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A Namibia tour is surely a lifetime experience one can ever miss in Arica. With a landscape so diverse and the serenity beyond the beauty of dreamland, the country is true bliss. A vast country in Africa, Namibia is a famous tourist destination that has attracted locals as well as other international travellers alike. From deserted plains, the highest sand dunes to the canyon of Africa and breathtaking landscape, Namibia has a lot in store for avid travellers. The country is blessed with diverse culture, rich flora and fauna and amazing wildlife viewing that you can never get bored in this beautiful region of Africa. For those who are animal lovers, Namibia is the best place to be as it houses an abundance of wildlife and other enthralling activities that allows you to get close to nature as well as other animals. The old tribal communities dwelling in this region of Africa still exists and is the best way to understand the history and culture of Namibia. Namibia holiday is one of Africa’s enticing vacation plans where you can relax and enjoy the beauty of nature as well as get up close and personal with the animals. Being one of the famous regions in Africa, the country houses some of the well known national parks, coastal deserts and few game viewing reserves where you can engage with the animals. From the herd of blue wildebeest, the zebra and springbok, predators like lion and cheetah can be spotted there. Elephants and deserts species as bat-eared foxes, meerkat, ostrich and oryx are visible during Namibia Safari. The Etosha National Park on the north of the country houses an abundance wilderness and waterholes making game viewing and safari excursion a real thrill. Great value for a vacation comes with the lodges and resorts here that exhibit luxury and cosy feel for the honeymooners and families up for a holiday. The sparsely populated region with the deserted beauty of the African landscape makes it best for a road trip, ignoring the situation of the roads maintained. With so much to offer, A Namibia travel itinerary is a perfect getaway to spend your upcoming vacation. Book your Namibia Tour Package now!

Namibia Holiday Packages

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Namibia Safari Tour

  • Windhoek (1N) - Sossusvlei (2N) - Swakopmund (2N) - Etosha National Park (2N)
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With the most wonderful gateway in Africa, this 7-night vacation tour is planned for an ultimate experience. The scenic journey to Africa here is all about discovering the incredible Windhoek, Sossusvlei, ...

8 Days Tour

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Southern Africa Holiday Packages

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Best of Southern Africa Safari

  • Maun (1N) - Okanvango Delta (2N) - Chobe National Park (2N) - Victoria Falls (3N) - Windhoek (1N) - Swakopmund (2N) - Etosha National Park (2N)
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Embark on a wildlife tour where you will get to encounter abundance of animals and make your Southern Africa Safari tour a journey of a lifetime. With places like Victoria Falls, Chobe National Park, Okav ...

14 Days Tour

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Namibia with its deserted plains and mountains can be visited any time of the year. But if you are looking out for an ideal time, Namibia packages can be best planned from July to October when the temperature is around 20 degrees with little rain. This is the season that is perfect for game viewing as the day experiences a sunny climate that is tolerable in between 20-30 degrees. The nights can be slightly cold where the temperature drops in between 5-10 degrees. Talking about the winter season from June to August, the deserts can go below the freezing points but wildlife can be at its best as the dry weather attracts the wilderness near the waterholes. With the most pleasant climate, September month is neither too hot-humid nor cold-dry making the time best for a visit.

Namibia experiences two seasons as summer or raining season and winter or dry season. The summers are from November to April while the winters are from May to October. January is the mid-summer season and the temperature is almost the same in February with hot and humid days and some downpour. By April and May, the rainfall decreases and June marks the arrival of winters. The main winter or dry months are from July to August continuing till September that is the best time for Namibia vacation packages. By October temperature starts to rise and there is less greenery around making it the ideal time for game viewing. The temperature keeps on rising and November is the hottest month to travel. December comes with the arrival of first rainfall with a relative drop in the temperature.

Namibia is one of the most dramatic and diverse countries of Africa that is blessed with the scenic canyons and the deserts. With the great diversity of flora and fauna, Namibia also houses some tribal groups and an isolated town, the Kolmanskop Ghost Town. The country with its best Namibia holiday packages, one can discover the oldest and largest desert, the Namib Desert and the wildlife around Etosha National Park. Namibia houses the highest dunes at Sossusvlei featuring the red and orange hues of the dunes and the deserted plains. The variation of landform and the blazing African sunsets, cities beyond the wildlife and adventure hidden along the path makes Namibia worth a visit.

Planning for Namibia packages in March means discovering the picturesque beauty of Namibia in the wet season. The temperature is hot and humid with a higher precipitation rate. This is the reason why game viewing is not so popular during March. As animals have plenty of water sources and there are bushes, more trees, spotting the animals is not easy making the safari tours difficult. Although rain may not be the major issue while you are on safari as there is rainfall during the short afternoon break. Birdwatchers can surely plan the tour as some of the migratory birds approach Namibia during March. Not being the peak season, if safari is not your plan than Namibia can be best for your Easter holidays.

Namibia in Southern Africa is one of the popular destinations for vacation and attracts several travellers across the globe every year. Talking about the safety in Namibia, the country is safe enough to travel alone or in a group. While one needs to be a little cautious in every new place, Namibia holiday packages to comes with certain tips you need to keep in mind for a safe and easy journey. The country is not a picturesque destination but the people here are friendly and welcoming. Somewhere poverty can be the reason for pick-pocketing or robbery and theft, but a little care and attention can avoid any miss happening. Just make sure wherever you go, you keep someone informed if you are too far or are late. The best advice is to be with your tour guide most of the time.

Clothing in Namibia should be comfortable and suitable for the climate. Packing up the light casuals is the best as the days are warmer and can be dry or humid. Nights in winters can be cold during June, July and August when you require warm jackets and layer of clothing during the morning and evening hours. Don’t think of carrying the military prints as these are illegal in the country and the colours like blue or black will attract the tsetse flies that can cause African sleeping sickness. Packing for Namibia safari packages should be done with little care as you need descent colours and fully covered clothes with sunscreen, cap and sunglasses. Make sure you have hiking shoes handy for long walks and hiking trails.

Namibia is one of the most dramatic destinations where there is an abundance of panoramic beauty and the wilderness to explore. Being one of the largest countries in Africa, Namibia can be the ideal place for wildlife tours and cultural excursion, especially with the Namibia honeymoon packages. The Windhoek city of Namibia is not just the capital but also the most visited place. Namibia is famous for the Namib Desert that is ageing back to 40 million years old and spreading across the borders of Angola and South Africa. Sossusvlei, the part of Namib Desert, features the white, salt and clay pan and the highest dune of the world. Other attractions in Namibia that are known world-wide are the Skeleton Coast National Park, the Walvis Bay, Epupa Falls, Kolmanskop Ghost Town, Etosha National Park, and Fish River Canyon.

African cuisine in Namibia is not just about regular eating but is too tempting to make each day an inspiration. Whether you dig out the menus from the famous tourist restaurant or just are eating at one of the local’s house, the food will the same with the pleasant aroma and appetizing zest. For the Namibia vacation packages, here are the most popular dishes that are eaten by the locals as well and are served as the best food one can get in Namibia. The Biltong, made from Kudu or beef is an air-dried meat that is served. The menu also includes German dishes like cakes and pastries that are offered with the meats of oryx, eland or kudu. The barbequed meat of ostrich or zebra and Potjiekos made as the one-pot bush stew is something eaten as common and is too delicious to skip.

Namibia compared to South Africa is scenically different and is a famous tourist site that has garnered tourists from all over the world. This African country is overwhelmingly welcoming and a peaceful country where you can be rest assured for your safety. South Africa has high level of crime and is less safe than Namibia. The people of Namibia are friendly and the level of corruption found in this African country is less compared to the neighboring countries. When it comes to safety in Namibia, make sure you carry normal precautions such as leaving the bags or valuable unattended in your car or being suspicious of your surrounding when at ATMs. In some places, it is recommended that you don’t wander alone but catch taxis late at night making your Namibia vacation packages hassle free.

Namibia is a fascinating African country where you can have amazing time with your loved ones making your Namibia Holiday Packages worthwhile. This African country has smooth immigration and customs systems that allow the travelers to travel safely without any worry. If you have all the correct documents, passing through the border can be quite easy. Tourists who are traveling to Namibia can stay for maximum of 90 days if they show a return ticket and passport which is valid for at least 6 months. Visa can be issued at arrival but make sure you have enough days for your stay that has been granted. The beautiful country of Namibia can be explored in 4 days where you can explore and see amazing attractions of the region making your stay unforgettable and exciting.

Home to two great deserts, Namibia is an arid country that sprawls along the Atlantic coastline and is a famous tourist destination that is sure to make your Namibia Safari Packages worthwhile. Traveling to Namibia requires a valid passport that is valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry. You should have your onward travel documents, proof of accommodation and sufficient fund for your entire duration of the stay. If you are travelling with children under the age of 18, you will need to show a birth certificate that should have the details of both the parents.

In Namibia, Namibian dollar (N$) is used as the currency that can be exchanged with the South African Rand. In Namibia, the Rand is a legal tender but Namibian dollar cannot be used in South Africa. South African Rand can be easily used in Namibia as N$ equals to the Rand. Both of these currencies can be used freely in Namibia. Travelers can use credit cards as they are accepted throughout the country but not in every case. It is best if you travel with multiple payment options to avoid any hassle, making your Namibia tour packages memorable.

US citizens who wish to travel to Namibia for tourism or business purpose for less than 90 days should obtain visas at the port. All the travelers who are traveling to or from Namibia via other countries should have a minimum of six or more unstamped visa pages in their passports before commencing on your trip. Before entering Namibia, travelers who come for work or study, whether paid or voluntary, must obtain a work or study permit. U.S. citizens should keep passports with valid visas, as well as a valid driver's license, with them at all times while traveling within Namibia. National authorities may occasionally set up road blocks or stop foreign pedestrians and request identification; this often happens during the holidays in December and January, but can happen at any time.

Central Windhoek is stable and safe from trouble. So long as you stay vigilant, walk with confidence, keep a hand on your pocket and avoid wearing anything too conspicuous while on your Namibia tour Packages. If we talk about Windhoek is safe then yes and no both will go for this question. Keep an extra eye out, particularly after dark, while walking in the area. Many locations will even have "entry at your own risk" signs. While many tourists never see an issue while visiting Windhoek, being vigilant about protecting yourself is still something to be. Fortunately, the police seem to take these criminal issues seriously and in case you need support or need to report crime, you will find signs that allow you to report crime to the local government and have a phone number to call.

Applying Visa for Namibia vacation package requires certain visa fees and processing fees to complete the process. In General the Visa charges are N$1000 upon entry. Now the chare may vary deepening on your country and the currency differences. The regions like Ariamsvlei, Noordoewer, Oranjemund, Trans-Kalahari, Katima Mulilo and Oshikango can get their visa issued on arrival in future at border crossings. Coming to the visa fees, the amount depends on the number of entry and validity. The fees and processing times for ingle application that is validity of 3 months is US$ 50 and for Multiple entry, validity of 3 months isUS$ 100.00

Only the visitors travelling to Namibia for business needs a valid visa. Apart from that the citizens of Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia, do require a visa. If the citizen of India, Poland, Turkey, Ghana, Nigeria and Venezuela don not own a Diplomatic and Official Passports up to 3 months, there will be a need of visa before they head out for Namibia holiday packages. The Tourist visas are valid for three months and take three days for processing at Embassy in your country or the Namibian Consulate.

Of up to 3 months, Zimbabwe may be visitable for residents of 46 countries and territories following this visa. Botswana, South Africa, Angola and Zimbabwe are among these countries. Southern Europe, Africa, Namibia was composed of. Diplomatic passports owners or service passengers do not need visa from any country. Visa may be issued upon entry for residents in the following 103 countries and territories. The visa shall be valid for 30 days (for business visits) or for 3 months (for visitor visits).