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The Chobe National Park is known to be the first National Park of Botswana. Housing a great population of wildlife, the park has the maximum concentration of elephants. The diverse biological ecosystem makes the Chobe national park, third largest national park in Botswana. The riverfront, delta of Linyanti Marshes and the remote region of Savuti makes Chobe a land of diverse geography that supports the dense wildlife. Covering the area of 11700 square kilometer the reserve beholds the Chobe River that is also one of the beautiful rivers in South Africa. The Chobe riverfront is the main lifeline supporting the wildlife of Chobe National Park. The Cape buffalo and the herd of elephants can be spotted easily near the waterfront area especially during the dry seasons Taking about the wildlife dwelling at the Chobe National Park Botswana, there is a large population of waterbuck, the endemic puku, lechwe, giraffe, roan, kudu and sable, baboons, impala, warthog, monkeys and bushbuck. The park records the birdlife exceeding up to 460 species. There are predators like the leopard, lion, hyena and jackal residing as the part of wildlife dwelling in Chobe National Park.

Places To visit In Chobe National Park

The Chobe Riverfront

Lying close to the airport at Kasane, the Chobe riverfront is the most panoramic attraction of Chobe National Park. The road networks and the accommodation option make the riverfront popular among the tourist visiting Chobe national park.


The beautiful landscape of the Linyanti river region is popular for its diverse landscape and the best game drive in Chobe National Park. The lagoons, reedbeds, channel and the pictorial Okavango Delta is the major key for tourist attraction.


The marsh is the large swamplands in the Chobe region that was once dry for 30 years. Adding a unique touch to the geography of Chobe, the Savute marsh is best for spotting the wildlife in Chobe National park like the wildebeest, lion, cheetah and hyena.


Nogatsaa is one of the unutilized divisions of Chobe National Park but is famously known for the natural pans. The companies with access to the area arrange mobile safari tour at Chobe National Park to spot the herd of elephants.

Ngwenzumba Pans

Within a distance of 70 km from the Chobe River, the clayey Ngwenzumba Pans are enclosed within the grasslands and the mopane woodlands. The pass is the centre of attraction in Chobe National Park during the rainy season, attracting animals to the water filled pans.

Leopard Rock

With the projection of caves, the rocky crack and the dense bushes growing around the flat pains makes the Leopard Rock an ideal spot to capture the sight of big five at Chobe National Park. The area resembles the natural habitat of the leopards that are easily spotted there.

Gobabis Hill

The San painting rocks, the abundant population of leopard and the majestic lion portray the beauty of Gobabis Hill. Enclosed and guarded by the vegetation of baobab, the Gobabis hills are the point of tourist attraction at Chobe National Park.

Caracal Biodiversity Centre

The biodiversity centre is one of the attractions for tourist at Chobe National park where the animals are rescued, treated and later recapitalized to their natural habitat. The Caracal Biodiversity centre allows the visitor to closely observe the birds, snakes and other creature through the glass.

Victoria Falls

Lying at a distance of short drive, the Victoria Falls are known to be the great attraction for tourist near the Chobe National Park. The waterfalls are not just the largest in South Africa but also even the seven natural wonders of the world.

Okavango Delta

The Okavango Delta attracts the tourist to Chobe National park for their magnificent beauty and unique landscape. Featuring the wilderness of Botswana, the deltas are recorded as the World Heritage Site with wetlands and abundance of wildlife.

Best Time To Visit Chobe National Park

Nestled between Zimbabwe, Zambia and Namibian borders, Chobe National Park is and ideal holiday destination in South Africa. Known for its game viewing, the national park allows the visitors to have fun and explore the true African culture. Chobe National Park can be visited throughout the year and you are free to come at any time to experience the wonder. If you can handle the heat, August, September and October offer sensational game viewing for the visitors. Botswana has both wet and dry season so, it totally depends on you when you plan to visit the picturesque Chobe National Park. 

Things To Do In Chobe National Park

Let the experts guide you to the best of this mesmerizing destination

Chobe National Park safari

Spotting the wildlife is the best thing one can do during the Chobe National Park tour. With the population of zebras, hyenas, red lechwe and roan antelopes the safari at Chobe National Park is a great experience.

Chobe boat safari

Enjoy the boat rode amidst the natural panorama of the Chobe with the Chobe boat safari. The tour will let you enjoy the tranquillity of the ambience and closely encounter the animals gathered near the riverside.

Spotting the Lion at Sanctuary

Chobe gives you the opportunity to spot the majestic population of the lion at the Savuti Lion Sanctuary. The remote region of Chobe national reserve is known for the best game drive, the predators and the vast landscape.

Bird Watching

The dense population of birdlife at the Chobe National park makes it a paradise for migratory birds and bird watchers. The 450 species including the egrets, cranes, plovers, bee-eaters, storks and African fish eagle make bird watching at Chobe the best activity.


Stay amidst the wilderness and the natural habitat of the wildlife at Chobe, while camping at Chobe National Park. The campsite at Chobe Park region varies from the luxury accommodation to tents and lodges.

Fishing tour

Apart from the safari at Chobe, the national reserve is known for the great fishing experience at Chobe National Park. The waterholes and rivers at Chobe house the diverse population of marine life that includes the species of fishes like Tiger fish.

Cultural Village tour

Plan a tour of the cultural heritage of Chobe National Park that will take you to the adjacent villages at Chobe National Park region. The villages and tribes lying on the Namibian bank exhibit the ancient tradition of Botswana.

Bush Walks

The dense underbrush and the unique geography of the reserve area are perfect for the bush walk guided tour at the Chobe National Park. The walking tour is a great experience of closely observing the wilderness of wild Africa.

Photography tour at Chobe

The ecosystem, the diverse ecology and the unique geography of Chobe National park with riverfront, lagoons, natural pans and the channels make it’s a great place for Photography. Carry your camera while capturing the wildlife and the pictorial land of Chobe.

En-routing the Victoria Falls

While touring the Chobe National Park, en-route the largest waterfalls, Victoria Waterfalls that makes the best attraction for tourist. The day escapes to the attraction is the most preferred tour during the visit.

Popular Packages

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Victoria Falls And Chobe Combo Tour

Duration: 4N / 5D

Victoria Falls (2N) - Chobe National Park (2N)

Starting From USD 240

Signature Southern Africa

Duration: 14N / 15D

Johannesburg (1N) - Sun City (2N) - Knysna (2N) - Oudtshoorn - Cape Town (4N) - Victoria Falls (3N) - Chobe National Park (2N)

Starting From USD 2642

Southern Africa Safari

Duration: 13N / 14D

Maun (1N) - Okanvango Delta (2N) - Chobe National Park (2N) - Victoria Falls (3N) - Windhoek (1N) - Swakopmund (2N) - Etosha National Park (2N)

On Request

Grand Chobe Safari

Duration: 8N / 9D

Chobe National Park (2N) - Okanvango Delta (4N) - Makgadikgadi Pans (2N)

On Request

Wings over Southern Africa

Duration: 15N / 16D

Johannesburg (1N) - Victoria Falls (2N) - Chobe National Park (2N) - Okanvango Delta (2N) - Johannesburg (1N) - Knysna (3N) - Oudtshoorn - Cape Town (4N)

Starting From USD 3857

The Trio Tour

Duration: 5N / 6D

Victoria Falls (2N) - Chobe National Park (1N) - Okanvango Delta (2N)

Starting From USD 2359

Chobe & Okanvango Tour

Duration: 4N / 5D

Chobe National Park (2N) - Okanvango Delta (2N)

Starting From USD 2169

How to Reach Chobe National Park

The Chobe National Park tour depends on your preference for travel. The accessible modes of transport like the planes and the cars are used by the commuters while reaching the Chobe National Park.

Via flight- The cities of Johannesburg, Zambia and Zimbabwe are the major cities connecting the airway to Botswana Chobe National Park. Kasane airport is the nearest airport connecting with the Chobe. The Kasane, Victoria Falls and Livingstone airport have small aircraft commuting to the Chobe National Park lodges with their airstrip.

Via land- The land transfers from the airport is the only way to reach the Chobe National Park via car rentals drive. For touring inside the reserve area, a 4x4 vehicle is required.

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