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Nestled in the mid Indian Ocean, Seychelles is a small country with an area of 455 km square. It is home to world’s oldest ocean islands and is the largest raise coral atoll. The beautiful island of Seychelles is well known for its exquisite natural beauty, pristine beaches and luxury resorts making an ideal holiday destination for the all the travelers alike. Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands and it’s nothing short of a paradise for locals as well as tourists. Attracting tourists from all across the globe, Seychelles has become a top tourist destination in the world making your Seychelles tour interesting and memorable. A great destination for wildlife spotting and ecotourism, the country has lot to offer to the enthusiast travelers. Ideal for honeymooners, family and other travelers, Seychelles travel is truly a paradise where you can spend your upcoming vacation. The country is blessed with pleasant and warm climate throughout the year and also houses an incredible variety of rich flora and fauna making your Seychelles holiday worthwhile. Seychelles constituted three main islands-Mahe, Praslin and La Digue where you can explore the entire place without any hassle. These islands are famous for its serene beaches, turquoise waters and soft white powdery sand making it an ideal holiday destination in Seychelles. When in Seychelles you cannot miss the fun thrilled adventure activities that will keep you enthralled throughout your stay in Seychelles. You can indulge in water sports like diving and snorkeling that will definitely boost your adrenaline rush. Seychelles is truly a tropical paradise that will make your tour memorable and exciting. With interesting places, lush greenery, tropical climate and breathtaking landscape, this island is perfect for those who are looking to spend some quality time with their partners. Seychelles Honeymoon tour is all about exploring this hidden gem and infusing love and romance in your married life. Discover new places and stay amidst the beautiful island of Seychelles and make the most of the trip. From engaging adventure, plethora of places to lip smacking dishes and pleasant climate, Seychelles tour is sure to give your lifetime of memories to cherish. Book your Seychelles holiday package now!

South Africa and Seychelles Holidays

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South Africa and Seychelles Tour Package

  • Johannesburg (1N) - Sun City (2N) - Pilanesberg National Park - Cape Town (3N) - Mahe (3N)
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Make your South Africa trip memorable and exciting as you are going to have an amazing time and unending memories. With Seychelles Tour give a chance to the travellers to explore the magnificent attraction ...

10 Days Tour

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Southern Africa Holiday Packages

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Seychelles Honeymoon Package

  • Mahe (3N) - praslin (2N) - La Digue (1N)
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With breathtaking beaches and lip smacking cuisine, Seychelles Wanderlust tour lends the travelers an experience of a lifetime. With places like Mahe, La Digue and Praslin, travelers have an excellent choi ...

7 Days Tour

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Seychelles Vacations

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Seychelles Holiday Package

  • Mahe (3N)
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With so many places to explore and adventure activities to indulge in, Seychelles Bliss tour is an ideal getaway for your upcoming vacation. If you are a beach lover, Seychelles is a perfect place to relax ...

4 Days Tour

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Seychelles is an entertainment hub for every traveller who is looking out for some fun and excitement for vacation. While Seychelles houses some of the best beaches and island of the world, leisure and adventure, both can be experienced at its best. An island and cruise tour is something you cannot miss for the Seychelles holiday package. One can hire a bike or cycle at La Digue and discover the scenic streets, the local markets and beaches. Go for sunbathing or Scuba diving and snorkelling while adventure like rock climbing or hiking can be enjoyed along the wild trails. There are helicopter rides organized by the operators where you can discover the vast and lush green view of the archipelago. Food tours and shopping here can be really fun.

There are direct flights available from Mumbai, Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport to Seychelles International Airport (SEZ) in Victoria. Another major airport in Seychelles is Praslin Island Airport that is serviced by Air Seychelles. The chartered flights from Mahé and other islands are operated from here connecting you to rest of the inner and outer destination in your Seychelles packages. Air Seychelles offers a direct service from Mumbai to Seychelles while flights with one spot are also available like Jet Airways, Etihad, Kenya Airways and Sri Lankan Airlines.

Seychelles houses most of the splendid beaches and islands to explore with diverse marine life and ecosystem. Talking about the places that are best for island hoping tour in Seychelles, start from Mahe to Praslin, then Praslin to La Digue, Cousin Island, Aride Island and Curieuse Island. These three islands are accessible from Praslin only and later the tour ends back at Victoria. During the Island Hopping tour for your Seychelles vacation package, you can discover the major attraction, enjoy the ferry cruises and shop from the local markets. Booking your Seychelles Island tour, the ideal duration for island hopping is 11 days that is included with the transfers and meals, accommodation and other amenities. Day tours are arranged for hiking and cycling around the beaches while tours to the offbeat paths are organized with the guides.

Starting with the main attraction in Seychelles, Mahé, Praslin, and La Digue are the most visited and best attraction that is adding on to tourism. While you are planning your Seychelles tour packages, you can add on some of the best beaches and the local tourist spot to your vacation. The Victoria Markets and the Bel Air Cemetery, Takamaka Bay, Tea Factory, the National Botanical Gardens, Grande Anse, Petite Anse and the Morne Seychelles Park are some of the best attraction in Mahe. Similarly, Praslin houses Vallée de Mai, Anse Lazio, Praslin Museum, Anse Georgette Beach, Praslin National Park, Cote d’Or Beach, George Camille Art Gallery, Fond Ferdinand Nature Reserve, and Anse Volbert. Sightseeing attractions in La Digue are Veuve Natural Reserve, L’Union Estat, Anse Source d’Argent, Grand Anse, Petit Anse, Anse Coco, Granite boulder of Anse L’Union and Anse Marron.

Snorkelling and scuba diving is the best adventure to add on to your Seychelles honeymoon packages. The three best islands of Seychelles as Mahe, Praslin and La Digue are known for the amazing beaches that host the thrilling snorkelling and scuba diving yours. There are centres where one can learn the basics of Scuba and later dive in to explore the vast and diverse marine habitat. The depth of the water in these centres can be between 8 meters and 30 meters, so the first time timers can learn to dive here. To name some, the best snorkelling and diving sites in Seychelles are South Marianne Island, Shark Bank, Brissare Rocks, St Pierre, Aldabra Atoll and the Ennerdale wreck, L’ilot, Chuckles Rocks and the famous The Sunken Ship Dive.

Leaving Praslin and La Digue, Seychelles houses some of the most fascinating and scenic beaches to enjoy sailing and cruising. While both Praslin and La Digue are known for the pristine beauty of beaches, the coastline that houses an abundance of diversity, one surely cannot miss cruising in other attraction of Seychelles. Curieuse, lying close to the coastline of Praslin can be your ideal sailing destination for Seychelles packages where you can discover the habitat of more than 300 giant Aldabra tortoises and the only Coco de Mer tree. Grande Soeur is the private and somewhere an isolated island where you can sail to discover the beauty of clear beaches. Staying here can be an issue as the island has just one property that leaves the crowd away.

Seychelles being home to the most pristine and scenic beaches can be a hub for water games and adventure. From snorkelling to swimming, beach sports and diving, there is a lot you can enjoy for your Seychelles holiday package. With Mahe, Praslin and La Digue there comes some other attractions that are known for the ultimate thrill and fun of water sports in the deep blue sea and the sandy beaches. Parasailing or water-skiing is best operated in Beau Vallon Beach while snorkelling and scuba are best experienced at Cerf Island. Au Cap in Praslin and Takamaka in Mahe Island are renowned for Kayaking where the water is clean and safe for your adventure. There is a lot that can be added to your tour itinerary like swimming and ferry, fishing, beach sports as basketball, cycling and more.

Zip lining and rock climbing in Seychelles are organized by the SMAC Adventures at the Constance Ephelia resort in Mahe. There are zip lines suspended over the canopy to witness the wilderness and lush greenery around. The activity requires a lot of challenging and efforts to cross the suspended ropes that are lined from 85 meters to 120 metres running over the forest and granitic boulders. Rock climbing in Seychelles packages is organized in the beautiful 18 m granite rock that challenges the participants to climb over the outcrop. Apart from zip lining and rock climbing, the adventure hub also organizes the activities like Abseiling and buggy.

Hiking and walking is something one must not miss behind the tranquil beaches of Seychelles. There are some amazing hiking tours amidst the trails dominated by the granite rocks and the forest region that takes you to the hidden beauty of Islands. Both Mahe and Praslin house the most amazing hiking trails you can explore for the next Seychelles vacation package. Cpolia Trail and Anse Major are the two famous hiking trails in Mahe that are best for intermediate hiking experience with some fitness. In Praslin, Vallee de Mai is one of the famous hiking trail that is even marked as the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The trail will take 2-3 hours taking you through the steep step to the mesmerizing viewpoints.

Seychelles is known as the family vacation destination where one can spend a great time with the family, especially kids. The islands like Mahe or Praslin and La Digue hosts amazing activities like swimming and scuba diving, adventures like rock climbing and zip lining that can keep your kids engaged throughout the day. Seychelles houses some wildlife conservatory where the kids can learn a lot about the endemic flora and fauna. Curieuse Island is the best place for your kids in a Seychelles holiday package where they can spot the giant tortoise. Seychelles has the most tempting food and the vibrant market to shop and taste the tempting local cuisines.

Seychelles honeymoon packages can be best planned for a romantic gateway amidst the crystalline beaches and the magical islands. While you are on your honeymoon tour, there are some things you would love to try with your partner that can be thrilling and romantic. Underwater diving or Scuba diving can be the most enthralling thing you can do with discovering the vibrant marine life. Enjoy the sunbath and the swim while you are on spending the day at the beach. There are sunset cruises that can be the best for honeymooners to admire the beauty of the sunset while sipping the champagne or the wine together. Plan for a romantic dinner in some of the isolated beach where you can spend the quality time together during your honeymoon.