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Situated at the foot of Mount Meru, Arusha is Africa's fifth highest peak and is the undisputed gateway to the Northern Tanzania. Being the safari capital of Tanzania, the city of Arusha has garnered many tourists from all over the globe. Established in 1900 as a minor German military garrison for the colonial administration, Arusha town has a wide population of 270,485. The city was once a trading place for the domestic Wameru and Waarusha tribes but today it has become one of Tanzania’s famous safari and tourist center. It is also known as the ‘Geneva of Africa’ and consists of picturesque street markets, craft shops, restaurants, street cafes and bars. Built by the Germans as a centre of colonial administration in the early 20th century, Arusha was once a sleepy town with garrisons stationed at the old boma and a few shops around a grassy roundabout. Today the city is one of the country’s most prosperous town because of its backwater status among the farmlands and plantations of Northern Tanzania. A fascinating fusion of cultural heritage and modern Africa, Arusha is truly an excellent opportunity for the Northern Safari circuit. Arusha is not a particularly attractive city in itself and is regarded by many visitors as little more than a necessary stopover before their safari starts in earnest. The natural charm of the Tanzanians and bustling of a fast growing city means that this safari destination in Tanzania has plenty to offer to the travelers and for those who are prepared to see beyond the air conditioned safari trucks and satellite TV equipped hotel rooms. From the famous Clock tower, Massai market to Arusha museum and scenic cafes, the city has something for everyone. As the safari capital of Tanzania, Arusha is also where you are most like to encounter touts offering safaris and souvenirs to cherish the moment.

Places To visit In Arusha

Arusha National Park

Situated just a short drive from Arusha and Moshi, Arusha national park is one of the top tourist attractions in Tanzania. With diverse wildlife, landscape and huge number of herbivores animals, there is lot to see in this part of Arusha.

Meserani Snake Park

Located 25 km from Arusha, Meserani Snake Park is home to 48 snake species and reptiles. Apart from the park, it also has a Maasai Cultural Museum and curio market and various other fascinating animals, depending on when you're there.

Cultural Heritage Center

For those who are history buffs or are fan of preserving antiques, cultural heritage center in Arusha features the ways of all the tribes of Tanzania in one building. Learn more about the ancient ways living and the cultures of the people of Tanzania.

Arusha Clock Tower

The clock tower has a historical colonial significance and is one of the tourist attractions in Arusha. It was built by a Greek named Galanos and marked the site of the first German headquarters in Tanganyika in the late the late 1800s.

Arusha Declaration Monument

Set in Arusha, Tanzania, it is a landmark monument that is dedicated to the 1967 Arusha Declaration. It defined the political course of Tanzania for several decades.

The Old Boma Museum

Built by the Germans in the early 1900. The old Boma museum houses the national history museum. Learn about the colonial history of Arusha and marvel at the huge collection of stuffed animals.

Best Time To Visit Arusha

The best time to visit Arusha is from the month of June to September which is considered as the drier months in Tanzania. The wildlife viewing at the park is at its best during that time as the sunshine at its brightest. If you wish to see the migratory birds then wetter months are recommended as the best time to visit. 

Things To Do In Arusha

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Climb Mount Meru

Mt Meru is the fifth highest mountain and one of the top tourist sites in Tanzania. Climbing Mt Meru takes about 3-4 days depending on your condition. The weather conditions may vary so pack accordingly.

Canoeing at Momella Lakes

The Momella Lake is situated within Arusha National Park and canoeing is one of the top things to do in Arusha. While canoeing, it is possible to possible to see a variety of birds including flamingoes and animals such as water bucks, giraffes, zebras, and dik-diks in the surrounding area.

Rent a Bike and explore the villages

Apart from the natural beauty, the city of Arusha is a place full of culture as well. Take a bike and ride around the villages close by which will help you to understand more about the life and traditions of the people.

Visit Massai Women Fair Trade Centre

Maasai Women Development Organization started this project in order to support the craft makers in Tanzania specially women. They sell high quality products and a large portion of the profits go towards education. You can easily spend one or two hours chilling in this place.

Picnic spot at Themi Living Gardens

The Themi Living gardens in Arusha is a hidden spot that offers the travelers to spend some time with their loved ones over a lunch. It is the first eco restaurant in Tanzania which is run by women led community.

Maji Moto Hot Spring

This hot spring is an oasis in the dry Maasai Land and is situated just 2 hours away from Arusha. Surrounded by palm and fig trees, the Maji Moto spring is a hidden paradise and a natural outlet for underground spring.

Explore Massai Market

The Massai market is one of the best stop in Tanzania for those who are looking to spend their day at hustle and bustle of the market. You can easily get souvenirs and handicrafts made of ebony and wood.

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Northern Tanzania Safari with Zanzibar

Duration: 10N / 11D

Arusha (1N) - Lake Manyara (1N) - Ngorongoro (2N) - Serengeti National Park (2N) - Zanzibar (3N) - Dar Es Salaam (1N)

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Tanzania Safari Tour

Duration: 4N / 5D

Lake Manyara (1N) - Serengeti National Park (2N) - Ngorongoro (1N) - Arusha

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How to Reach Arusha

By air: The nearest airport to Arusha is Kilimajaro International airport which is approximately 45 mins from the city. Regular flights run to and fro from Kilimanjaro and from there you can hire a cab to reach Arusha. Alternatively you can fly to Julius Nyerere International Airport near Dar es Salam and get a domestic flight to the city of Arusha.

By Road: Arusha is a major transport hub and has connections throughout the country. To reach the city by road one has to get down at Moshi which is just an hour and many buses ply to Arusha from Moshi on regular basis.

By Train: The nearest station close to the city center is Arusha railway station. It is well connected by train from Nairobi, Dar es Salam and Kampala in Uganda. Mwanza, Tanga and Lushoto are other major cities that have direct services.

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