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Zanzibar stands as an attraction of Tanzania that is an extensive group of islands in the Indian Ocean. The Zanzibar city is laced with idyllic resorts, hotels and number of facilities that make it a one of the best attraction and holiday destination. The beaches at Zanzibar bring a sense of tranquillity and calmness adding to the serenity of the Islands. The destination makes a perfect gateway for leisure seekers, honeymooners and travellers with the immense beauty of crystalline beaches. The city of Zanzibar opens up a list of adventure and entertainment all from cruising in the clear waves, to relax in the beach amidst the gleaming sun and the pale shades. Coming to the history of Zanzibar, the city was known as the birthplace of the Swahili and the palace of the Sultans. The Portuguese invaded the city of Zanzibar Africa in the 16th century that ended the era of the Sultan. The city offers many historical sites for sightseeing at Zanzibar all starting from House of Wonders, Turkish baths of the old city, merchants’ houses and the Portuguese fort and gardens. Today the Zanzibar tour in Africa is renowned for this attraction and the sandy beaches enclosing the habitat of the vibrant coral reefs, the Islands and the vegetation of species adding more to the tourism in Zanzibar.

Places To visit In Zanzibar

House of Wonders

The attraction of Zanzibar is known as a historical site that was built by the Sultan Braghash for ceremonial purposes. The House of Wonders flaunts its magnificent architecture facing towards the riverfront with carved doors, marble floors and the stunning bronze cannon.

The Zala Park

Zala stands for Zanzibar Land Animals Park that was started as an initiative to help the poor and preserve the wildlife including the vegetation of mangroves and the endemic woodlands. The park stands as an attraction at Zanzibar, offering you the tour to explore the land and its culture on foot or bike.

Mnarani Marine Turtle Conservation Pond

Explore the species and the variety of turtle at Mnarani Marine Turtle Conservation Pond in Zanzibar. The famous tourist spot of Zanzibar was opened by the residents of Village Nungwi, to preserve the species of turtle from being eaten or hunt.

Forodhani Night Market

An ideal attraction for the tourist in Zanzibar, the Forodhani Night Market is the one-stop entertainment centre with the best eateries and café in the riverfront space. Gather here to enjoy the delicious cuisines while observing the beauty of shady palms, the colourful stalls and likely aura of the place.

Princess Salme Museum

The Princess Salme Museum was built as in to depict the story of Sultan’s daughter, Prince Salme who eloped with the German Merchant. The entire museum narrates the depth of the story and brings forwards the beautiful motives as the attraction for visitors in Zanzibar.

The old Fort

The old fort is one of famous historical attraction at Zanzibar that was built by Omani Arabs after seizing the island from the Portuguese. With the hint of ruins from the time and a little modernization with well designed cafes and stalls inside the fort, the attraction opens up much entertainment than just being a historical monument of the region.

Mtoni Palace

Standing as the ruined attraction of the Zanzibar city, Mtoni Palace was built as a home to sultan’s lawful wife among the rest. The palace was once designed with the charming contemporary look but now only the ruins are left to explore there.

Zanzibar Butterfly Centre

The Zanzibar city of Africa preserves some of the indigenous and native species of butterfly that is slowly turned into a tourist spot in Zanzibar. The garden is a huge tropical area that is built with net walls and roof to protect the species in natural habitat exhibit the stages of their development.

Ijumaa Mosque

The Ijumaa Mosque is one of the most beautifully adorned mosques that was built in an amazing Arabesque-style as one of the largest in the Stone Town. The mosque is a religious attraction in the city of Zanzibar that welcomes the devotees to gather and offer prayers.

Kiwengwa-Pongwe Forest Reserve

The Kiwengwa-Pongwe Forest Reserve is an ideal place for a day tour in Zanzibar, observing the vegetation and species of flora and fauna. With the variety of indigenous forest, the reserve houses the colony of Zanzibar red colobus monkey, coral rock and bats.

Best Time To Visit Zanzibar

The ideal time to explore Zanzibar is during the dry spring season that includes the months from June to October. With the dry and pleasant weather, Zanzibar can be best explored during the season with no humidity. The season is ideal for scuba dive and other water activity that you can try at Zanzibar.

If not the spring, the summers can be the next option for the tour from December to February. The rainy season really doesn’t make the perfect time for Zanzibar tour as the humid temperature is not suitable; for any water activity and sightseeing.

Things To Do In Zanzibar

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Exploring the Villages

The villages at Zanzibar offer a great tour to explore and observe the cultural tradition and the lifestyle of the rural living there. The villages as Jambiani is one of the famous places in Zanzibar to meet with the locals, the fishermen, seaweed farmers and the groups of women dwelling there.

Discovering the history of the Slave trade

Discover the dark past of Zanzibar by disclosing the history behind the Slave Trade. The place was a hub for trading the slaves where they were trafficked from place to place to be sold and then exported to the big countries across the world.

Walking down the Stone Town

The stone town is one of the best places to explore in Zanzibar while walking down the streets. The townhouses the UNESCO World Heritage Centre and the renowned attractions as the Old Fort, the Hamamni Persian Baths, Zanzibar Cultural Arts Centre and House of Wonders disclosing the history of Zanzibar.

The sunrise

Yes, watching the sunrise is surely the best thing to do in Zanzibar as the east coast generally don’t offer the sunset views. Plan your early morning tour to the beach and enjoy the pristine hues of the dawn at the calm and serene beach.

The ruins at Zanzibar

Zanzibar has some of the magnificent ruins to explore that discloses the history of era belonging to the Sultans and the Portuguese. The Monti Palace and the Old fort are the famous ruins you can explore in Zanzibar while discovering the oldest buildings with the ruined architecture and doors, standing there since ages.

Water adventure tour

Water adventure at the beaches is something that you cannot miss during the Zanzibar tour. From surfing to snorkelling and fishing, kiteboarding and scuba dive is all you can surely tray at the respective beaches of Zanzibar.

Beach leisure

Zanzibar houses the best beaches that are enclosed with the scenic surroundings and the clear water that offers the perfect leisure tour in Zanzibar. Pick from you’re the list that includes the Nungwi, Chwaka, Jambiani, Kendwa or the Matemwe that is ideal to escape from the chaos and add more fun to the tour.

The local shopping

Shopping is really fun during the Zanzibar tour by stopping at those vibrant stalls at Stone Town. The market area offers all from the crafts, the art material, jewellery, handicrafts and exotic spices that are indigenous to Africa.

The food trails

Zanzibar has a lot to offer when it comes to the local food and some traditional cuisines belonging to the city. The city holds an array of colourful eateries, the open restaurants and luxurious café that you can pick to grab the best bite in Zanzibar tour.

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How to Reach Zanzibar

Zanzibar is easy to reach via a flight as the city is connected to a number of destinations falling in Africa. Ferries are available from De res Salam that connects with the Zanzibar city.

Via air-The Abeid Amani Karume International Airport is just at a distance of 11km from Zanzibar connecting the city with the major destination of Africa. There are short charter flights also available to reach Zanzibar from Dar es Salaam.

Via land- commuting in the city of Zanzibar via land is easy and convenient with an option of shared taxies, private cabs, car rentals and lot more. 

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