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Port Louis

Mauritius travel package brings you the most cultural and historical city of Port Louis that is also the capital and economic centre of the Island. This is one of the largest city housing around a population of 200,000. The harbor plays an essential role in building up the economy and business for the development of the entire island. With the buzzing city life and the cultural history preserves, Port Louis is the major attraction in Mauritius. There are market areas, and historical places that lure the travels across the globe. While Mauritius is known for the beauty of the beaches and the scenic seashores, the Port Louis city offers a diverse touch of beauty and attraction to explore. The streets here boast the vibrant stalls and a collection of indigenous art, handicrafts that one can get as a travel souvenir. The city can be referred as the soul of Mauritius as it houses the magnificent old forts and museum preserving the colonial history of the era. Founded by the French governor and pioneer in 1735, Port Louis history ate backs to the era when the entire Ilsand was possessed by the French government. The fortress, the Citadel built in 1838 is the oldest living structure here that one must not miss during the Mauritius tour to Port Louis. There is Anglican and Roman Catholic cathedrals, colonial-era Government House, Caudan Waterfront area a number of entertainment sites that makes Port Louis a perfect vacation destination of Mauritius.

Popular Tourist Places in Port Louis


Rodrigues Island

Nestled in the Southern part of Indian Ocean and 600 km away from Mauritius, Rodrigues is an island that has garnered tourists from all walks of life. This tropical island is an idea destination where you can spend your time with your loved ones admiring the beauty of the palm fringed island. This island is famous for its friendly people, authentic culture and unspoilt places where you can experience serenity and tranquility. The island is a remote holiday destination and is an ideal getaway for those who are looking for a beach vacation. The Rodrigues Island is 18km in length and 8 km wide which is entirely surrounded by coral reefs that offer world class diving and snorkeling experience to the enthusiast travelers. This famous island is named after Portuguese explorer Diogo Rodrigues and has now become a popular attraction in Mauritius. The island is strikingly beautiful and boasts of plethora of flora and fauna which makes it appealing and a must visit place in Mauritius. The island is one of the best places to visit if you want spend a memorable and quite holiday with your family or friends. For nature lovers, this island is sure to make your Mauritius tour worth the while and one of the amazing holiday destinations in the world. The scenic beauty, tropical vegetation, vibrant culture, breathtaking landscape and tranquil surrounding is definitely going to make your trip to Mauritius a memorable one. Ideal for families, solo travelers and honeymoon couples, Rodrigues Island has everything to offer to the avid travelers.

Popular Tourist Places in Rodrigues Island


The East Coast

The East Coast Island of Mauritius is a famous tourist attraction which is visited by tourists from all across the globe. The island is an interesting place to stay during your upcoming holiday destination and a must visit place in Mauritius. The island is well known not only because of the number of hotel and luxurious villas but because of the endless attractions that has made it a popular place to visit in Mauritius. Set alongside emerald coloured lagoons, the East Coast is blessed with numerous beaches and beautiful coastlines making your trip memorable and fun filled. The island boasts of powdery beaches, azure seas, luxurious hotels and resorts which will allow you to explore and something new at this beautiful island of Mauritius. Being slightly cooler in the summer months, the East Coast of Mauritius is also known as “The Wild Coast” which is home to island’s best beaches and exclusive properties, making an ideal getaway for your holiday vacation. You will find one of the biggest lagoons on this island which are shallow with deep canals. Spend your day amidst the sparkling green and blue lagoons and make the most of your Mauritius trip. With some of the famous places like Ile aux Cerfs, Bras d’Eau, Trou d’Eau Douce etc will definitely give you and your family lifetime of memories to cherish.

Popular Tourist Places in The East Coast


The Inland and Centers

Mauritius is more than the beaches and long tranquil beaches. It’s the inland region and city centers that can be your next holiday destination in Mauritius. There are forest and the lakes, the vegetation and the urbanized region that houses around one- third of the total population of entire Mauritius. Discover the history and the ancient tradition for the tour of Mauritius with the museum and galleries that are nestled here. The city centers and Inland region of Mauritius are of great attractions that are mostly overlooked by the tourist due to beaches. While Mauritius is just known for the water adventure and the aquatic life, the forest and the town can really be the ideal region to enjoy a leisure vacation. Situated at an elevation of 400 to 600 meters above the sea level, the centers and Inland of Mauritius are cooler as compared to the coastal regions. Bringing up the tour of Mauritius with the city centers and the inland region, there is a lot to be explored and enjoyed for the vacation. Divided into nine districts, Mauritius houses an array of some vibrant cities and towns, the multi-hued streets and some culturally rich villages. Plan your holiday tour in Mauritius with the excursion to the famous attraction falling in the centers and the Inland area.

Popular Tourist Places in The Inland and Centers


The South and South East

While the south end of Mauritius is an ideal place for vacation, the south-east end hides the magnificent beauty yet to be discovered. The lush wild and bio-diverse region of southeast coast features immense beauty of the beaches, the hidden lagoon and the town preserving the history. Nature brings up the untouched beauty of Mauritius here with the rugged coastlines and the laid back town. Vacation in Mauritius can be both adventurous and a leisurely break where you can enjoy the unspoiled beauty and the wilderness. There are waterfalls and the forts, the villages and the towns, the ports and some of the spectacular viewpoints to discover the hidden gems of Mauritius. The beaches here are calm and serene to add on a soothing touch to the vacation, while the water games and fishing can boost up the thrill you need for the holidays. Moving ahead, the south-eastern region of Mauritius tour is ideally the best place where you can plan a day tour with an excursion to the famous tourist attraction nestled there. The Mahebourg town, the Rochester Falls, Vieux Grand Port and Dutch fort are some of the sites you must not miss during the vacation in Mauritius. The national parks and sanctuaries with wilds preserved there to offer another site that can be included in the tour. The captivating beauty and the stunning landscape, everything makes Mauritius the ideal place for a leisurely vacation.

Popular Tourist Places in The South and South East


West and South West

The West and South West of Mauritius is well known for its breathtaking virgin beaches, small villages, high mountain peaks, untouched culture and many other famous attractions that is sure to make your tour to Mauritius memorable. When in Mauritius, this island is a must visit place as it has everything to offer to the enthusiast travelers. Discover the tropical beaches of the island and serene atmosphere whilst admiring the beauty of nature. If you are looking for serendipity and peace, the West and South West Island is one of the best holiday destinations in Mauritius that will make your trip worth the while. Get ready to explore the best of this stunning island that has lot in store for the travelers. In Mauritius, it is often said that ‘West is best’ and it has truly stood to its reputation as well. Attracting people from all walks of life, the island is truly a paradise for those who are looking to spend their time at leisure with their family and friends. From the fine white sands of Trou aux Biches to the secluded Le Morne Peninsula on the south west tip of the island, Mauritius west and south west island is sure to give you and your loved ones lifetime of memories. All the adventure junkies have an excellent opportunity to indulge in thrilling activities that will keep you enthralled throughout your stay in Mauritius. You can try snorkeling, kayaking, diving and much more that will make your adventure tour to Mauritius worth the while. Pamper yourself in one of the finest spas that will rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. After your relaxing session, you can munch in some lip smacking delicacies that will soothe your taste buds. Mauritius Tour is all about exploring and relaxing amidst the palm fringed beaches and admiring the beauty of nature all around.

Popular Tourist Places in West and South West