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La Digue

La Digue Island at Seychelles is the third most populated region there, inhabiting the community of glorious beaches, the jungle and forests, the tranquil bay and the rolling hills. The Island of Seychelles has to offer some of the lush and tranquil trails for hiking adding on more adventure and excitement to the tour. The inner island is enclosed with a series of the hilly landscape that supports the dense forest area and wilds. La Digue Island surely stands as the pristine, calm and sleepy attraction at Seychelles all designed as the perfect escape from the chaos of the populated shores. The Island, set over a small area flaunt its old fashioned and vintage look where you can enjoy the bicycle rides, the electric carts and the laid back transport. The charming aura of the La Digue Island at Seychelles is untouched and still exists as the virgin land where you can surely enjoy the leisure with solitude, all soaked in the captivating beauty of beaches and the tropical ambience. The sandy and dirty path of La Digue Island brings the tour that will take you amidst the true and enthralling nature beauty that features a unique fusion of leisure and entertainment followed by utmost adventure.

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Mahe Island brings you the paradise with the exotic beaches and the pristine coastlines, making it the best attraction of the Seychelles Island. Mahe houses around 90% of the population, offering the gateway to the capital city of Victoria. The island appears to be the picture perfect destination with the lush vegetation, the endemic vegetation and the adventure to try at Mahe. Strolling down in the streets, gazing the beaches and discovering the culture and history, the Mahe island of Seychelles, is a paradise for leisure seekers and travel enthusiast. The vibrant flora and the dense vegetation with the series of forest following the island add immense beauty making Mahe the ideal beach destination for the travelers. The talc white sands and the dominating palms characterize the beaches of Mahe that is a home to a number of lounges, resorts, eateries and adventure. Now what makes Mahe the perfect holiday destination is its mix aura that is thrilling and calm. All from exploring the history and the vibrant culture, Mahe invites you to try your hands over some water adventure as surfing, fishing or snorkeling. Small yet enthralling, the Mahe Island of Seychelles is a treat to explore for an impressive vacation.

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Praslin Island at Seychelles brings up the series of some rolling hills, jungles and the enchanting seashores and a vibrant array of eateries and lodges. The Praslin Island stands as the second largest island in Seychelles bringing up its gorgeous beauty and the magical ambience. Featuring the calmness of the beaches and the hustle bustle of the city, the Praslin Island tour is all about experiencing the gleaming sands and the crystal clear seas. There are series of some enthralling beaches that counts as the best attraction to explore in Praslin Island. The Praslin counts as the best destination for tourist with the affordable and vibrant market areas all laced with the best lodges at Praslin for accommodation. Being the second largest, the Praslin Island relatively houses a less population that makes it a quiet and calm gateway from Mahe and an entertaining destination as compared to the sleepiness of La Digue. The island is a hidden gem that brings utmost adventure and some thrilling water games for the best Praslin adventure tour. Flaunting its diverse ecology with the endemic flora species, the tropical landscape and the attraction, Praslin tour makes up the best destination for a vacation.

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