memorable and worthwhile. The island boasts of rich culture and abundant of historical and cultural importance, Mauritius is truly a dream destination that has lot to offer to the enthusiast travelers. If you are an adventure geek, this island is just the right place for you where you can indulge in variety of activities that will keep you enthralled all day long. Get ready to spend some quality time with your loved ones in this beautiful island that will give you lifetime of memories to cherish. Apart from the enthralling activities, tranquil landscape and breathtaking lush greenery, Mauritius tour offers some of the best delicacies that will keep you drooling for more. The island boasts of plethora of dining options where you can taste fine delicacies at affordable prices making the trip exciting and worthwhile. Book your Mauritius tour package now!

South Africa and Mauritius Tour Packages

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South Africa and Mauritius Holidays

  • Johannesburg (1N) - Sun City (2N) - Cape Town (3N) - Mauritius (4N)
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From blue idyllic ocean to the famous valley of waves, tour to South Africa and Mauritius is sure to give you an experience of a lifetime. Adorned with the buzz of nature in South Africa, pristine coast in ...

11 Days Tour

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Mauritius Holiday Packages

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Mauritius Tour Package

  • Mauritius (4N)
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Looking for a beach holiday, The Mauritian Fortnight tour is an ideal getaway for your vacation. The city of Mauritius is a perfect place where you can relax and rejuvenate the soul. Explore the stunning b ...

5 Days Tour

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Mauritius is one of the best destinations for honeymooners opening up the gateway for utmost water adventure and thrill. While you are on your Mauritius vacation packages, add on these adventures to make it more exciting and enthralling. Kayaking can be your option to add on the fun to your holiday in Mauritius. Apart from that you can try the thrill of Nepalese bridge crossing and ziplining that is not just an adventure but a breathtaking activity all can enjoy. Crossing the crossed the 350 meters long bridge and ziplining for 500 meters is something one cannot miss. Walk under the sea is another fun-filled and thrilling experience of admiring the marine life and the coral reefs in their natural surroundings.

The ultimate beach destinations, Mauritius can be best explored during the month of May to December. This is the time when the weather is cold, pleasant and dry with a sunny morning. With no humidity, the beach excursion tour for Mauritius packages will be the best thing to do. Summers in Mauritius can be too hot and humid to enjoy the vacation, so the winters make the right time for vacation there. November to April marks the summer season while the season from January to March- July and August are not recommended as it is considered as the wet cyclone season with strong winds and beaches unsafe to visit.

Mauritius is certainly the country's most picturesque beach destination in the world and is the holiday centre for honeymooners. Africa Incoming has some of the best-structured tours to explore all the scenic beaches and the magnificent attraction of the destination offering the best of Mauritius travel packages for romantic couples and families. Taking into consideration the need for the holidaymaker, the tour packages for a suitable holiday are tailored and customised. The beach tours, leisure, the cosy resorts and water thrill everything can be enjoyed and discovered while you are on your vacation tour at Mauritius. Honeymoon tours are tailored with the scenic coastlines and other Island that are situated along the Island.

Mauritius is one of the best destinations with some pristine beaches and bio-diversity. Whether you are on a family vacation or you have booked the Mauritius honeymoon packages there are some of the attraction in north Mauritius Island and the south Mauritius Island, you can explore during the visit. Ile Aux Cerfs beach is the most jam-packed beach of Mauritius known for snorkelling and Water Sports. Pereybere beach houses some amazing Corals and marine life while the serenity here is amazing to enjoy leisure. Chamarel Coloured Earth is famous among the travellers across the globe for the sand of seven different colours that make the landscape appear magical. Fun activities like Jogging and the thrill of jeep tours around the Crater Lake can be real fun at Trou Aux Cerfs.

Mauritius is popular among honeymooners who love leisure and thrill during a romantic vacation. Depending on your mood and budget Mauritius tour packages can be planned where you can add island tours, sightseeing and beach leisure, adventures like trekking and water games. In general, the Mauritius tour can be easily planned with a minimum of 6-7days where you can explore the best attraction and activity. Adding on leisure and shopping, some additional tours, one can easily extend the days up to two weeks. Here you will have ample time to try every beach activity, explore every corner of the city and discover the best of Mauritius.

Packing for Mauritius doesn’t need any specific guidelines as you just need a handful of light clothes. Mauritius is hot throughout the year and humidity is high during summers. Winters are not that cold but yes dry with sunny days and chilling nights. So all you need is just one or two woollen for night’s rest the days will go easy with the cotton cloths with some beach motives and vibrant colours. Rain showers are occasional and sudden so a raincoat or umbrella must be there with you while you are on Mauritius travel packages. Rest the backpack should include extra towel and bag, swimsuits, Mosquito repellent, Rubber shoes. Sunscreen and skin cosmetics will help to heal the skin after sand or sunbath.

Mauritius offers visa on arrival to some countries while others do not need a visa for Mauritius holiday packages. If you fall under the category that requires a visa for travelling in Mauritius for vacation or any other purpose, the procedure that needs to be followed.

  • 1. Duly filled and signed application forms are available at Mauritius embassy
  • 2.For obtaining the visa these documents must be provided:
    • Two current passport photographs;
    • photocopy of the traveller's passport information pages
    • Or photocopy a 3-month valid residence/re-entry visa, if appropriate.
  • 3. For processing applications and visas, a minimum of five working days are needed, if all relevant documents are addressed.

Mauritius is a tropical island where you can dream of having your honeymoon without any hassle. It is a dream destination that has garnered tourists from all over the world. Planning your honeymoon package depends on the budget, the number of days you are traveling and various attractions that you visit while on your Mauritius packages. Blessed with pristine white sandy beaches, mountainous regions, crystal clear waters and lush green forests that is sure to make your stay memorable and worthwhile. If you both are adrenaline junkies, Mauritius is just the right place that will allow you to explore and boost your adrenaline rush.

Mauritius is said to be an ideal tourist destination where you can relax and enjoy your vacation with your loved ones. Offering excellent weather, fantastic beaches and great lifestyle, Mauritius is a one stop destination for every kind of traveler. While planning your Mauritius packages, you may come across various accomodation options and the challenge of finding one is a big task. Mauritius houses incredible range of accomodation all over the island but it mostly depends on your preference as well. In the North Island, you can choose to stay in Grand Bay, Pereybere, Mont Choisy, Trou aux biches. In the East, choose to stay at Belle Mare, in the south at Le Morne. In the west, Flic-en-Flac can be an ideal option for your ideal getaway.

No, there is no rainy season in Mauritius. The island boasts of two seasons-Summer season that is from the month of November to April, winter season which is from the month of May to October. In winters, the temperature drops from hot to balmy and during summer, the days are hot and humid with very little rainfall. Mauritius has a tropical climate throughout the year and it is best if your visit this spectacular island from the month of May to December.

The visa application is a simple and easy process for visiting Mauritius, particularly for Indians, with an overall easy visa procedure on arrival and for those seeking an extended holiday. You can use the visa very easily and enjoy your Mauritius holiday packages without worries by using the necessary documents and prescribed guides. Indian Nationals who are traveling to Mauritius for business or tourist purpose will be given 60 day visa on arrival only if they have a valid return ticket and adequate funds to meet the overall budget of their stay.

The total duration from India to Mauritius takes about 7 Hours. Air Mauritius is the only air plane that flies directly from India to Mauritius. It also connects the island to four major cities which are Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Chennai. From Delhi, MK745 departs every Sunday and Thursday at 0800 IST. From Mumbai, MK749 departs every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 0645 IST. Whereas in Bengaluru, MK747 departs every Tuesday at 0525 IST and proceed to Mauritius with a stopover at Chennai that departs at 0745 IST.

Yes, you can drive in Mauritius easily making your Mauritius vacation packages worthwhile. In Mauritius, many international tourists who wish to rent an automobile wonder whether their driver's license in Mauritius is valid or if an international driving license is needed. Fortunately, tourists in Mauritius are permitted to drive up to four weeks under a national license. During their stay in Mauritius, foreigners with a license issued by a competent authority in their respective countries are permitted to drive. You can drive throughout Mauritius on your own driving license, regardless of whether you are from France, Germany, South Africa, England, etc. You must have an International driving license issued in your country, or you will be applying for an extension with the Mauritian authorities if you want to stay longer than four weeks.

Planning for a Mauritius honeymoon packages, especially when on a budget, can be quite tough. But that should not be an excuse for disturbing your dream holiday. You can find convenient and affordable rooms at the best prices with our choice of budget hotels. These budget hotels are perfect for lonely travelers, couples and families. These low cost hotels are fully equipped with all amenities to make you feel comfortable. They are conveniently located around the island, with easy access to food, transport and leisure. Getting your tour during the off-season can make your vacation budgeted where you can pick some 3star reputed hotels and enjoy the best leisure during the holidays.

Mauritius is geographically situated in the Indian Ocean and part of the African continent. The nation of the island is at the crossroads between Africa and the Asian continent, fusing various languages, religions and cultural backgrounds. While Mauritius is part of Africa, its economy, geography and demography are very similar to other African countries. Mauritius is situated roughly 2,200 kilometers from the south-east coast of Africa. The country comprises 20 territories, a part of the Eastern African sub region. Together with Comoros and Seychelles, Mauritius makes up the small island nations of Africa making your Mauritius Honeymoon Packages worthwhile.

The official language of Mauritius is English. Mauritian Creole, French and English are the most prominent languages you can hear on a daily basis. Mauritian Creole is a French-speaking, with nearly 90% of the population language. French is the language commonly spoken in education and the media, whereas English is the Parliament's official language, members can still speak French. French and English are generally accepted as official languages for government administration and courts. This means that it is easy for travellers to communicate during your Mauritius tour package. You can hear other languages: hindi, tamil, marathi, urdu and several Chinese variants.