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The highest peak in South Africa, the Drakensberg Mountains offers a spectacular sight of natural beauty. With a height of 11,400 feet, the mountain range stretches up to 700 miles from the northeast to southwest. The mountain range includes some of the famous Drakensberg peaks like Giants Castle, Cathedral Peak, and Mont-Aux-Sources with numerous small peaks that are lying towards the foothill. The Drakensberg region of South Africa is all known for the plateau, the passes and slopes. Moreover, the KwaZulu Natal that stretches about at a region of 243 000 hectares of the mountain is a world heritage site in South Africa. The Ukhahlamba-Drakensberg Park of KwaZulu Natal houses the incredible waterfalls, natural mountain streams, rock pools, caves and lot more of the natural panorama. There are about 600 San rock paintings in caves that make the region a famous tourist attraction in South Africa. The tour to Drakensberg South Africa brings utmost adventure and thrill for the vacation. There are hiking trails, the horse ride tours and adventure like white water kayaking for an adrenaline experience. While you are up on a tour, spend your days amidst the serene beauty and the green landscape that is dominated by the peaks and the high passes for a leisure break. Capture the glimpse of waterfalls and the rock pools, caves and the mountain with your Drakensberg tour.

Places To visit In Drakensberg

Bushmans Nek Valley

The Bushmans Nek Valley is the famous attraction to explore in Drakensberg Mountain area that is full of flora and fauna. The vibrant atmosphere and rich natural habitat of the region together make the perfect ambience for wildlife like Eland, Reedbuck, Grey Rhebok, Klipspringer and Oribi. Apart from the wildlife what attracts the tourist in the Drakensberg is the long hiking stretch, grasslands, Fly-fishing stretch and the breathtaking backdrops.

Drakensberg Gardens

The stunning landscape, river streams, lakes, and wildlife of Drakensberg Gardens are the major tourist attraction in the Drakensberg. Lying towards the southern foothills of the mountain range, there is an abundance of flowers and plants and shrubs that together make a gorgeous hiking trail. The Garden area is close to the city of Durban and offers the best accommodation for stay at the Drakensberg.

Mkhomazi Wilderness

The untouched and unspoiled region of Mkhomazi is one the best place to explore in the Drakensberg. There is a series of wetlands, prairie, gorges and abundance of wildlife that enhances the calm atmosphere of the entire region. The area lying under the Ukhahlamba Drakensberg Park is so isolated and intact that it can be the ideal spot to discover in the Drakensberg. The Mkhomazi houses some of the indigenous wildlife as the variety of Grey Raybuck, Mountain Reedbuck and birds like Golden Breasted Bunting, Cape Vulture etc.

Central Drakensberg

Now the Central Drakensberg is one of the most beautiful attractions in the Drakensberg with some of the best peaks. The Champagne Castle, Cathedral Peak, Monk's Cowl and Giants Castle are the famous peaks of the Drakensberg that are lying near the region and make the best hiking trail of the country. With no human interference, the region boasts Bushmen cave paintings, treeless peaks and the high slopes with the tranquil waterfall and splendid view.

Tugela Falls

The Tugela Falls at Mont-aux-Sources makes one of the famous attractions in Drakensberg Region and the second tallest waterfall. The waterfall is visible clearly after the rainfall and it freezes into pillars during the extreme winters. The fall splits into five leaps and finally merges with the Tugela River. The Sentinel trail and Amphitheatre Slackpacking Trail are the major hiking routes of the Drakensberg that reach the Tugela Falls.

Cathedral range

Discover the peaks of Cathedral Range known to be the famous attraction in Drakensberg Africa. The Cathedral Peak Forest Station houses the two most spectacular free-standing peaks as Column and Pyramid that is a major attraction for tourists. Drive to the Little Berg exploring the top view and the scenic Mike’ S Pass, the Ndedema Gorge and the Organ Pipes. The deep valley engraved by the Mlambonja River dominates the serene beauty.

Coleford Nature Reserve

Towards the south-east of the Drakensberg Park the Coleford Nature Reserve is one of the scenic attractions in South Africa. There are high hills and dams defining the topography of the region. The Coleford reserve’s river is the major point of interest with the rainbow trout that makes the Coleford a destination for fly fishing. Apart from the rainbow trout, there are other species as a chubby head barb, Natal yellowfish and longfin eel dwelling there.

Brandon's Pass

Picking up the attraction for Drakensberg tour, Brandon's Pass is one of the highest passes of South Africa. The challenging route of the pass takes you through the Keays and Rogers Pass adding on more adventure and thrill to your journey. Driving along the farmlands and the diverse landform, the Pass is best to be explored with a large group with all prior arrangements.

Drakensberg Amphitheatre

The dramatic region of Drakensberg Amphitheater houses the incredible beauty with Tugela Falls, Tugela Gorge and the hiking trails. A short climb from Mount-Aux-Sources lets you explore the magical aura of the entire Drakensberg peak, the second-highest waterfall of Tugela and the mountain ranges boasting the breath-taking beauty of African landscapes as long as your eyes can explore. The cliffs of the Amphitheater lay over the Royal Natal National Park adding in more drama.

Garden Castle state forest

Hike over the Rhino Peak that dominates the region of Garden Castle State forest. Housing diverse wildlife and the dramatic formation, the Garden Castel reserve is a scenic gateway that stretches up, covering a distance of 35 300 hectares. From discovering the wilderness to the greenery, the state forest is perfect for some adventure and nature tour. The region of garden Castle covers up all the sighs as the passes, waterfalls river stream and more.

Best Time To Visit Drakensberg

Tour to the Drakensberg depends on your perspective, hobbies and the tour plan you have for your visit. The autumn season from April to May in the Drakensberg is the best season to explore the Drakensberg and hike along the beautiful trails. The temperature then is mild with less rainfall and the nights are cold. With the abundance of greenery and waterfall, this is the best time to witness the natural beauty.

The summers in the Drakensberg is the best for a hiking tour, day tour or camping. With long day hours, the abundance of water in river and waterfalls and moderate temperate, a summer tour is the best time where you can explore the entire region. Winters can be the ideal time to explore the Drakensberg with snow peaked mountains, little rain shower and sunny days.

Things To Do In Drakensberg

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Explore the San rock paintings at Drakensberg

Discovering the magnificent caves and rock painting is one of the best things to do in the Drakensberg. With the abundance of rock shelters the Drakensberg, the rock paintings exceed up to thousands with some motives that flaunt the humans, animals, and lifeless objects. The paintings are drawn in hues like orange, white, black, red, and yellow representing the ancient art and culture. The region was the dwelling to the San people from the era of late Stone Age.

Tour to UNESCO World Heritage Site

The Drakensberg Mountains is one of the famous attractions of South Africa that is also the World Heritage Site. Exploring the heritage site of Drakensberg Mountains offers you the hiking trail from the Royal National Park to the Midlands Meander. Plan an eco-tour to the Drakensberg, Ukhahlamba Drakensberg Park that houses endemic species of flora and fauna boasts the culture in form of rock paintings and life of San people.

Excursion to Sani Pass

The excursion to Drakensberg Sani Pass is the only road that provides the link between KwaZulu-Natal and Lesotho. This is the only road that crosses the summit of the Drakensberg Mountains and is loaded with the wonders like snow-capped, peaks, frozen waterfall and incredible backdrop. You require a valid visa and necessary documents to visit this amazing attraction at the Drakensberg. This is the only vehicle access route that takes you not only to the other country but a completely different world.

Hiking trails at Drakensberg

Hiking is one of the best activities to try at the Drakensberg during your tour. All from the self-guided, overnight hiking tours to the Day tours, you can plan hiking at the Drakensberg to experience the stunning backdrop and calm atmosphere of the region. The Rainbow Gorge Trail, Giant’s Cup Trail, Amphitheatre hike and Icidi Gorge are some of the hike trails you must try at the Drakensberg.

Adventure tour to Drakensberg

The Drakensberg Mountain doesn’t just offer a perfect vacation spot but some of the thrilling activities to experience at Drakensberg tour. From experiencing the adrenaline rush to scrutinize the natural panorama, there are number of activities to try during the visit. You can choose from trekking to horse riding, fishing at the river streams, golf and bird watching at the natural habitat.

Bird watching

The Lower end of Drakensberg mountain range houses an abundance of bird species at the foothills. With the crane species of grey-crowned, wattled and more, you can enjoy the bird watching and activities like a boardwalk. The species that dominates the wilderness of the region are a rare blue swallow, bearded vulture, the crowned eagle, mangrove kingfisher and the southern bald ibis.

Trout Fishing

Known as the fly fishing destination, fishing is the best thing to do in the Drakensberg. The trout river houses an abundance of fishes like a chubby head barb, Natal yellowfish and longfin eel, the Glengarry with two dams allow fishing throughout the year. The Brown and Rainbow Trout dominates the marine life of Glengarry’s dam. The two-kilometre fishing stretch of Glengarry makes it the best for some fishing experience and leisure activity.

Horse trail at the Drakensberg

Boost up your vacation in South Africa with horse riding at the Drakensberg. The Khotso Horse trail and Montusi Estate are the two know horse trail where you can enjoy an hour horse ride. Passing by the mountain range, the rivers and the foothills of the Drakensberg, you can discover the captivating beauty and the greenery that is enclosed by the Drakensberg peak. There are viewpoints and mountain paths where you will be guided by the expert.

White water Kayaking

Adventure is at its best when it comes to Drakensberg tour in South Africa. With white water kayaking and Eskimo roll, the Mlambonja River is the ideal spot with thrilling three rapids that add more adventure to the vacation. The experts there provide complete guidance to the beginners and arrange all the needed equipments you require for a thrilling vacation in South Africa.

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How to Reach Drakensberg

Drakensberg Range is a best place to hike or enjoy the adventure around the snow capped peaks and the lush beauty. Getting to the Drakensberg Mountain, you can travel through a private car or bus.

Via airway: The Drakensberg mountain region has no international or domestic airport. The nearest air terminal to reach Drakensberg is at Durban. Pietermaritzburg is the only domestic airport that lies at a distance of 109km.

Via land: The N3 highway is connected through the KwaZulu-Natal and Durban, reaching the city of Johannesburg. There are buses and cabs, taxis available to reach Drakensberg via land. One can get a shuttle service from Durban to reach Sani Pass lodges, Pietermaritzburg, Underberg, Howick and Koksta.

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