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The dream destination for adventure enthusiast, Madagascar holiday is all about the wilderness, the rainforest, desert regions with the beaches around and a lot of thrill. A gateway to experience the dynamic beauty of the diverse landform, Madagascar houses an abundance of flora and fauna that includes the species of Lemurs, baobabs, thousands of orchids and a lot more. The country was parted from the mainland of African continent around 160 years ago and today this ranks s one of the topmost vacation destinations for travellers across the globe. Wildlife of Madagascar is unique with 5 per cent on endemic species that one can only spot here. The eerie-looking fossa, camouflaged chameleons, glowing frogs, oddly shaped insects, some rays and turtles, sharks, and humpback whales are the species that dwell in the wild serene backdrop, offering you an exceptional Madagascar tour. The terra firma of the island is defined by the sandstone canyons, mountains, limestone karsts, and fertile hills with terraced rice paddies, -rich soil and a lush dense forest region. It is the fertile land that makes Madagascar the Red Island. There are adventures, leisure and entertainment here to boost up the vacation mood of every visitor. From the whale watching to paragliding and island hopping your days around the island won’t get monotonous. Being the fourth largest island of the world, the marine life here is so dynamic that attracts the adventure seekers to try out the thrill of surfing or diving. The natural pools and the beaches with the turquoise ting is the idyllic attraction for tourist. For the newlyweds, Madagascar honeymoon package is one of the unusual and exciting vacations where they can enjoy the calm serenity of the turquoise beaches, the green wild rainforest and the unique wildlife. The ancient ruins and the forts, the museums and the authentic eateries, every attraction here make a plan that suits the vacation mood of honeymooners and travellers. Starting from the thatched bungalow for the cosy stay to the lemurs for an exceptional safari experience and beaches with water adventure and pristine feel, there is a lot to be added for Madagascar travel itinerary. Book Madagascar Holiday Package now!

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Home to thousands of different species of animals, birds and other variety, Madagascar is truly a haven for all the animal lovers. Madagascar is the largest African island that is situated in the Indian Oc ...

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Madagascar is one of the destinations that is solely meant for leisure, nature sightseeing and adventure. The destination is not just blessed with the captivating sights but there is an abundance of wildlife that makes it an ideal safari island country. If you are planning your visit there, Africa incoming offers the best tours around the famous attractions here. Be it the popular Nosy be or some national parks like Ranomafana National Park, Masoala National Park or Andasibe-Mantadia National Park. Madagascar safari packages are the best sold for an exceptional experience especially to spot the Lemurs. You can go on city tours and beach tours to add more to your days.

Madagascar is a beautiful island country in East Africa where there s everything to keep you engaged for the days. While a 10 days Madagascar holiday package is enough for exploring the best-handpicked attraction, the more you stay the better you discover. Make sure you add game drives with enough rest and vacation should never be too tiring. African Incoming offers the tailored tour package for Madagascar and depending on your interest and budget, you can get the best tour within the suggested number of nights.

Madagascar is a dream holiday destination that ranks as the fourth largest island in the world. There are natural pools, museums, wildlife, ancient ruins, cities with forts and eateries that make it best around the East African countries. While you are looking out for some best Madagascar travel packages, these are the attraction that one must not miss during the visit. Antananarivo is the old city where you can explore Ambohimanga, Musée Andafiavaratra and Rova during the day tours. Don’t miss out the Avenue of the Baobabs where there are strangely shaped trees rising up to 30 meters. Wildlife is best around the rainforests like Zahamena National Park and Masoala National Park. Beaches are there in this island country like Sainte Marie Island and Nosy be where you can spend a day admiring the marine life.

Madagascar is a year-round destination that can be visited throughout the year. Talking about the season and weather the country experience, the wet season starts from December to March. There might be the risk of cyclone around therefore it is advised to avoid travelling during the season. The best time to book Madagascar tour packages is around April to mid-December. The country is vast and each of the regions experiences a diverse climate throughout the year. For lemur safari, plan during the months of October to December. Bird watching is best from Sep to December and whale watching can be enjoyed in July and August.

The food in Madagascar, known as Malagasy Cuisine is simple but full of flavours. The meal comes with a non-veg dish with poultry, meat or seafood, a side dish as a vegetable served with rice. While vegetarians can find some limited option like vegetable rice or noodles, this is the country for non-vegetarians. Add on a food tour to your Madagascar holiday package and try the best served Zebu meat that is made from the local breed of cattle. Foza sy hena-kisoa and Ramazava are the best dishes to try as a non-vegetarian. Madagascar is a major producer of cocoa therefore chocolate and coffee are worth to try once. Madagascar serves the best beer of Africa and rum served here is cheap enough to order with every meal.

The local currency of Madagascar is Ariary and is accepted everywhere in the county. Talking about the foreign currency, most of the hotels and restaurants accept payment in Euro while US dollars and GBP can be exchanged. The exchange rate of the country is poor so it is advisable to carry denominations handy for your Madagascar travel packages. During the safari, carry enough cash that can sustain for days. ATM machines are there in the city and credit and debit cards are accepted everywhere in the hotels, restaurants and shops.

Madagascar is a popular destination in Africa is famed for its enchanting beauty and splendid breath of diversity. It is named the 8th continent that is combined with an immense diversity of wildlife. Madagascar is often referred to as the ‘Galapagos of Africa’ and proffers enthralling safari to the wildlife enthusiasts making your Madagascar safari packages unforgettable. Madagascar is the only place in the world where you can see lemurs in the wild and is also home to a unique plethora of wildlife. For the safari tour, children between the age of 8 and 12 must be booked on private vehicles and there is no upper age limit for safari provided you are in the good physical condition and healthy.

Booking in advance for any trip can be a good option as it saves you from the hustle and bustle from your departure dates. The best time to visit Madagascar is from the month of April to mid-December so if you book your trip 3 months in advance, you may get the requirements as per your need. But if you choose to book your trip close to your departure date, it would be difficult to meet your budget and requirements at such short notice. As far as your stay and flights are concerned, it is best to book it earlier so as to avoid any hassle making your Madagascar vacation packages worthwhile.

Situated off the east coast of Africa, Madagascar is home to a wealth of unique flora and fauna. The tropical climate, sun-kissed beaches, unique wildlife and friendly locals are something which you can experience during your Madagascar vacation packages. It is a must-see destination for travellers and wildlife enthusiasts alike. Madagascar is home to 5% of world’s plant and animal species and apart from enthralling safari, you can indulge in a variety of other activities such as whale-watching, surfing, mountain biking, kite surfing, kayaking, canoeing, diving snorkelling, hiking and bird watching.

When travelling to Madagascar, language can be a problem at times. As in Madagascar, Malagasy is the native language that is spoken in the continent by the people. Being a tourist, you need not worry as our tour guides and driver speak English, allowing the visitors to explore this fascinating destination without any hassle. During your Madagascar travel packages, you can converse with the tour guide in English and learn interesting facts about the region.

Madagascar, as an island nation, is no stranger to its fair share of world-class beaches, even on its own smaller isles. Located on the Southeast coast of Africa, it is a perfect location for experienced travellers as well as luxury loungers alike. Madagascar is home to numerous pristine beaches that you can visit during your Madagascar tour packages. Nosy Be is the best-known beach destination with a number of boutique hotels. Although you can find quiet corners of Nosy Be, we prefer the sleepier islands on the east coast such as Ile Sainte Marie, Nosy Komba off northern Madagascar, or the private Tsarabanjina and Nosy Iranja Islands.

A new airport tax has been introduced for passengers departing from Antananarivo (Tana) and Nosy Be airports domestically and internationally. The tax will have been into effect since 1 December 2016 and will be applied directly to the price of the flight tickets. This tax shall not apply to children under 2 years of age or for transit passengers.