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Lusaka city of Zambia is a new emerging centre of tourism that is linked with the major African destination through its International Airport. The city boasts modern living with some of the shopping malls, the suburbs and stores. The market areas and the cafes with lounges offer a great nightlife and city life to explore. There are coffee shops, nightclubs and pubs where you can discover the lifestyle of Young Zambians and their musical culture. Development in Lusaka in increasing as the villages there, are slowly migrating to the city for better living jobs and careers. Most of the Zambians are involved in self-living that is linked with tourism in Lusaka. Exhibiting the handicraft and the stalls with antique and some charming accessories, markets here are laced with a number of restaurants and salaula that sell the used or useless clothes from the West. Talking about the city tour of Lusaka, it’s the culture and the history of the city that attracts travellers. With not much to be discovered and explored, there are limited numbers of attractions one can discover while touring in the city. The museum, the villages and the local market areas are the places that depict the entire storyline of the city. The city may not have the reputation of an amazing tourist destination in Zambia, but somewhere the city with its people is enough to experience the essence if true Africa and Zambia.

Places To visit In Lusaka

Lusaka National Park

The Lusaka National Park at a distance of 15 km from the city centre is a great escape into the wilds. The national park houses the population of giraffe, eland, wildebeest and zebra. Safari here offers you a great chance to spot the big five and the rare white rhino. More than a national park, this resembles a zoo where the rhino is imported from South Africa and protected against poaching by simply dehorning them. The animals here feed in their pen and are conserved in the natural habitat.

Lusaka National Museum

For the urban culture, the traditional and ancient history and the archaeology, visit the Lusaka National Museum. The museum displays the art and contemporary paintings with the sculpture that predicts Zambian history and culture. The entire museum is divided into two galleries as the upper gallery and the lower gallery that preserves every fact of ancient Zambia. While the lower gallery houses the art and craft with culture the upper gallery is where you can dig some historical fact about the city. The museum has a cafeteria and complexes with a specialized kids section.

Lusaka City Market

For the travellers who want to dive in the lifestyle and the tradition of Lusaka, the city market is a great place to visit. With not much of the attraction and point of interest the market flaunts the fashion and the city life of Lusaka Zambia. A normal traveller may not find anything engaging here as the market mainly exhibits the clothing and housewares that are used by the localities. Taking you through the chaos of the city and the sidewalk vendors, the market welcomes you to observe the state of the Lusaka people.

Lilayi Elephant Nursery

An initiative by the Game Rangers International, an NGO working as Zambian conservationist, the Lilayi elephant Nursery is set up to preserve the elephant. The project includes the rescue and later the rehabilitating of the wounded or orphaned elephant in the national park of Lusaka, the Kaufe National Park. Here you can see elephants mainly the kids being treated and playing around in a safe environment. The NGO is not just bound to rehabilitate the rescued elephants but these are later exposed to their own wildness.

Freedom Statue

The Freedom Statue is one of the historic attractions in Lusaka built in memory of the freedom fighters that struggled and lost their lives during the war for Independence. The place holds a special significance during the Africa Freedom Day celebrations, remembering all the martyrs from history. The statue is built in the corner of Lusaka National Museum that depicts a man breaking the bondage and the chain to set himself free from colonial slavery and dependence. Since 1964 this place is meant to celebrate the independence of Zambia and its people.

Kalimba Reptile Park

A preservation area for the reptiles and the giant water beast, the crocodiles, Kalimba Reptile Park is a famous attraction for tourist visiting Lusaka. Not just crocodile farming the reptile park breeds the Pekin ducks and some fishes. The place is great for a day outing with family or your travel group where you can closely and safely encounter the reptile and the crocodiles without any danger. The place not just offer a tour to spot the reptiles but add on more thrill and adventure by offering you activities like fishing.

Best Time To Visit Lusaka

Lusaka is a year-round destination with a calm and pleasing climate. The summers are hot and sunny while winters experience warm weather. The month from October to March can be really hot with no or little rainfall. The winters are favoured with a pleasant climate and rainy days followed by a little thunderstorm, cold breeze and little shower. As there is not much to explore, Lusaka can be visited in a day or two followed by the rest of Zambia. Thus your best time can surely be determined with the adjacent cities you are touring along with Lusaka. 

Things To Do In Lusaka

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The cultural tour at Lusaka

Lusaka city of Zambia has not much to explore and experience but the culture and history are all you can experience there. The city market and the national museum here are the great place that displays the art and the culture of Zambia. The Henry Tayali Visual Arts Centre is where you can explore the paintings and the sculpture illustrating the cultural art of the region. For better understanding, the people and their lifestyle, the market regions at Lusaka welcome you to closely observe their lifestyle with the fashion sense and the way of living.

The Historical Tour

History plays a great role in enhancing the Lusaka tourism where not just colonial history is exhibited but the past struggle and political facts of the city are also preserved. The historical places as the freedom statue, the Lusaka National Museum or the Presidential Burial Site National Monument, plan a tour to understand the political situation and the historical facts of Zambia. The Presidential Burial Site National Monument is where the former president of Lusaka was buried. Also known as the Embassy Park, this place holds a great point of interest for travellers.

Wildlife Tour

Wildlife safari in Lusaka is surely the best to add adventure and fun in your tour. Preserving the wild and opening the game drive for the travellers, Lusaka welcomes a number of travellers who opt to explore the national park nestled in and around the city. The Munda Wanga is one of the known environment parks of the city where you can spot around 45 endemic species of Zambia. The Lusaka National park is famous for the preservation of rare white rhino species, conserving them from poaching. The Kaufe National park lies close to the city of Lusaka that offers a day tour from the city.

Shopping in the city

Lusaka offers the travellers some amazing places where they can shop a variety of stuff like the handicraft or the Zambian outfits. Talking about the quality and traditional touch, there are museums that allow you to pick up the best accessory or the jewellery you like. The Manda Hill shopping centre is the famous place in Lusaka where you can shop the clothes to some modern amenities found in the city. Even this is the best place to have a bite while you are busy shopping. The Sunday armlet is the second option that is arranged weekly for selling the handicraft goods.

The food and eateries

Lusaka Zambia will not disappoint you when it comes to grabbing the best bite. With a number of cafes and eateries in the city, you can plan a day just for the food tour wandering from the street cafes to some exotic dining restaurants. Sichuan is the best Chinese outlet for lunch or dinner. Not just the spicy food, the interior here is also remarkable. Rhapsody is another option for travellers who are keen to taste the pure Zambian cuisine there. The Thai chicken and nasi goring with salad is the speciality you must not miss.

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How to Reach Lusaka

Lusaka is the city of Zambia with its own international airport making it accessible from every corner of the world.

Via air; Lusaka International Airport is the international airport of the city that is nestled at a distance of 14km from the city center.

Via land; Lusaka is connected via a network of roads to the major cities of Zambia and the tourist attractions lying there. Cities like Livingstone or the national park as Kafue both share a land route to reach Lusaka.

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