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The city of Livingstone Zambia is one of the most exotic destinations and a romantic gateway. Being the tourism centre of Zambia, the city offers you everything from leisure to adventure and some delightful cuisines to try. There is a rich history and culture associated with the city and a lifestyle that leaves its charm. What makes the city stands as an ultimate destination for travellers is the short escape from the amazing Victoria Falls. The city stands at a distance of 11 km from the falls attracting the tourist to spend a day near the wonder of nature. The short tour to Zambezi River opens up the adventure gateway for the adventure seekers as river boarding, canoeing, white water rafting, abseiling and lot more. It’s not just the adventure adding in Livingstone tourism, as the fun and thrill for your vacation just start here. Cruising and safari, the cultural tour and sightseeing of the beautiful city, everything together prepare a complete package for your holidays. Not limiting your excursion inside the city, Livingstone is enclosed by a number of attractions aiding to its popularity and fun. For a pleasant stay and comfort, there is a number of affordable and luxury accommodation offers as the Livingstone hotel for travellers. The city laced with all modern facilities and necessities welcomes a majority of international travellers to Zambia for an unforgettable Livingstone tour.

Places To visit In Livingstone

Victoria Falls

Taking about the attraction in Livingstone, Victoria falls is the major tourist destination there that aids to the fame of the city, a short distance of 11 km, this majestic falls stands as the key of tourism there. Victoria Falls is measured to be the largest waterfall that is no less than a wonder to explore. Now, this is not just a place to go and visit, as the falls open up a lot of adventure and thrill to surely want to add to your vacation tour. The devil's pool, “Storm of thunder” is the few attraction of the fall, making it a great spot to enjoy.

Mosi-oa-tunya national park

Livingstone is close to natural habitat and the wildlife with the closest and somewhere the best national park, Mosi-Oa-tunya national park. This wildlife park is known for its population of white Rhino that you can spot with a bushwalk safari tour with guides. The national park houses diverse wildlife that includes the herd of elephant, zebra, giraffe, buffalo and some species of antelope. Livingstone safari at Mosi-oa-tunya is unique and fun as you won’t spot any predator here, making the animals free to wander around the premises. You are free to explore the park on an open jeep safari or self-drive.

Railway & Gateway Jewish Museum

Museum offers a great Livingstone tour to know the history and the culture of the city. The Railway & Gateway Jewish Museum stands as the great attraction for the travellers who are keen to know the ancient facts about Livingstone. The Jewish Museum offers a flashback of the era and the culture associated with the Jewish who had settled in the city from South Africa in 18900. The Jewish cemetery is another site that is now a church that preserves the cultural history of the community. The railway museum exhibits the 19th-century steam engine and the clamber.

Devils pool

A part of Victoria Falls, visiting the Devils pool is something that depends on your time of travel. The attraction in Livingstone Island is possible to experience during the dry month when the water level is low and a natural pool is formed at the edge of the massive falls. You can swim and observe the giant waterfall closer that it could ever appear. The months from August to mid-January are the best for this amazing experience as then the ware level is low and it is safe to float over the infinity pool.

Mukuni Research Centre

An educational and entertainment centre for tourist during the Livingstone tours, Mikuni Research centre offers an amazing opportunity to get close to nature. There are programs organized as cheetah walk, lion interaction and lot more where you will not just experience a close and safe encounter with these wilds, but will learn a lot about their behaviour and conservation. Basically known as the Mukuni Big five safaris get an amazing wild experience and interact with these incredible big cats for a better understanding of nature.

Livingstone Island

The Livingstone Island at the Zambezi River was opened in 1992 for an excursion to the incredible Victoria Falls and experience the current of Zambezi River. Taking you amidst the natural habitat, the tour experience of the Island is somewhere unforgettable and so unique to be experienced once in a lifetime. Make sure you plan your tour during the dry months when the water level is low. This island even takes you to the devil's pool where you can swim at the edge of the falls. Reaching the island requires 5 to 8 minute of boat rode over the highly energetic and violent Zambezi River.

Zambezi River

The major attraction at Livingstone that offers some of the amazing adventure and thrill, Zambezi River is somewhere the best spot to explore during your tour. From river rafting to canoeing and cruising, there is a long list of activities that are associated with the river. The upper Zambezi River is ideal for fishing while the lower Zambezi River takes to the safari tour in the wilds. The middle Zambezi with Vitoria falls is the border between the two zones. It is the fourth longest river in Africa that is a major lifeline for wild dwelling in the region.

Best Time To Visit Livingstone

Your travel to Livingstone clearly depends on the rainfall and the temperature of the region. Basically for adventure and thrill, dry season is considered the best to visit the city and its nearby attraction as Zambezi River, devils pool and the Livingstone Island. Less rainfall lowers the water level making adventure easy and a bit safe. Wildlife is also best during the season as most of the animal population is concentrated near the water bodies. Months from July to August are best for Livingstone tour when you can enjoy a lot experiencing a calm and pleasant temperature. 

Things To Do In Livingstone

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Wildlife safari

Livingstone safari is somewhere the best thing that you can do while touring the city of Zambia. The Mosi-oa-tunya national park with its population of white rhino, elephant, buffalo and antelopes is the closest national park to explore. Extending the tour a little further from the city, the Lower Zambezi national park is another option that you can choose if you don’t want to miss the predators living there. The Mosi-oa-tunya is best for self-guided game drives as there are no predators living there and animals are easy to spot freely.

Bungee Jumping

Victoria Falls Bridge at Livingstone Zambia offers a thrilling fall from the height of 111 km over the rustling river with the Victoria Falls forming the backdrop. This is no less than an attraction for tourist who visits the bridge not just for the adrenaline rush but even to learn about the history associated with its construction and existence. This 24-meter bungee jump is not just thrilling but the most dangerous to try as you will be hanging over the crocodile-infested Zambezi River.

Lion and Cheetah Walks

For a better wildlife encounter and a better understanding of nature, the Livingstone tour takes you the specially arranged Lion and Cheetah Walks. Here you won’t just be able to share the day with the big cats but you will be close to their existence. There are educational tours arranged here where you can learn about their conservation, habitat and behaviour with a closer interaction than ever before. Mukuni Research Centre organizes these educational programs where such tours are operated for a better harmony with the nature and preservation of threatened cheetah.

Cultural tour

Cultural tour in Livingstone Zambia is taking you to the museum where you can learn about the culture, the ancient tradition and the history of the city. From the Railway Museum to the Craft market and Africa Shoes, there is a number of such amazing spots that preserve the necessary facts and information. The Livingstone Museum is one of the oldest museums here that exhibits not only the history but preserves a rich collection of cultural development and pre-history. For shopping, some handicraft makes your way towards the Craft market.

Microlight Flight over the Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls is the best attraction to explore during the Livingstone island tour that is even the centre of tourism there. The microlight flights and the helicopter tour over the Victoria Falls, is best to observe the beauty of this amazing waterfall that stands as the largest in the world. Sitting on your chopper and spotting the falls from the aerial view will be the most memorable tour of your vacation. You will fly over the falls and pass through the “smoke of thunder” feeling the mist. If the weather is clear and favourable, there are high chances of clearly capturing the entire fall at once.

Cruising over the Zambezi River

The Zambezi River is the centre of Livingstone tourism that opens up a gateway to adventure and utmost entertainment. Sunset cruise in the river is the best thing to explore the enclosed region and observe the beautiful sunset from while sipping down your exotic drink on the cruise. Lucky you if you can spot the nearby wildlife as the herd of elephants of the hippos gathered near the pool or river bank. The calm atmosphere with the drowning sun offers an incredible sight that you must not miss being on a vacation at Livingstone.

Adventure tour

Holiday in Livingstone is surely about the thrill and some adrenaline rush as the city of Zambia is a centre of tourism. Adventure enthusiast can grab a handful of activities to make their vacation thrilling. From Kayaking on river Zambezi to Whitewater rafting through the Batoka Gorge and Jet boating or Tandem Kayaking, the list continues to lot more. Being close to the wild and the river, adventure here is not just amazing but deadly and dangerous too. Make sure you have a strong heart to be ready to dive in for some real fun.

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How to Reach Livingstone

Livingstone is easy and most convenient to reach via air from the adjacent African countries and rest of the world. There are network of roads available for communing in and around the city with ease.

Via air; To reach Livingstone from flight, the city has its own international airport that welcomes travelers from every corner. Harry Mwanga Nkumbula International Airport is the international airport there that is connected to the major African countries.

Via land; A good network of road is running through Livingstone that is linked with the African countries like Zimbabwe, Botswana, Lusaka and lot more. The intercity transfers are easy and convenient that tales you to the tour of Victoria Falls and the nearby national parks. 

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