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Lying at the base of the magnificent Uluguru Mountains, the Morogoro region is the agricultural land of Tanzania. The region supports the vegetation of Tobacco along with the complete processing before transported to market areas. Along with agriculture, the city is known for the educational centers and the hospitals promoting the missionary believe. Taking about the tourism in Morogoro, the mountains play an essential role in attracting the tourist to the region. The forest area and the birdlife and the flora and fauna aids to the tourism making the city suitable for adventure and leisure. Being close to the Uluguru Mountains, hiking and camping is most enthralling task for the tourist, visiting the city of Tanzania. The cultural tours are known worldwide enhancing the tourist footfall each year. If not much to do, the short distance from the lively city of Dar es Salaam and makes Morogoro popular among the travelers. The old German architecture missionary groups define the lifestyle and the culture, the city follows. Surely Morogoro won’t ever disappoint you with the fame and attraction it holds. Known for the colonial history from the German era Morogoro region exhibits is beauty with the culture and art. The jazz band and the buildings with the German influence I something that makes it stand as one of the most beautiful and prestigious region of Tanzania. The city although doesn’t offer much to the travelers but whatever attraction it holds makes it a worthy place for an escape. Adventure and leisure can be best here with less chaos and the amazing food. One can even enjoy Safari along with exploring the Morogoro Tanzania at the closely nestled Mikumi National Park and Selous Game Reserve.

Places To visit In Morogoro

Hindu temple

Hinduism is a minority community in Morogoro with some temples and cultural hub build in the city. These temples are basically built to promote the culture and Hindu tradition in and around the region.

Rock Garden

Enjoy the rugged setting of rocks with a river running by where you can enjoy the mid-day break or the scenic view. Grab your snacks and head out to the area that is located at a distance of 4km from the Morogoro city.

Saba-Saba Market

This is one of the biggest and the local market in Morogoro Tanzania that opens in daylight. The market takes you on the tour to observe the life of Morogoro and buy some stuff that is inexpensive, especially during the Sunday.

Dar es Salaam

At a short distance from Morogoro, Dar may proffer its travellers with true African culture and lifestyle. With the implementation of modern facilities and style Dar es Salam has now become a tourist hub in the city of Tanzania.

Selous Game reserve

At a distance of 174 km, Selous Game reserve is the best place to experience a safari in Morogoro. It is not just the largest but one of the oldest and the most diverse game reserve in Tanzania that offer much adventure and entertainment with activities.

Uluguru Mountains

The Uluguru Mountains is the major attraction at Morogoro known for the magnificent green backdrop and the adventure. The region is famous for hiking and camping while you are exploring the cultural capital city of Tanzania.

Best Time To Visit Morogoro

The time from June to August is considered the best time to explore the city of Morogoro Tanzania. The city experiences a warm climate throughout with little rainfall at a specific point of the year but these months experience little with pleasant weather. The month of February records the highest temperature while May the lowest. Rest of the season is dry with no rainfall and warm temperature.

Things To Do In Morogoro

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The Uluguru Mountains is not just a scenic place to explore but offers the travellers a lush green trail to hike around the region. The ancient forests and the rich diversity of flora and fauna make the place perfect to enjoy the natures walk.

Nature tour

The Morogoro city of Tanzania is nestled at the base of Uluguru Mountain that opens a great scenic walk. With the diverse plant, bird and insect life and the Luguru tribe program offers a great nature and cultural tour there.

Sightseeing tour

Morogoro holds the magnificent cultural and historical tour where one can discover the history, the architecture and the ancient culture. The historical German buildings and the Hindu temples offer an amazing sightseeing city tour.

Safari at the nearest Game reserve

Morogoro lies close to the two best game reserve of Tanzanian, the Selous Game reserve and the Mikumi Game reserve. Get a one or two-day safari tour during the Morogoro visits and explores the abundance of wild dwelling near the region.

The Chilunga Cultural Tourism Program

Visit the Chilunga Cultural Tourism Program that takes you on a day tour to the villages and the indigenous cultural region of Morogoro. The activity offered there starts from hiking to an overnight excursion of the city and jewellery making etc.

Food and cafes

The Morogoro city of Tanzania offers some of the amazing cafes and the food that you can try during the tour. The Red Chilli Restaurant and Ricky’s café are some of the best eateries to try in the city.

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Southern Tanzania Safari Holiday

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Ruaha National Park (3N) - Mikumi National Park (1N) - Morogoro (1N) - Selous Game Reserve (3N)

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How to Reach Morogoro

The Morogoro city of Tanzania is connected via flights and land route to the cities of Tanzania and other adjacent countries. There is public and private mode available to commute within the city.

Via air; The Abeid Amani Karume International Airport and Julius Nyerere International Airport connects Morogoro from the rest of the globe.

 Via land; a network of land runs through Tanzania that is linking Morogoro with Dar es Salaam, Dodoman or Iringa.

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