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The East Coast Island of Mauritius is a famous tourist attraction which is visited by tourists from all across the globe. The island is an interesting place to stay during your upcoming holiday destination and a must visit place in Mauritius. The island is well known not only because of the number of hotel and luxurious villas but because of the endless attractions that has made it a popular place to visit in Mauritius. Set alongside emerald coloured lagoons, the East Coast is blessed with numerous beaches and beautiful coastlines making your trip memorable and fun filled. The island boasts of powdery beaches, azure seas, luxurious hotels and resorts which will allow you to explore and something new at this beautiful island of Mauritius. Being slightly cooler in the summer months, the East Coast of Mauritius is also known as “The Wild Coast” which is home to island’s best beaches and exclusive properties, making an ideal getaway for your holiday vacation. You will find one of the biggest lagoons on this island which are shallow with deep canals. Spend your day amidst the sparkling green and blue lagoons and make the most of your Mauritius trip. With some of the famous places like Ile aux Cerfs, Bras d’Eau, Trou d’Eau Douce etc will definitely give you and your family lifetime of memories to cherish.

Places To visit In The East Coast

Ile Aux Cerfs

The Island of Ile Aux Cerfs lies towards the east coast of Mauritius that houses an incredible number of magnificent beaches. The island stretches over 100 hectares in an area enclosed by the clear and crystalline water of Indian Ocean. The Ile Aux Cerfs Island of Mauritius is even known as the Deer Island that is popular for its lagoons and the adventure. The water activities as snorkeling and swimming, scuba dive and fishing can be the best thing to try at Ile Aux Cerfs Mauritius housing the ideal beaches for thrill and entertainment.

Roches Noires and Poste Lafayette

These public beaches of East Coast Island are a famous tourist attraction where you can spend your day amidst the serenity and calmness of the place. The Roches Noires beach extends to Poste Lafayette and is an excellent place for fishing and breathing in some fresh air as well. If you are an adventure lover, you can enjoy your day by indulging in activities like kite surfing and wind surfing whilst admiring the serene beauty of the entire beach.

Bras d’Eau

A small bay inside the lagoon of Poste Lafayette, Bras d’Eau is an interesting place for all kind of travelers. Attracting people from all over the globe, Bras d’Eau can be an ideal holiday destination in Mauritius for your upcoming vacation. This bay has its own public beach which has view of the south from where you can see both sunrise and sunset. This place is also the best place in Mauritius where you can see the Milky Way. With exclusive properties and tropical beaches, this place is sure to make your trip worth the while.

Belle Mare

Belle Mare beach is situated in the East Coast island of Mauritius and is the most visited beach in the entire region. Belle Mare has a stunning white sandy beach which makes it look attracting and appealing to the tourists. The beach is lively during the weekends where you can spend your night meeting new people and discovering their culture. For adventure hearts, the beach is home to parasailing activity that gives a bird eye view of the turquoise lagoon.


Situated in the East Coast Island, Flacq is one of the important villages that have now become a popular tourist hub in Mauritius. This village is the liveliest hub in the East and has one of the largest open air markets that take place on Wednesdays and Sundays. The town attracts people from all over the globe and should be added in your holiday bucket list.

Trou d’Eau Douce

This beach in East Coast Island is well known for its picnic spot and has become popular among the tourists and locals. The beach is a shallow patch of sand with quiet waters and an interesting place to spend your day amidst the nature. It is mostly the pickup and drop off point for visitors who travel to Ile aux Cerfs. You can enjoy lip smacking dishes in a couple of good eateries around the beach and make the most of your trip.

Vieux Grand Port

Vieux Grand Port in East Coast Island is the oldest settlement and the fishing village which is sited beneath the Lion Mountain. It is an interesting place to understand the Dutch settlements which dated back in the year 1598. You can take tour of this grand port and get to know about the Mauritian history and culture.

Best Time To Visit The East Coast

The best time to visit East Coast Island is during winter season that is from May to October. The temperature drops from hot to pleasant and makes it bearable for the visitors to enjoy their stay in the beautiful island of Mauritius. You can enjoy various adventure activities as well that will keep you engaged throughout your stay in this island. 

Things To Do In The East Coast

Let the experts guide you to the best of this mesmerizing destination

Kayaking in Ile d’Ambre

If you are an adventure freak, Ile d’Ambre is the best place to experience adventure and something new. Embark on a sea adventure in Ile d’Ambre and try your hands in Kayaking that takes you through the lagoon, mangroves and other places. Admire the beauty of the place while swimming around the stunning lagoons.

Historical Tour at Roches Noires Caves

At Roches Noires Caves, you can take a walking tour where you will get to discover the volcanic activity that was formed on the island of Mauritius. Get to know about the dark caves and learn about the history of Mauritius. You can swim and snorkel among the fishes as well in the sea and enjoy the beauty of the entire region.

Bike trail in Bras d’Eau National Park

When in East Coast Island, try your hands on bike trails that take you through the bush and shady exotic forest. While on your trail, discover the ruins of old sugar factory and get to know more about the place. You can bring your own bike or book a trip with any adventure company and embark on a journey of a lifetime. If you are not a big fan of cycling, you can follow the trail on foot and make your trip memorable.


If you are looking for a sea air activity, parasailing lends a breathtaking view of the stunning bird’s eye view of the lagoon and the beaches of East Coast Island. You will be given a short briefing before you begin your adventure activity. You will have a speed boat that will transfer you to the launch platform from where you will begin your activity.

Tube Ride

One of the famous things to do in East Coast Island is tube riding that has attracted people from all walks of life. It is one of the popular water sports that will definitely boost your adrenaline pump and keep you enthralled throughout your stay in Mauritius. The rider will be seated in pneumatic tube which will be pulled by the speed boat through the water. The only thing that you have to do is hold two handles while enjoy the thrilling ride.

Under Water Sea walk excursion

Get ready to enjoy safe and thrilling underwater walk on the ocean and witness the abundance of aquatic life of East Coast of Mauritius. Discover the fascinating flora and fauna and wide variety of fishes all in their natural habitat. You will be escorted by qualified guides who will accompany you along the course of your underwater sea walk excursion.

Shop in the market

If you are a shopaholic, the East Coast Island of Mauritius is the best place to shop your heart out. Places like Flacq shopping mall and VIP commercial centre offer amazing shops where you can buy things for your loved ones. Shop for souvenirs and take back memories of your trip.

How to Reach The East Coast

Mauritius by water is one of the most luxurious and captivating experience. Apart from the port cities of the world like Durban or Reunion Island, intercity transfers are also there to travel in Mauritius. Cruise tours are arranged on the beaches making the trip more interesting and adventurous.

Via flight: Sir Seewoosagar Ramgoolam Air Terminal is the major international airport in Mauritius that lies at a distance of 48 kilometres from the main city of Port Louis. Mauritius is very well connected to major cities across the world such as India or Paris, Dubai, Vienna, London and South Africa.

Via land: One can easily travel in and around Mauritius by renting a car or taxis. There are local mean of transport as buses, trains and rentals to explore the centers of Mauritius.

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