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Situated 50 km away from Fianarantsoa on the edge of the southern highlands, Ambalavao is a very fascinating small town that has about 35,000 inhabitants and is home to Malagasy ‘Antaimoro’ which is papyrus based paper with wild flowers. Ambalavo has a landmark named Zebu that is well known for its largest cattle market. People from all regions especially from the South bring their zebus for sale and purchase and walk hundreds of kilometres to get a good price for their cattle. The zebu market takes place every Wednesday and thousands of people and cattle gather for this big event. Ambalavao has its own large hill that is situated on the outskirts of the city which has roughly fenced area. At the corner of this place are small houses, where interested buyers and salesmen can withdraw to negotiate with the Zebus. Make a visit to this interesting place and get to know about the place and how they sell their cattle for living. The markets of Ambalavao are an ideal place where you can spend some time purchasing and exploring the region. Be it nuts, tree bark, buttons or pieces of shells, you can never get bored of this fascinating place.



Andasibe-Mantadia National Park is nestled three hours away from Antananarivo and is a famous tourist site in the region of Madagascar. This national park combines the forests of Mantadia with the Analamazoatra Reserve. The park is an ideal place for all the animal and nature lovers and is a must visit place that has attracted tourists from all across the globe. You will be lucky to catch a sight of some lemurs that are perched on the top of the tree. Since this national park is situated close to the city, visitors from all over the world choose to come here to explore the rich flora and fauna of the country. If you are an adventure freak, the park boasts of numerous activities such as going on an excursion to interact with the species of birds and animals. You can even choose to go for a trek in the lush greenery of the forest and explore the hidden gems of the park. The in house natural pool is a great place to dive in and having a great time while on your visit to the park. Apart from the renowned lemurs, you can spot reptiles and frogs in the spring, summer and autumn months and that too during night walk. Make sure you carry your camera along as there are various spot that will catch your eye at once.


Andohahela NP

Andohahela National park lies at a distance of 40km from Fort Dauphin that preserves an abundance of flora and fauna of Madagascar. Earlier, the park was not open for public tourism but later around 1998, it has become a measure site for wildlife excursion. Talking about the wildlife preserved in Andohahela, there is a rich diversity of flora and fauna. The habitat here houses around 13 species of lemurs that include diurnal species Verreaux's Sifaka, collared brown lemur, ring-tailed lemur or Southern Lesser bamboo lemur. Apart from housing the lemurs, there is a variety of birds and reptiles. The geckos, turtles and snakes with other 67 species of reptiles are preserved here at Andohahela National park. It’s the ecosystem of Andohahela National park that makes it a versatile land for the wilderness where one can discover amphibians along with thousands of plants. From the endemic species of trihedral palm, the octopus tree, the traveller tree ravinala, and the dwarf baobab more than 90 per cent of the plant there are of medicinal use. Andohahela National Park offers a number of adventure activities for a thrilling vacation. Get along the premises with bicycle tour discovering the vegetation, the forest region and the bushes. Hike to explore the circuit of Malio, descending to Talakifeno and all the attraction falling in the wild region of Andohahela National Park.


Ankarana National Park

Ankarana National Park is one of the famous attractions in Madagascar founded in 1956. With the lush tropical forest regions, the deep caves and deciduous jungles, the craggy limestone fortress of sharp ridges and the rushing streams, it is a spectacular region to spend a vacation in Madagascar. The heavy rainfall has resulted in the erosion of the region that produces the karst topography. It’s the dense and lush beauty of Ankarana that makes it a destination famous among hikers. Ankarana houses a huge population of Ankarana amidst its thick forest and densely packed vegetation. The Crown lemurs r8ules the population while other species one can find there are, dwarf lemurs, perrier's black lemur, Sanford's brown lemur, and northern sportive. The ring-tailed mongoose and fossa that is the largest mammalian carnivore of Madagascar also dwell in the preserved wild premises of Ankarana National Park. The wilderness here includes more than 350 species of plants that includes the pandanus, focuses, vazaha tree and the endemic baobab Adansonia madagascarensis, known scientifically. It’s the ethnic or the tribal society nestled in Ankarana making it a destination to discover the ancient reforms, the culture and tradition prevailing since ages. Tours are arranged where one can discover the wild and cultural region of Ankarana to learn about the African tribal culture.



Antananarivo, the colourful capital city of Madagascar is a hub for entertainment and leisure. With the vibrant market, shops, cafes and number of shopping complexes, Antananarivo welcomes travellers for a leisure stopover during the Madagascar tour. Called as Tana, the town has nothing much to offer but there is culture and some historical spots that can’t be missed out. Nestled close to the national parks and wildlife conservancies, Antananarivo is a gateway to enjoy the game drives and explore the vast and endemic flora and fauna. The town can surely be your leisure spot where you can enjoy an overnight stay and plan for your short day tours. With an international airport Ivato International Airport, the town experiences a large footfall if not for tourism, then for an escape to the attraction in Madagascar. What makes the town magnificent and beautiful, are the architecture of colonial buildings, the vibrant streets and the galleries with traditional art and handicrafts exhibited to shop. During your stay, you can wander around the town and experience the burgeoning culture with world-class restaurants that serve the tempting and authentic dishes.

Popular Tourist Places in Antananarivo



The largest city of Madagascar, Antsirabe means the “where there is a lot of salt”. The hot spring, rich soil with mineral salt and water make it known as Antrisabe. With the soothing climate and some leisure thermal spa, Antrisabe is a leisure destination vacation for travellers in Madagascar. The city boasts a number of spectacular hotels, colonial architecture, historical buildings and attraction like the garden to offer an amazing city tour. The three lakes as Tritriva, Andranomafana, and Andraikiba are another attraction offering the panoramic beauty and a great site to hike discovering the flora of the region. The city is even known as Malagasy Vichy as one can find a number of hot springs for thermal baths. The therapeutic virtues of these hot water springs have added on the tourism as Antsirabe experience a moderate footfall each year where travellers come to seek leisure. The soulful aura and peaceful surrounding is all you need to enjoy a break while you are in Madagascar. The city has a lot of charm and hues to discover. The craft galleries and art centres, the colourful rickshaw and the Sabotsy market define the lifestyle and the city. With the mountains and the highlands, Antrisabe is a magical land that offers thrill and adventure and utmost leisure.


Berenty Reserve

A private game reserve in Madagascar, Berenty is one of the major tourist attractions in Madagascar. The reserve was built for scientific research on the species of lemurs and today it is known to be the destination for travellers across the world. It houses around six species of Lemur and 103 bird species with the largest population of fruit bat in Madagascar. Nestled at a distance of 90 km from Fort Dauphin, this semi-arid reserve is a house to an extraordinary species of flora in the forest region. While you are touring around the reserve area you can surely come across the species of Lemurs as Verreaux sifakas, ring-tailed lemurs and some red-fronted brown lemurs. The reptiles in the region include the species of chameleons, some lizards, the rare radiated, the spider tortoises and the Madagascar boa. Adding on to the attraction of Berenty Reserve, the museums and the local tribes, Antandroy village and other tribal society nestled near the wild premises offers great tourism. Enjoy the day discovering the rich history the bygone tradition and the magnificent wilderness at Berenty. Developing as an ultimate destination for tourist, the reserve offers a number of lodges and accommodation for a comforting vacation in Madagascar.


Fort Dauphin

Nestled in the South east of the country, Fort Dauphin is a famous tourist attraction in Madagascar that has garnered tourists from all walks of life. This place has an undeniable charm and has become so popular in the tourist industry. With beaches on three sides and the dark slopes of Pic Loius looming, the city is blessed with one of the best scenic vistas in the entire region. Housing the splendid chain of Anosy and St Louis, the city proffers a unique and stunning view of the entire area. On the north, South and East side of the city, you can witness azure colours of the Indian Ocean that lend a magnificent view. With so much to offer, Fort Dauphin is an ideal choice where you can spend your vacation with your family and friends. The city offers the visitors a variety of activities like strolling through the markets, spending time at the fine sandy beaches, enjoying the delicious cuisine or exploring the dry forest of the surroundings. If you are an adventure freak, Fort Dauphin is just the right place for you as it has many activities packed for you. Indulge in adventurous spots like, surfing, diving, snorkeling, swimming and much more that will boost your adrenaline rush. Offering peace, luxury and comfort, Fort Dauphin will give you lifetime of memories to cherish.

Popular Tourist Places in Fort Dauphin


Manafiafy Beach and Rainforest

Manafiafy Beach is situated two hour north east of Fort Dauphin and is a popular sight in Madagascar for all kind of travelers. The tranquil setting, azure blue seas, lush verdant forests and distant mountains adds more charm to the entire beach making it a one stop destination for all the travelers alike. The beach also boasts of a rainforest lodge that was opened in 2010in order to offer wildlife and culture to the visitors. With beautiful beaches and various sea activities, you can never get bored of this stunning place. Adventure freaks have a good chance to indulge in various water activities that will keep you enthralled all day long. It is an ideal place where you can spend you upcoming vacation with your friends and family. You can relax at the inbuilt lodge that houses 4 spacious and luxurious beachfront bungalows that have large private terrace, fully en suite bathroom and panoramic glass windows that offers magical view of the bay and forests. The open air restaurant serves sumptuous meal that will make your taste buds crave for more. The lodge organizes boat activities like whale watching, sport fishing, kayaking and snorkeling that will keep you enthralled all day long. Manafiafy is an excellent place for an ideal getaway with your loved ones.



Mandrare river camp is a plush tented camp that is situated on the banks of the Mandrare River in the south of Madagascar. This luxurious camp proffers an authentic cultural and wildlife experience that should be witnessed once in a lifetime. The camp boasts of full en suite rooms with private terrace that overlooks the picturesque river. The rooms are set in East African style and each tent have subtle theme that will take your breath away. The hand carved wooden furnishings, decored in authentic style, this river camp is sure to make your stay memorable and fascinating. Being set against the backdrop of the mountain range, visitors have an excellent opportunity to view the abundant species of flora and fauna. When in Madrare River Camp you cannot miss the exceptional activity that will leave you awe struck. Get ready to explore the magnificent area that boasts of many activities such as guided walking tours, game drives and much more that will allow you to get up close and personal with the animals. You can spot five different types of Lemurs and other endangered species in their natural habitat while on your tour. Take a detour of the local village as well where you can learn about the culture and heritage of the region. Experienced guided will escort you during your tour and give you an insight about the place and the animals. If you are looking for something extra ordinary and exciting, Mandrare river camp is just the right place that will serve your purpose and make your tour memorable.


Nosy Be

Located just North West coast of Madagascar, Nosy Be is a famous tourist attraction garnering tourists from all across the globe. Famous for its powder white sand and coral reef, Nosy Be is undoubtedly a beautiful place where you can choose to spend your upcoming vacation. This entire regions attracts diverse mix of visitors, making it a must visit place in Madagascar. The amazing reef, fascinating marine life and enthralling activities makes it a one stop destination for every kind of traveler. If you are looking for a relaxing vacation, Nosy Be is an ideal getaway to explore the hidden gems of the country. Nosy Be means ‘Big Island’ in Malagasy and is home to stunning views and some of the best beaches, making it country’s popular tourist destination among all the leisure and enthusiast travelers. Relax on the beach or just admire the beauty of the place with your friends or family. From brilliantly colourful sunsets, peaceful island, to infused air and picturesque attractions, Nosy Be has everything to offer to the avid travelers. An ideal getaway, Nosy Be is a perfect relaxation where you can have the time of their life. You can indulge in variety of activities that will definitely boost your adrenaline rush and keep you enthralled all day long.

Popular Tourist Places in Nosy Be


Ranomafana National Park

Situated in Madagascar, Ranomafana National Park is a popular tourist attraction that has attracted tourists from all walks of life. The word Ranomafana translates to ‘Hot Springs’ in Malagasy that refers to its hot springs located inside the national park. This national park happens to be one of the most breathtaking parks that one can find in the entire region of Madagascar. Boasting of stunning backdrop and abundance of wildlife species, you can never get bored of this place. Designated in 1991, Ranomafana national park preserves the area’s biodiversity making it a must visit place in Madagascar. The park spans to 415 km stretch and the entire region is covered in dense rainforest. Being the third largest national park in Madagascar, Ranomafana is home to a wealth of endemic plants and animal species. Declared as a UNESCO world heritage site, this national park boasts of twelve lemur species and other mammal species. You can spot golden bamboo lemur, red-fronted brown lemur, black-and-white ruffed lemur, Milne-Edward´s sifaka, Small-toothed sportive lemur, greater dwarf lemur and brown mouse lemur and the very rare aye-aye. Apart from the lemurs, you can spot 7 species of tenrecs, 8 bats and 6 carnivorous inside the park. For those who are adventure junkies can join in hiking and camping tours that takes place inside the national park. Like all other national parks in Madagascar, Ranomafana Park offers many hiking routes that will allow you to get close with the nature and other surroundings. From the easiest 3 hour tour to 3 day hiking tour, this national park has lot in store for all kind of travelers.


Sainte Marie

Sainte Marie is one of the great vacation destinations in Madagascar that boats a lush and scenic island for a getaway. The beaches and the reefs, the thatched villages and the tropical beauty of the island offer a leisure tour to revitalize. The island also called as the Nosy Boraha owns a long coastline of 57 km that houses a number of small islets along with the main island. The sandy beach of Madagascar is a hub where you can experience the thrill and scenic bliss. Being an attraction for the travellers, Sainte Marie houses some of the best resorts and lodges overlooking the beauty of the beach. The coconut palms, the tropical vegetation and the coral reefs protected by the bay add more beauty to the scenic vista. The island towards the south is wild with a tranquil setting and overgrown vegetation. The northern end is isolated where you can enjoy the calm serenity with the rush of waves. Towards the east coast, the landform is rugged, undeveloped and remote for a peaceful escape. Your vacation at Sainte Marie, therefore, is lined with a great variety and diverse beauty to enjoy utmost action. The turquoise lagoon where offers you the water thrill there are nature trails and dense beauty that can be explored with hiking tours in Madagascar