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Praslin Island at Seychelles brings up the series of some rolling hills, jungles and the enchanting seashores and a vibrant array of eateries and lodges. The Praslin Island stands as the second largest island in Seychelles bringing up its gorgeous beauty and the magical ambience. Featuring the calmness of the beaches and the hustle bustle of the city, the Praslin Island tour is all about experiencing the gleaming sands and the crystal clear seas. There are series of some enthralling beaches that counts as the best attraction to explore in Praslin Island. The Praslin counts as the best destination for tourist with the affordable and vibrant market areas all laced with the best lodges at Praslin for accommodation. Being the second largest, the Praslin Island relatively houses a less population that makes it a quiet and calm gateway from Mahe and an entertaining destination as compared to the sleepiness of La Digue. The island is a hidden gem that brings utmost adventure and some thrilling water games for the best Praslin adventure tour. Flaunting its diverse ecology with the endemic flora species, the tropical landscape and the attraction, Praslin tour makes up the best destination for a vacation.

Places To visit In Praslin

Vallée de Mai

The Vallée de Mai is the World Heritage Site is the best attraction at Praslin, known for the vegetation of rare coco de mer palm and the endemic species of Seychelles bulbul. There are natural hiking trails offered for exploring the forest region, the lush vegetation and the large population of rare coco de mer palm.

Anse Lazio

The Anse Lazio makes one of the best beaches in Praslin, with its golden and dazzling beaches and the taksmaka and palm trees. The beach offers a great adventure and entertainment as diving, surfing and leisure walk along with some thrilling water adventure.

Praslin Museum

The Praslin Museum makes one of the best attractions at Praslin to explore the culture and tradition of the region. The museum beholds the habitat of some rare and endangered medicinal herbs and plants that encloses the surrounding region of the Island.

Anse Georgette Beach

Praslin is home to one of the beautiful beaches that stand as the attraction for tourist visiting Praslin. With the vibrant coral reefs, the palm vegetation and the turquoise floating waves over the sea enhances the charming beauty of the crystalline beach.

Praslin National Park

The Praslin National park is not just an attraction at Praslin, but the second largest national park in Seychelles. The park houses the endemic as well as the rare species of plants and some native flora with a diverse species of insects and animals.

Cote d’Or Beach

With the array of some vibrant resorts, swanky eateries and a lively aura, the Core d’Or Beach is one of the best attractions for tourist visiting Praslin. With the calm and lush surrounding, the beach holds fame for the best water adventure, bicycle tours and a picturesque ambience.

George Camille Art Gallery

Explore the native art and culture with a visit to Praslin Island, George Camille Art Gallery that exhibits the artwork as silk painting, watercolour painting sketches and much more. The artwork reflects the cultural history of Creole that you can even buy as a gift or memory from the tour.

Fond Ferdinand Nature Reserve

The Fond Ferdinand Nature Reserve is the best place in Praslin to spend some time amidst the nature among the endemic flora and fauna conserved there. Even one can find the species of Coco de Mer palms that is counted as one of the rare species only spotted at Vallée de Mai.

Anse Volbert

The Praslin Island Seychelles is blessed with an arching long pristine beach, the Anse Volbert that offers a great spot for water sports. Laced with the best eateries, the vibrant array of lodges and every necessity that can make your tour perfect, the beach makes as one of the best spots to explore at Praslin.

Best Time To Visit Praslin

Lying towards the southern hemisphere, Praslin is best to be explored during the month of May to September. These months are regarded as the dry and winter season when the area experiences no rainfall and pleasant weather for exploring the Island.

Anyone planning to spend most of the time at beaches and enjoy the water games, the summer months is regarded as the perfect time to explore Praslin Inland. So overall concluding the visit to Praslin Island, the destination is a year-round destination that can be explored at any season as per your vacation plan.

Things To Do In Praslin

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Hiking the Salazie & Pasquiere Track

Hiking can be real fun at Praslin Island with the lush and most scenic stretch at Salazie & Pasquiere Track. The dense bushes with the lush surrounding and the outgrown forest region make it an ideal hiking trail at Praslin with a thrilling experience.

Exploring the rare species

The Cusieuse Island is the ideal place to explore the untouched and unspoiled landscape with the conserved species and the deep red earth. This attraction at Praslin is the only place where you can found the rare colony the giant turtle named the Aldabra tortoise and Seychelles black parrot.

Spotting the sea turtle

Snorkel in the ocean to spot the sea turtle deep down underwater is the most amazing thing to do during the Praslin tour. The Grande Sœur and Petite Sœurare are the places where you can enjoy the snorkelling always from the chaos and explore the underwater world.

The world heritage site tour

The world heritage site at Praslin is worth a visit during the excursion that will let you explore the forest of coco de mer trees. The Vallée de Mai is marked as the heritage at Praslin that is the only place to capture the glimpse of the rare and endangered flora and fauna along with the national bird, the Seychelles black parrot.

Praslin Scuba Diving

Scuba diving in the clear and the calm sea can be really an amazing thing to do at Praslin Island Seychelles. All laced with the variety of marine species, the coral reefs and the population of seashores, the sea turtles and the rays, scuba makes as one of the best adventures to experience there.

The beach tour at Seychelles

Beaches at Praslin Island Seychelles are the best to explore and spend a leisure time during the visit. The Anse Lazio is referred as the best beach at Praslin where you can wander around to feel the calm serene environment, or try some of the thrilling and entertaining activities at Praslin as swimming, snorkelling and more.

The fresh coconut drinks at Leisure

Praslin has some exotic and fresh coconut drink to offer you while you are resting under the gleaming sun or enjoying your sunbath at Cote d’Or. The beach at Praslin at Seychelles is all suited for your snorkelling, or diving and enjoying the tempting cuisine amidst the sea.

Discovering the nature reserves

Praslin Island at Seychelles is a home for many endemic, native and endangered species that are being conserved at the nature reserves there. The Fond Ferdinand, the Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve is the two best-known attraction that houses a number of rare and endemic floras and fauna that you cannot find anywhere else.

Enjoying the open air dinner

The Le Dauphin is the famous open-air restaurant at Praslin Island that you can visit surely for once to enjoy the nightlife, the delicious dinner and the great cocktail that is served there. With the excellent setting the exotic interior and the intimate surrounding followed by the most delightful dinner menu, this makes as one of the ideal places to plan a visit.

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How to Reach Praslin

Praslin at Seychelles is easy to reach as the island is connected directly with the international airport via a small international airport.

Via air-  Praslin Airport in Grand Anse stands as the nearest airport to the Praslin Island that is connected via Mahe for intercity travel. The Seychelles International airport is the main international airport that connects Praslin Island of Seychelles with the rest of the globe.

Via waterway- Praslin Island does not have an active network of the road for land travel. The cruise services are available, operating the transfers from Praslin to the adjacent destination. 

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