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Chaminuka Game Res

Situated about 50 km north east of Town, Chaminuka Game Reserve is a famous tourist attraction in Zambia that has attracted tourists from all walks of life. This wildlife park was licensed in 1979 and has become popular among the tourists over the years. The park boasts of abundance of wildlife and birdlife species that includes a mixture of mammals, amphibians and reptiles. Being a wildlife park, tourists have an excellent opportunity to indulge game drive activities that will allow you to spend time among the endangered species. You can spot animals like variety of cats, primates, reptiles such as lion, elephant, giraffe, Burchells, zebra, hyena, porcupines, Sable, Blue wildebeest, Buffalo, Bushback, Buffalo and other species. For avid bird lovers, this national park boasts of amazing bird species that will leave you awe struck. Chaminuka Nature Reserve houses an excellent lodge that is made for the comfort of the visitors. This spectacular lodge proffers luxurious accomodation, picturesque views over Lake Chitoka where you can witness the glorious sunsets of Africa. Indulge in delicious food of Africa whilst overlooking the beautiful views of the reserve, admiring the beauty of the place. With modern amenities, plush lodges and excellent service, you can never get bored of this place. Get ready to explore and discover this hidden gem of Africa that will take your breath away.



The city of Livingstone Zambia is one of the most exotic destinations and a romantic gateway. Being the tourism centre of Zambia, the city offers you everything from leisure to adventure and some delightful cuisines to try. There is a rich history and culture associated with the city and a lifestyle that leaves its charm. What makes the city stands as an ultimate destination for travellers is the short escape from the amazing Victoria Falls. The city stands at a distance of 11 km from the falls attracting the tourist to spend a day near the wonder of nature. The short tour to Zambezi River opens up the adventure gateway for the adventure seekers as river boarding, canoeing, white water rafting, abseiling and lot more. It’s not just the adventure adding in Livingstone tourism, as the fun and thrill for your vacation just start here. Cruising and safari, the cultural tour and sightseeing of the beautiful city, everything together prepare a complete package for your holidays. Not limiting your excursion inside the city, Livingstone is enclosed by a number of attractions aiding to its popularity and fun. For a pleasant stay and comfort, there is a number of affordable and luxury accommodation offers as the Livingstone hotel for travellers. The city laced with all modern facilities and necessities welcomes a majority of international travellers to Zambia for an unforgettable Livingstone tour.

Popular Tourist Places in Livingstone



Lusaka city of Zambia is a new emerging centre of tourism that is linked with the major African destination through its International Airport. The city boasts modern living with some of the shopping malls, the suburbs and stores. The market areas and the cafes with lounges offer a great nightlife and city life to explore. There are coffee shops, nightclubs and pubs where you can discover the lifestyle of Young Zambians and their musical culture. Development in Lusaka in increasing as the villages there, are slowly migrating to the city for better living jobs and careers. Most of the Zambians are involved in self-living that is linked with tourism in Lusaka. Exhibiting the handicraft and the stalls with antique and some charming accessories, markets here are laced with a number of restaurants and salaula that sell the used or useless clothes from the West. Talking about the city tour of Lusaka, it’s the culture and the history of the city that attracts travellers. With not much to be discovered and explored, there are limited numbers of attractions one can discover while touring in the city. The museum, the villages and the local market areas are the places that depict the entire storyline of the city. The city may not have the reputation of an amazing tourist destination in Zambia, but somewhere the city with its people is enough to experience the essence if true Africa and Zambia.

Popular Tourist Places in Lusaka


North Luangwa NP

Extremely remote and wild, North Luangwa National Park is located in the northern region of the Luangwa Valley. This remote national park covers 4636 square kilometres and is known as one of the few wildlife destinations in Africa. The park is not as famous as its counterpart in South and is not open to the public as there are no permanent lodges inside the park. Only a few safari operators have been granted permission inside the park to conduct walking safari tour. For all the animal lovers, this national park is an ideal place where you can see amazing wildlife and enjoy safari tours that will allow you to get close with the species. The best thing about this national park is that it offers remarkable wildlife safari tours that will allow you to experience the beauty of Africa. With lush greenery, dense forest and amazing wildlife, you will never get bored of this place. To enjoy true wilderness in Africa, North Luangwa National Park has lot in store for the enthusiast travelers. You can indulge in variety of activities that will keep you enthralled all day long. You can spot animals like herds of buffalo, Zebra, lion, leopard, hyena and some wild dogs in their natural environment. Spend your day amidst the beauty of nature and with these species that will make the most of your trip.


South Luangwa National Park

Situated in the highlight of eastern Zambia, South Luangwa National Park is one of the magnificent wilderness areas that has garnered tourists from all walks of life. The park is well known as ‘the South Park’ and was founded in 1904 as Luangwa Game Park. In 1938, this national park was converted into one of the three-game reserves making it a popular tourist attraction in Africa. This remarkable park covers an area of about 9050 square kilometers of Luangwa Valley floor and lies anywhere from 500 to 800 meters above sea level. The park boasts of dramatic and fascinating topography making people come more often to this place. Bordered by Luangwa River, the park supports a large diversity of megafauna and allows the animals to drink from the waterhole. The largest population of hippo and crocodile resides in the river whereas the elephant, zebra and many other predators are attracted to the fertile and forested banks. If you are an animal lover, this national park serves the right purpose and allows you to experience something new during your stay in Zambia. One of the best things that you can spot here are leopards and many spotted cats in their natural habitat. These cats are seen hunting on the riverside and thus have earned the nickname ‘The Valley of the Leopard’. Take a guided tour inside the park that will give you an insight into the place and also about the endemic flora and fauna.


The Islands of Siankaba

Situated on two private islands in the middle of the famous Zambezi River, Islands of Siankaba is a luxurious five star lodge that will make your stay lavish and memorable. Islands of Siankaba is a luxurious five star lodge that caters ultimate plush experience to all kind of travelers. With outstanding cuisine and excellent service, you can never get bored of this amazing place. The lodge boasts of seven secluded chalets that have been designed to proffer maximum comfort and privacy whilst overlooking the stunning views of the Zambezi River. The best thing about this lodge is that it houses series of walkways and bridges that connects the two islands together making it a must visit place in Zambia. This romantic lodge is a spectacular place where you can spend your vacation with your loved ones. The luxurious tented rooms and plush services can make your stay memorable and lavish. Each of the rooms in this lodge is furnished with ensuite bathroom, ceiling fan and deck that proffers a stunning view of the river. The lodge is a haven for abundance variety of plant and birdlife allowing the visitors to get up close and personal with the animals. Enjoy delicious meal that is served in the dining room or under the trees that will add romantic charm to your tour. Islands of Siankaba is a haven for all those who are looking for a stress free vacation.