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The Damaraland of Namibia can be described as the most diverse land with magic and drama in the topography of the region. The underrated region of Namibia, Damaraland is known for the wildlife and the fascinating beauty of rocks and rugged land. Damaraland forms an integral part of Kunene Region, lying on the north-west of Namibia. The tour of Damaraland brings up the magnificent attractions that are unique and enhances the beauty of the destination. With some of the finest rock formation, the deserted mountain regions, the clefts and engravings on the rock boost up the rate of tourism in Damaraland. Coming to the unofficial wildlife of Namibia, Damaraland wildlife and safari is known for the critically rare endangered species and some the endemic wilds. One can capture the glimpse of black rhinos, elephants and the desert-adapted lions with the colony of spotted hyenas, the zebra and giraffe making the speciality of wilderness in Damaraland Namibia. The amazing fusion and harmony of nature with the excellent landforms, the desert and the mountain housing the wild makes Damaraland tour as one of the most amazing explorations in the African region. Featuring the wild tours with the ideal accommodation option and the untouched attractions, Damaraland tour of Namibia is something that you won’t experience anywhere else.

Popular Tourist Places in Damaraland


Etosha National Park

Along the wild and deserted land of Namibia, the Etosha National park lies as one of the popular and magnificent nature reserves. Housing the rare, the endangered and endemic and the common species, wildlife at Etosha creates unique biodiversity to explore. The entire region of Etosha national park is known for the thick vegetation and the grassland that makes it an ideal habitat for elephants and the giraffes. The region of Etosha National park is so covered with the bushes, the golden grasses and the shattered dry vegetation that is can surely support the life of wilds dwelling there. With the lion, the giraffe, the bird life and the migratory species, Etosha National Park at Namibia attract the visitors across the globe to explore the vibrant hues and the folks of some amazing and rare species. Home to the migratory bird life, the Etosha National Park supports the species like European bee-eater, flamingos, the ostrich, the kori bustard and other birdlife extending to a number of 340 unique species. Such diverse wildlife and the incredible landscape make the Etosha National Park safari, an ideal attraction for the bird watcher, the adventure enthusiast and the nature lover.

Popular Tourist Places in Etosha National Park


Kalahari Desert

Covering the eastern and the southern part of Namibia, the Kalahari Desert is the niche for San people. The area of 900,000 square kilometres covers the semiarid savannah extending its land to the region of Zambia, Botswana, South Africa, Angola, Zimbabwe and Namibia. Receiving an average of rainfall as compared to the rest of the desert area, the desert, however, cannot be referred to as a true desert, but the fossil desert of Kalahari that houses the habitat of flora and fauna. The population of Cheetah is generally easy to spot in the surroundings of Kalahari Desert. It’s the wide landscape and the open space that offers these wild beasts an ideal surrounding to hunt. The wildlife of Kalahari Desert consists of the black-maned lion, leopard and the endangered species of Africa Wild dog. The dessert does not limit its root to the wildlife, but the Bushmen tribes are dwelling in the Kalahari Desert from the past 20,000 years. The inhabitats have adapted the dry and semiarid atmosphere of the region, depending on the melon and the plant roots for drinking water. With the oldest South Africa tribe and the wildlife, there is a lot making Safari at the Kalahari Desert the best.

Popular Tourist Places in Kalahari Desert



Kaokoland, the wild region of Namibia is the home to the tribes of Himba community. The remote and rugged region is known for the incredible scenery of mountains, the pastel shades of dawn and dusk, the water streams and a lot more. Even after being a deserted region, it’s the refreshing hues of plains and the bright sunrise that makes Kaokoland one of the leisure vacation destinations of Namibia. Taking about the wildlife and the diverse ecology, the desert of Namibia dwells some endemic and rare African species like the elephant, black rhino, giraffe and more. The Hoarusib River overlooking the table-top koppies offers a magnificent view to witness the stunning vista. Enclosed within the edges of Hoanib River and the Kunene River, Kaokoland is a region that owns a back and beyond silence. Discover the lush green areas around the Otjihipa Mountains rising abruptly towards the east and the Hartmann Mountains that is arid with the deserted region and rugged topography. The waterfalls as Ruacana Falls and Epupa falls are major attraction falling in Kaokoland region of Namibia. The Epupa Falls are home for some dangerous crocs and a variety of marine life. Kaokoland, if not an ideal destination for vacation, is surely a spot to seek leisure and observe the magical landscape.

Popular Tourist Places in Kaokoland



The Sossusvlei can be referred to as the “dead-end-marsh” of Namibia with the vast dunes and the glittering red sand. The Sossusvlei region of Namibia is generally the clay pans incredibly beautiful to attract the travellers across the globe. Sossusvlei is nothing but the series of sandbank spreading to the vast ground with inexhaustible numbers. The salt pans of Sossusvlei are spreading to an area of 300 kilometres, and stretching wide to about 140 kilometres. The dunes at Sossusvlei are high reaching up to 400 meters, some of them where are coming together as a barrier, holding back the flow of Tsauchab River. Now, these dunes are believed to be around 5 million years old that have slowly modified their characteristic to suit the deserts. The pans are the Sossusvlei major tourist attractions especially when they are filled with crystal water all enclosed within the large hills of the sand. The pans in the region are generally dry due to the climatic conditions, expect for the rainy seasons. Although Sossusvlei with its best sand hills of Namibia experience the dry desert climate but still houses an abundance of flora and fauna. The bliss for photographers, Sossusvlei is an attraction that is known for the immense panoramic beauty.

Popular Tourist Places in Sossusvlei



Swakopmund Namibia is situated amidst dunes and desert close to the mouth of Swakop River. It is one of the famous tourist attractions in Namibia along the African road. Swakopmund city of Namibia is the capital of the Erongo administrative district and has 42,000 inhabitants and covers 193 square kilometres. Showcasing German colonial architecture, the destination of Swakopmund is a beach resort which was founded in 1892 as the main harbour for German South-West Africa. The city is even known as the adventure capital that opens up the gate for an exotic vacation in Namibia. From marvellous buildings to astounding town promenade, Swakopmund tour has everything for those who are looking for a comfortable and memorable stay. Today Swakopmund serves as a holiday resort and is considered as one of the best tourists stay in Namibia. This holiday resort in Namibia experiences a mild climate, with the amazing attraction that attracts a number of travellers from across the globe, for exploring the Swakopmund. Because of its multidimensional appeal and true African culture, most people end up staying at Swakopmund longer than they planned. The city of Swakopmund is small but still is listed as one of the major attraction with the facilities and sightseeing offered.

Popular Tourist Places in Swakopmund



The capital city of Namibia, Windhoek offers a great stopover or start for Namibia tour. With its developing infrastructure, city life and global standards, the city of Windhoek have a lot to offer travellers. The luxury hotels, the international airport and the accessible route connecting with the major attraction of the counter, the city makes an ideal place for your tour at Windhoek Namibia. The entire city flaunts the glimpse of German art and architecture depicting the colonial history of Namibia. The Windhoek city with a relatively poor rural employment and modernization state has a large population but still manages to be one of the cleanest cities of Africa. The well-managed streets with the well equipped surroundings are somewhere aiding to the tourism of Windhoek Namibia. When it comes to touring the city, Windhoek is the hub for entertainment and the core of Namibia. The food, culture, attractions and accommodation together makes Windhoek the centre for tourism. Holding the beauty of German architecture, the monuments like Alte Feste, Reiterdenkmal, the Turnhalle Building and the parliament buildings of Christuskirche and Tintenpalast, the Windhoek city tour is filled with much the amazing structural design and attractions for exploration.

Popular Tourist Places in Windhoek