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Addo Elephant National Park

The giant and the largest of all mammals Elephants welcomes you to explore the amazing wildlife of Addo Elephant National Park lying close to the Port Elizabeth city of South Africa. With the immense population of elephants and some other wild population, the Addo elephant national park is one of the largest private game reserves of South Africa that is known for its diverse wildlife and the best of service during the safari tours. Expanding its conservation of wildlife from the elephants to the species of flora and fauna, this park ranks as the third largest in South Africa and one of the best game reserves for the elephant safari in South Africa. Today the game reserve is a home more than 350 of elephants, whereas the park was established with the conservation of around 11 elephants in 1931. The wildlife at Addo Elephant National park today includes the species of around 280 Cape buffalo, a range of Antelope species, black Rhino, and the rare flightless dung Beetle. Safari at Addo Elephant national park brings you the option to explore the wide area with 4x4 safari trails, or a guided walking tour, horseback or horse riding safari or simply hiking the magnificent landscape of the Addo elephant park region.

Popular Tourist Places in Addo Elephant National Park



The Battlefields of South Africa in the KwaZulu-Natal region is one of the historical attractions for travellers. With the maelstrom of violent action carried by the British, Boer and the Zulu worriers resulted in encounters and bloodshed in the 19th century. During the war, several were killed and the bodies of the martyrs were buried under the white stone pile that still exists there. The Battlefield majorly is the land that features the rocks on the open area with the mountain ranges aligned in the horizon. Touring around the historical region of Battlefield one can experience the cruelty of the past where the violent echoes are still audible. There are the number of sites one can explore during the journey as Isandlwana and Rorke’s Drift that were caught up in the Anglo-Zulu War in 1879. These two sites are the best for those who are looking to explore the bygone era with the history of British rule. Learn about the arm forces that fought with the Zulu forces and the worriers who fought for the victory. The British arms were destroyed during the tribal war and the Battlefield became the site that still preserves the struggle of the tribes. The landscape houses attractions as the stone forts with the remains of the past that exhibits the detailed history of the incidence that occurred.


Cape Town

Long, coastline, the lively aura and the cultural harmony portrays the City of Cape Town. Lying towards the southwest coast, the port city of South Africa is the legislative capital that was established as a supply station for the Dutch East Indies. Tourism in Cape Town is widespread due to the long shores and the magnificent beaches that are the hub engaged with entertainment. Above all, what make the Cape Town tour so popular are the vineyards with the wine tram tours arranged with some delight activities as wine tasting, cheese tasting, day picnics and the collection of best authentic wines of South Africa. The Cape Town city is ideally located to connect you with the famous adjoining attractions of South Africa. With the Stellenbosch and Franschhoek, the Garden Route and the Game Lodge the tourism in Cape Town has everything, from leisure to sightseeing tour and adventure for the travellers. Following the bucket list, you have set for the Cape Town tour, the city is a complete package exhibiting the dynamic facade of entire South Africa. Concluding the visit, a day tour in Cape Town will be crammed with the best of its attraction, while you may miss the most for the time.

Popular Tourist Places in Cape Town


Cape Winelands

The Cape Winelands in South Africa is a hub for wine lovers, nature lovers and the one seeking a romantic gateway in the vineyard. With the large area covered with the winery, the Cape Town encloses the best wineland in South Africa, inviting the travellers for an exotic tour. Touring the Wine estates, you will cross the magnificent domain of Stellenbosch and Franschhoek of Cape Town that is known for as the large wine grower with the best wines all over South Africa. The Paarl, Tulbagh, and Wellington are the next two backbones of tourism in Cape Winelands. The Mediterranean climate of the inland and the offshore winds are the main benefiting factors that have enhanced the growth of the winery in Cape Town. The Stellenbosch Wine tour is an excursion to one of the oldest vineyards since Dutch had settled in South Africa dirking the 1600s. The French were the one bringing the tradition of wine from France to South Africa at the Cape Town Franschhoek. Enclosed within the beautiful landscape the magnificent valleys, the high mountains and the pleasing climate, these two wine estates are known for the best wine tour and wine tasting in South Africa.

Popular Tourist Places in Cape Winelands



The highest peak in South Africa, the Drakensberg Mountains offers a spectacular sight of natural beauty. With a height of 11,400 feet, the mountain range stretches up to 700 miles from the northeast to southwest. The mountain range includes some of the famous Drakensberg peaks like Giants Castle, Cathedral Peak, and Mont-Aux-Sources with numerous small peaks that are lying towards the foothill. The Drakensberg region of South Africa is all known for the plateau, the passes and slopes. Moreover, the KwaZulu Natal that stretches about at a region of 243 000 hectares of the mountain is a world heritage site in South Africa. The Ukhahlamba-Drakensberg Park of KwaZulu Natal houses the incredible waterfalls, natural mountain streams, rock pools, caves and lot more of the natural panorama. There are about 600 San rock paintings in caves that make the region a famous tourist attraction in South Africa. The tour to Drakensberg South Africa brings utmost adventure and thrill for the vacation. There are hiking trails, the horse ride tours and adventure like white water kayaking for an adrenaline experience. While you are up on a tour, spend your days amidst the serene beauty and the green landscape that is dominated by the peaks and the high passes for a leisure break. Capture the glimpse of waterfalls and the rock pools, caves and the mountain with your Drakensberg tour.

Popular Tourist Places in Drakensberg



The largest city with the busiest harbour, Durban in South Africa is becoming the top travel destination for tourist. Durban is most popular among the honeymooners for the green terrains and the tranquil beaches making the ambience more exotic and full of romance. The subtropical climate, game reserves and national parks, the Drakensberg Mountains and warm beaches of Durban makes it a popular tourist attraction in South Africa. The Durban city does not limit itself with the sightseeing tour and leisure moments. The beach in Durban, the adjacent wildlife and the high peaks enclosing the city expands the tour with more adventure and thrill. Plan the Durban day tours with water activities, safari tour and adventure that you can try for the vacation. The water-sports, swimming, diving, surfing, and canoeing are some of the thrills you must do for your Durban tour at South Africa. This fast-growing city of South Africa is now becoming like the most beloved attraction with the serene landscape and the entertaining lifestyle adding to the tourism in Durban. A stopover for ultimate adventure and entertainment, an excursion to Durban can be tiring a memorable journey yet.

Popular Tourist Places in Durban


Garden Route Game Lodge

Residing close to the scenic cities of Garden Route, the Garden route game and nature reserve is one of the most scenic spots to visit in South Africa. The short distance from the tourist towns as Cape Town, Mossel Bay, George, Wilderness, Sedgefield and Knysna makes it an ideal stopover to enjoy and relax. Set against the magnificent backdrop of Langeberg Mountain, the game lodge is home to a rich flora and fauna with the incredible big 5 of Africa. With the lush and green surroundings all enclosed within the habitat of flora and fauna, the game reserve can be well described as the scenic stretch where the wilds not just resides but are conserved. The spectacular game drive with the ultimate luxury resorts is something that you must not miss during the safari tour in South Africa. There are reptile centre and cheetah outreach programme organized to promote the survival cheetah. There is the number of wildlife sanctuaries nestling on the garden route game lodge as the Jukani, Monkeyland, and Birds of Eden in The Crags. Game Lodge houses the wilds as the giraffe, zebra and antelope species like as kudu, bontebok, eland, red hartebeest, impala, springbuck and the Big 5. The luxury accommodation, private deck and complimentary activities define the lavish setting with the arranged game drives. With the well arranged accommodation and spa services, the game lodge at Garden route boasts its excellent service and hospitality. The chalets and spacious rooms with comfy settings and the thatched conference centre overlooking the waterholes are beautifully designed to add more glam to the property. There are restaurants overlooking nature. You can enjoy the lunch at the natural wooden deck made for game viewing.



The city of Western Cape, George is the main tourist attraction of South Africa that is known to be the commercial hub and the major city of Garden Route. The captivating scenic beauty, the farmlands, mountain ranges, rivers and the lifestyle of the city, makes it a popular holiday destination of South Africa. The Outeniqua Mountain ranges are one of the major attractions that add more to the ambience of the town. With its small city feel and the charming ambience, George is a destination packed well with every necessity you are looking out for a peaceful getaway. An excursion to George is all about exploring the cheerful cafeterias, the administrative centres, the historical spots and the lifestyle of the small city. Accessibility to George is pretty comforting as it is lying close enough to the major cities of South Africa. The city of George lies to the centre of Cape Town, and at a distance of 287 km from Port Elizabeth. Being near to Mossel Bay, Knysna and in the middle of Garden Route, tour to George is all about fun, adventure and a tranquil getaway.

Popular Tourist Places in George



The Hermanus city of South Africa is lying at the southern coast of the Western Cape Province. The destination presents the tourist some of the amazing resorts, amenities and the charm of its fisherman's village. Hermanus offers a great site between the sea and the land that make the destination best for whale watching in Hermanus. With the abundance of attraction lying in Hermanus, the city offers the traveller a unique experience for the vacation. From the Frenkloof Nature reserve to Hermanus Golf Course, Gansbaai and Franschhoek Wine Tram, Hermanus is a hidden treasure for sightseeing and adventure. What makes the city tour of Hermanus exciting, are the adventure activities, the stunning landscape and the famous whale watching and the hiking trails and the wine tasting. The driving route of Hermanus from Cape Town is another fact adding to its popularity among the travellers. Briefing the attraction of Hermanus, the place is a perfect blend of scenic beauty, adventure and outdoor activities with the moderate pleasing climate. Laced with the comfy accommodation and resorts, Hermanus city is developing tourism with better facilities for the visitors. The art galleries with fashion boutiques, the handcrafts and jewellery shops will add more to your Hermanus city tour.

Popular Tourist Places in Hermanus


Hluhluwe Game Reserve

One of the oldest game reserves in South Africa, Hluhluwe game lodge was established in 1895 and is the only under formal conservation in KwaZulu Natal where the Big 5 occur. Set in picturesque Zululand, this game reserve in South Africa is one of top tourist attraction attractions many tourists from all walks of life. Situated 280 km north of Durban, Hluhluwe has now has the highest population of black and white rhino in South Africa. The game reserve is considered to be the place where Zulu Kings Dingiswayo and Shaka hunted and put in place the first conservation law. Experiencing the reserve will not only let you to explore the beauty of the majestic Big 5 but also allows you to enjoy the drive and ambition that is portrayed by the staff of the famous game reserve. The Park covers some 96000 hectares and contains an immense diversity of fauna and flora and is home to various animals other than the Big 5.Hluhluwe game reserve in South Africa is well known by hill topography and the northern section of the park is prominent for its wide variety of both bird and animal life. Being situated mainly in the hills, Hluhluwe game reserve is mostly hot in summer and mild to cool in winter, but cold spells are known to occur throughout the year so it is not always a guarantee that you will spot each and every one of the animals at the reserve during your stay there. But there is still plenty of things in the réserve that will keep you occupied and allows you to enjoy true African culture and beauty of the reserve. From game drive, self guided foot trails to day walks and boat tours, this game reserve lodge in South Africa has everything to offer to the guests.



Johannesburg city of South Africa is a hub for culture, food and art. With its art galleries, museum, food trails and vibrant cafes, Johannesburg is evolving as a diverse city that caters every need of tourist. One can even discover a vast option for accommodation from the budget stay to backer hostels and a luxurious hotel stay during the Johannesburg city tour. The developing lifestyle is rapidly boosting up the essence of Johannesburg. The city of Johannesburg, known to be the home of Nelson Mandela has some of the best museums and historical site preserving the history of South Africa. Today the development has enhanced the tourism in Johannesburg with some interesting restaurants, cafes, galleries and art studios. While travelling around the city, you can explore the wildlife at a favourite lion park, discover the fantastic tourist attraction at Johannesburg, enjoy a walk along the vibrant trails of gardens, and plan a day tour to the nearby spots in Pretoria. The tour to Johannesburg city of South Africa will offer you the entire list of the fantastic places that one can explore during the visit. Concluding the features of the city, your Johannesburg tour package will include everything from the sightseeing, eateries, accommodation and the vibrant nightlife.

Popular Tourist Places in Johannesburg



The capital city of Northern Cape, Kimberly is the famous place for diamond mining and one of the famous tourist attraction in South Africa. Garnering tourists from all across the globe, Kimberley boasts of amazing attractions and other enthralling activities that will make your stay memorable and long lasting. The city is surrounded by five of South Africa’s big rivers such as the Orange and Vaal Rivers. With Victorian buildings, rich culture, picturesque landscape, Kimberley has lot in store for the enthusiast travelers. It is the most innovative town of the country making it one of the top tourist attractions in South Africa. With over the years, Kimberly has become the diamond capital of the world. This modern city is blessed with broad, tree lined streets, beautiful parks, gardens, comfortable hotels and busy shopping centres that will make your stay worthwhile. If you are an adventure freak, Kimberly is the right place where you can try some thrilling activities that will keep you enthralled all day long. The stunning beauty, diverse culture, exhilarating activities and beautiful places can add more charm to your vacation to South Africa.

Popular Tourist Places in Kimberley



The town of the Western Provinces, Knysna in South Africa is treasure hidden in the Garden Route. The Indian Ocean and magnificent ranges of Outeniqua Mountains surround the city of Knysna. Knysna can be referred to as the cultural hub with its amazing stopovers for art, adventure and cuisines. With the Knysna Lagoon at the centre of the town, the destination holds a number of attractions for your visit. Briefing the city attractions, tour in Knysna means you are surely about to get something exciting for the journey. Full of nature’s bliss, wildlife, adventure and the tempting zest of the authentic cuisines, Knysna houses a diverse culture and art. It’s not just the stunning serene, but the architecture and history that charm the travellers during the Knysna tour. Knysna being the part of Garden route is one of the most popular tourist attractions in South Africa. The beautiful land with the abundance of wildlife, sightseeing and entertainment, Knysna has everything you need for a memorable tour. Depending on your preference the city offers thrilling activities like abseiling, kloofing, leisure tour as cruising and safari, to pick up as your top activity to try at Knysna.

Popular Tourist Places in Knysna


Kruger National Park

Tour to South Africa opens up the gateway to the largest national reserve for best Kruger National park safari. Coming to the wildlife dwelling at the premises of Kroger, one can spot the magnificent species from the big five to the birds and mammals. Lying on the province of Mpumalanga and Limpopo, the Kruger National park tourism offers the safari tears and wildlife exploration that makes it one of the best game reserve. With the vast landscape and the abundance of wildlife, the activities at Kruger National park are thrilling and attract a large number of tourists. The lion, elephant, leopard, cheetah, Buffalo-weaver, martial eagle, owl, antlion are some of the ingenious wildlife that one can spot during the safari at Kruger National park. As per the records, the largest game reserve of South Africa, Kruger houses more than 145 Mammals, 335 Tree Species, 110 Reptiles and 30 Amphibians. Falling on the list of top game reserves and national Park in South Africa, one can find some of the best accommodation at Kruger National Park. Make sure you have the accommodation reserved in advance. All from the budget stay, camps, resorts and hotels, the park area houses the comfy and affordable stay lodge at Kruger National Park.

Popular Tourist Places in Kruger National Park


Mabula Private Game Reserve

Home to abundance of wildlife and bird species, Mabula game reserve is the most visited place in South Africa. Just two hours drive from North of Johannesburg, this game reserve in South Africa lies in the African wonder and is one of the top tourist attractions in Africa. Including the famous Big 5, the reserve is 12000ha and attracts many visitors from all walks of life. Set against the backdrop of the lush green Waterberg Mountains, Mabula Game reserve offers its guest’s utmost luxury and entertainment, all packed in one. From the big five animals to the small ones, the game reserve has everything to offer to the visitors. The diverse landscapes ranging from grassland plains to rocky outcrops makes it easier for the Big 5 to roam around freely in the reserve giving an opportunity for the visitors to see the majestic animals. Revel in the sheer variety of animal, bird and plant life and get to know more about the abundant wildlife, flora and fauna of the African continent. Mabula Game Reserve is home to 60 mammals, 300 bird species and 100 plant types and numerous reptile and insect species making it an ideal holiday safari destination in South Africa. If you want to truly experience the diverse culture and history of Africa, Mabula Game Reserve showcases everything to its tourists. The famous game drives in the Reserve is what makes your safari tour in Africa more exciting and fun as it gives you an opportunity to get up close and personal with the dynamic Big 5 and other endangered species. From extra ordinary lodges to luxurious amenities, the game reserve promises to give the visitors a lifetime of an experience throughout their stay at the private game reserve.


Midlands Meander

Located in KwaZulu Natal, Midlands Meander is yet another tourist destination that has garnered tourists from all walks of life. The Midlands Meander is just north of Pietermaritzburg and extends from Rietvlei and Currys Post in the east, to Dargle Valley and Nottingham Road in the west. This beautiful place is well known for its outstanding natural beauty, its quaint villages and welcoming communities making it a one stop destination in South Africa. Midlands Meander stretches for about 80 km long and houses amazing sights, sounds and activities that will keep you enthralled all day long. Midlands Meander has now become a thriving cottage industry route that boasts of vibrant network of 134 members who showcase weavers, basket makers, wood carvers, potters, metal and glassworks who exhibit their skill. From grassy plains, rocky cliffs to exquisite terrains and working farms, Midlands Meander has lot to offer to the enthusiast travelers. If you are an adventure freak, this place is just the right choice to boost your adrenaline rush. You can indulge in various activities such as windsurfing, sailing, boating, canoeing and much more that will keep you captivated throughout your stay in Midlands Meander. If you are planning your trip to South Africa, Midlands Meander should be experienced once in your lifetime.

Popular Tourist Places in Midlands Meander


Mossel Bay

Mossel Bay in South Africa is not just a vacation destination, but a winter retreat. Located in between the Cape Town and Port Elizabeth, the harbour town is positioned on the Garden Route and is known to have some of the amazing natural and cultural spots. Mossel Bay in the Garden Route is now emerging as an amazing spot for beach holidays that offers the coastal activities, scenic landscape and a complete complex for shopping and food. From the leisure evening to beach parties and water games like shark cage diving, snorkelling and shipwreck diving, tour to Mossel Bay is a well-packed entertainment hub for tourist. When it comes to spotting the attraction in Mossel Bay, you can find craft items, art galleries, dining eateries and much more. The city flaunts the vibrant culture, the city centers and the beach life as the major center of tourism in Mossel Bay. The coastal village is a busy destination that attracts the tourist during summers as well as for a winter break. The calm and refreshing Indian Ocean with the sunbathed peninsula surrounding the coastal town of Mossel Bay makes it one of the most beautiful destinations of South Africa.

Popular Tourist Places in Mossel Bay



Oudtshoorn the ostrich capital of South Africa is the largest town in the Little Karoo South Africa. The town is known to have the abundance of ostrich, ostrich farms, adding to the tourism in Oudtshoorn. The town lying on the garden route beholds the beauty of the countryside with the picturesque spots and some endemic wildlife. Talking about the attractions, the Oudtshoorn city of South Africa houses the well know places that are loved by the tourist exploring Oudtshoorn. Being the land of ostrich, Oudtshoorn has some thrilling activities that are recommended to enjoy during the tour. The town has specialized number of ostrich breeding farms, as the Highgate Ostrich Show Farm and Safari Show Farm. Now, these farms offer the visitor to feed the ostrich and observe them closely during the day trip to Oudtshoorn. The vacation in Oudtshoorn has not been limited to ostrich an ostrich tour. The Cango caves and Klein Karoo wine route are the some of the top most attraction that one can explore during the tour. Tourist mainly loves exploring the Oudtshoorn town for its culture, adventure and natural beauty and thus the city is laced with the best hostels, hotels and luxurious accommodation for stay at Oudtshoorn.

Popular Tourist Places in Oudtshoorn


Pilanesberg National Park

Located in North West Province in South Africa, west of Pretoria, Pilanesberg national park is one of the top tourist attractions in South Africa attracting many tourists from across the globe. Adjacent to Suncity, Pilanesberg national Park is world famous geologically with a structure formed by volcanic eruptions 1300 million years ago. Offering spectacular landscapes ranging around central lake, this national park in South Africa showcases unspoiled natural beauty of the city. Opened in 1979 this 55000 hectare park is one of the largest game resettlement projects in the history of South Africa. Pilanesberg national park is home to the famous Big 5 mammals of Africa and also offers a unique ecosystem with the Kalahari that meets the bushveld. Surrounding Mankwe Dam are rocky outcrops, open grasslands, wooded valleys and thickets providing a unique overlap of animal and bird habitats. The park now has excess of 7000 animals including 24 of the larger species. Apart from the Big 5, the park boasts of other endangered species such as the nocturnal Brown Hyena, the fleet-footed Cheetah, the majestic Sable, Giraffe, Zebra, Hippo and Crocodile and other animals. Standing high above the surrounding bushveld, Pilanesberg National Park unfolds in a series of colourful hues and panoramas which is a delight for photographers and guests. Visitors can explore nearly 200km of excellent quality roads on self-drives or guided game drives. Immerse yourself in one of Pilanesberg‘s unseen photographic hides. Hidden within the park, these well-built hides provide a comfortable place to wait for that perfect shot. A rare opportunity to view the wildlife and birds in their natural habitat is worth experiencing whilst your stay in this national park of South Africa. If you are thinking to spend some time in the wilderness of the park, Pilanesberg has wide range of accomodation option available for the guests that is sure to suit the taste of every visitor.


Plettenberg Bay

The Plettenberg Bay in South Africa is situated somewhere at the border of Eastern and Western Cape. The town is lying on the steep slope, down to the sea that offers accommodation with a magnificent bay view and spectacular backdrop. Being one of the popular spots in Garden Route, the town of Plettenberg Bay flaunts its glittering beaches, rustic nightlife and some thrilling adventure. The short distance from George and Port Elizabeth airport aids to the tourism in Plettenberg Bay making it one of the famous destinations of Garden Route among the tourist and local visitors. Talking about the top- picked activity in Plettenberg Bay, hiking, boat cruises, canoeing, abseiling parachuting and bungee jumping are some of the adventures that tour has for you. For all who wants a self-drive or a short escape to Plettenberg Bay, the towns offer a complete day trip where you will not only observe the wonder of nature but experience more thrill and excitement than ever. What makes the tour of Plettenberg Bay so popular among the travellers is the self-drive tour, the breath-taking adventure, wildlife tours and the best accommodation in Plettenberg Bay.

Popular Tourist Places in Plettenberg Bay


Port Elizabeth

The Eastern Cape of South Africa owns the picturesque city of Port Elizabeth also known as the Nelson Mandela Bay. Port Elizabeth lies down near the Indian Ocean that covers a part of Cape Town and Durban, in the Eastern Cape. The shattered rainfall in the city contributes to great tourism in Port Elisabeth and outstanding serene in and around the city. With the sandy beaches and scenic beauty, the tour of Port Elizabeth is the finest destination to cover for the complete South Africa excursion. Safari, beach tour and sightseeing are some of the things one can enjoy while travelling around the Port Elizabeth. Port Elizabeth even offers a tour of the historical spots of the city with a glimpse of culture and tradition being followed there. There are some eco-parks and bio-reserve that serves as the key to tourism at Port Elizabeth South Africa. The Shamwari, Amakhala, Lalibela and Kwandwe are some of the famous game reserves at Port Elizabeth that you must explore during your tour to South Africa. With the diverse vegetation, the city of Port Elizabeth Represents South Africa with the hiking trails, the historic heritage, and the array of wildlife.

Popular Tourist Places in Port Elizabeth



Pretoria which is known as the Jacaranda city because of its purple blossom bedecked trees is a famous tourist attraction in South Africa. This popular city is located in Gauteng City and is the administrative capital of the Republic of South Africa. Pretoria stretches along both sides of the famous Apies River and extends into the western foothills of the Magaliesberg on the east. The city lies about 55 km from Johannesburg and has attracted tourists from all walks of life. The city is blessed with buildings, monuments, museums and other attractions that is a must visit place when in South Africa. Pretoria was once the beating heart of apartheid regime but now it is home to various civil workers and foreign embassy workers. It has now become an important industrial town and educational and cultural hub making it a one stop destination for all kind of travelers. The city boasts of famous tourist attractions including the city’s many historic buildings, monuments, museums, botanical garden and nature reserves that will make your trip memorable. All the adventure junkies have a good opportunity to spend their day enjoying numerous activities that will keep you enthralled all day long. Enjoy lip smacking cuisines and interact with friendly people of the city to learn about the place and their culture.

Popular Tourist Places in Pretoria


Sun City

The luxury resort in the North West province, Sun City resort is the most famous attraction of South Africa that offers a gateway to the imperial estate. The privately owned property of Sun City Resort South Africa was opened in 1970 that sooner was referred to as the best holiday destination in South Africa. Lying between the Pilanesberg and Eland River, the resort lies at an accessible distance from Johannesburg and Rustenburg making it ideal for Sun City day Tour. With the best nearby attraction, entertainment and facilities, the resort boasts the imperial stay, incredible infrastructure and utmost comfort for a leisure tour. Generally, the tour package of Sun City is clubbed with the adjacent attraction of Victoria Falls, Cape Town or the Kruger. The entire gateway is preferred as the best tour for leisure and adventure. The Sun City resort is an ideal spot for honeymooners, family outing and a gang of travellers who are looking out for a thrilling getaway. From The Palace of the Lost City, the Cascades, the Nedbank Golf Challenge to the Valley of Waves, Sun City has everything that makes it a perfect destination to explore during the vacation. Overall Sun City resort in South Africa is the one-stop destination that has something for everyone.

Popular Tourist Places in Sun City


Tsitsikamma National Park

The tour to Tsitsikamma is all about the revitalizing heavens, magical aura and the lush ambience where some of the most enthralling and entrancing wildlife dwell. Tsitsikamma in South Africa is the land of immense beauty that is one of the seven wonders of Cacadu District of the Eastern Province. Tsitsikamma got its name from a Khoi word that means, “The place with an abundance of water”. Being a major part of Garden route, Tsitsikamma tour is all about scenic routes, lush beauty and dazzling water bodies. The Tsitsikamma city of South Africa houses some of the indigenous wildlife, dense forest and ancient vegetation of the region. The entire landscape of the region is almost covered with the species of fynbos, yellowwood, stinkwood, hard pear, and ironwood. With the diverse ecosystem, tour around the Tsitsikamma is like exploring a green planet that can be referred to as the private backyard of the entire garden route. From the gorgeous cliffs to the splendid waterfalls, river gorges, the pristine coastline, tree canopies and more wonderlands, Tsitsikamma city is one of the best destinations of South Africa that owns an awe stunning beauty of nature.

Popular Tourist Places in Tsitsikamma National Park



Situated in a malaria free zone in north of South Africa’s Dolphin Coast, Zululand is a famous touristy spot that has made it a one stop destination for all. Well known as the heart of the Zulu Kingdom, Zululand is home to many tribes and clans that came together to form a kingdom that would rule KwaZulu Natal. Zululand is an area that exhibits symbolism and tradition of the Zulu culture and attracts tourists from all walks of life. Shakaland and Dumazulu are the two main villages in Zululand where travelers get o visit these places and explore the region. Get ready to explore the cultural hub of South Africa that has lot in store for the visitors. Attracting tourists from all over the world, Zululand is truly an African destination that should be visited once in your lifetime. The country hosts modern lifestyle that exhibits traditional African heritage and rich culture that should be witnessed while on your trip to Zululand. There are various parks, farms, nature reserves and other tourist spots that will definitely take you back to the ancient African history. Zululand is a haven for bird lovers as the city is home to more than 650 of bird species where you can get a look from a closer view. The city is truly an ideal getaway from those who are planning to spend their vacation in South Africa.

Popular Tourist Places in Zululand