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Harare, the capital city of Zimbabwe is an open city that boasts of modern buildings, numerous parks and wide thoroughfares that has made it a popular tourist attraction in Zimbabwe. This capital city surprises the tourists with something new and also makes sure they have a great time in Harare. Harare is well known for its cultural and historical heritage and other beautiful attractions that have left the visitors spell bound. The city is Zimbabwe’s leading financial, commercial and communication centre for cotton, maize, tobacco and citrus fruits. Harare is a bustling city that surprises many visitors with its alluring tourist gem, beautiful resort areas and other famous attractions that will take your breath away. The city is a haven for wondrous wildlife and is encompassed by sprawling African plains and scenic vistas. It is home to abundance of wildlife that includes giraffes, lions, wildebeests and many more where you will get to know more about the place and the endangered species in their natural habitat. Travelers can easily lose themselves for days in museums and majestic gardens of the city or even take a detour of the entire region.

Popular Tourist Places in Harare


Hwange National Park

The house to 400 birdlife and around 100 species of wildlife, the Hwange National Park is one of the largest known wildlife reserve park in Zimbabwe. The geographical zones and the short distance from the famous Vitoria Falls make Hwange National Park a famous attraction to the visitors. The area stretching up to 14,600 square kilometres, Hwange National reserve area is subdivided into two ecological zones. The semi-desert brush is lying towards the edge of the Kalahari in the south and the forests with the mopane valley, granite hills and woodlands towards the north region of Hwange National Park. The national park holds the abundance of flora and fauna with the mopane dominating the vegetation found in the region. With the lush wilderness, Hwange national park is considered best for game drives and special safari tours. The lion, leopard, rhino and the large population of elephants are the major attraction adding in the tourism of the Hwange National Park. With a short and accessible distance, there are large numbers of accommodation service provided for the visitors. From the luxury to the budget hotels, fully equipped Hwange safari lodges and the rest camps, the game reserve boasts a great option of accommodation at Hwange National Park.

Popular Tourist Places in Hwange National Park


Mana Pools National Park

Nestled in the northern region of Zimbabwe, Mana Pools National Park is a perfect holiday destination where you can spend your upcoming vacation. With its breathtaking view and natural beauty, Mana Pools will leave you breathless and awe struck. This national park in Africa is regarded as Zimbabwe’s best park and also one of the finest wildlife areas in the whole of Africa. The park is a world heritage site that attracts tourists from all walks of life. Mana Pools is a paradise for canoeing safari, walking and is a wildlife rich bio diverse wonderland that will keep you enthralled at every turn of your tour. The word Mana comes from the local Shona word ‘four’ and it comes from the 4 permanent pools that form in the meandering Zambezi River. The park is well known for its plenty and huge beautiful trees that provide shade making it ideal for the animals as well as humans to walk around freely. Mana Pools is famous as it provides water throughout the year attracting abundance of wildlife including the large predator populations. You can spot animals like crocodile, hippopotamus, elephants, various aquatic birds and if you are lucky you can spot the lioness around the waterhole for the prey. Dotted with acacia trees and breathtaking landscape, Mana Pools is the best place to visit in Africa for an ideal getaway. Surrounded by extreme wilderness, you will relish the feeling of remoteness here in this park. The park is also famous for its huge herd of elephants and is well known for the sightings of lion and leopard. Experience the wildlife and enjoy bush walk tour inside the park where you will get to see various animals roaming. Visitors also have a chance to indulge in walking tours without a guide and explore the place at your own pace. Not only the park is one of the best but also a region where you can discover abundance of wildlife and picturesque landscape all together.


Matobo National Park

Located around 34 km to the south of Bulawayo city, Matobo National Park was established in 1926 and is also known to be the oldest national park in Zimbabwe. This national park is well known for its impressive rock art paintings and the popular site of Cecil John Rhodes grave. These rocks are considered to be formed over 3 billion years of erosion and lend a spectacular view of the entire place. Attracting tourists from all walks of life, the national park has become a must visit place for animal and nature lovers. It boasts of diverse plant, bird and animal species allowing the visitors to get close with these species. The unique landscape of the park and African scenery makes it a one stop destination for all kind of travelers. Matobo National Park has more than 200 tree species such as mountain acacia, wild pear, paper bark and fig tree and also houses many aloes, wild herbs and over 100 grass species. The park basically forms the core of the Matopo Hills which is an area of granite Kopjes and wooded valleys and has the highest concentration of Black Eagles in the world. You can spot rock hyrax that live amongst the rocks, black mamba, leopard and Cape Eagle that are present in that region. You can indulge in various activities such as guided walking tour, mountain biking and much more that will allow you to explore the place without any hassle. With incredible diversity and rich flora and fauna, Matobo National Park has everything to offer to the enthusiast travelers.


Victoria Falls

Located on the Zambezi River, Victoria Falls the largest waterfall in the world can be referred to as the most spectacular attraction. It is also the fourth largest river in Africa with rising to a height of over 400 meters and can be seen from a distance of 50 km. Forming the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, the tour of Victoria Falls the fall presents a breathtaking sight of astonishing beauty and grandeur which is one of a kind to watch. The beauty of the world largest waterfalls lies in their natural state, and tourists of different region flock and walk to South Africa to witness the splendour of the Victoria Falls. Going on a sunset cruise on the Zambezi River and bungee jumping from the Victoria Falls Bridge are few of the things that tourists can enjoy here. For those of you who seek to pull in some adventure sport, you can enjoy canoeing on the Zambezi River which is one of the famous Vic Falls activities witnessed on the river. Travellers can walk down on a footbridge under the falls and get a close look of the huge water cascade and get them self-immersed in the beauty of the largest Victoria fall.

Popular Tourist Places in Victoria Falls