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Africa is one of the enthralling destinations where tourists from all over the world come and spend their vacation. Africa is a world of its own that has attracted tourists from all walks of life. It is a well known continent that is filled with breathtaking landscape, unique wildlife, mesmerizing places and amazing culture that is sure to make your Africa Holidays worthwhile and memorable. It is truly a dream destination where travelers can spend some quality time with their loved ones. Be it the lush greenery, authentic cuisine, picturesque beauty you can never get bored of this spectacular place that has lot in store for avid travelers. This fantastic continent is blessed with soul, adventure and wildlife making your African safari impeccable and exciting. Get ready to escape into the wild in this African continent that is sure to give you lifetime of memories to cherish. Africa is home to many wonderful places such as Kenya, Botswana, Victoria Falls and much more that exhibits the true culture and history of the continent. Apart from interesting places, there are various adventure activities that will keep you enthralled all day long. Africa Vacations takes the travelers on an amazing journey that is sure to give you memories for a long time. Africa is well known for its safari tours where you get an opportunity to get up close and personal with the endangered species of the continent. It is home to the Big 5 and is rich in flora and fauna allowing the travelers to spend some time amidst the nature as well with the animals. The best part about safari tours in Africa is you get to roam around freely in an open jeep and discover some spectacular places making your Africa safari tour memorable and worthwhile. For all the nature and animal lovers, Africa serves as the right place where you can plan to spend your upcoming vacation. This famous destination takes the travelers into the wild and gives them an opportunity to love and become close to nature and animals of the region. Explore this beautiful continent that has lot in store for every kind of traveler. Book your Africa Tour Package now!

Southern Africa Holiday Packages

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Best of Southern Africa Safari

  • Maun (1N) - Okanvango Delta (2N) - Chobe National Park (2N) - Victoria Falls (3N) - Windhoek (1N) - Swakopmund (2N) - Etosha National Park (2N)
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Embark on a wildlife tour where you will get to encounter abundance of animals and make your Southern Africa Safari tour a journey of a lifetime. With places like Victoria Falls, Chobe National Park, Okav ...

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Home to various amazing natural wonders, enthralling activities and beautiful wildlife, Africa is a paradise for those who are looking to spend their vacation. Beginning with Johannesburg in South Africa, the city is a staple go to for budget travelers. Hop onto the city sightseeing bus and explore the region at your own pace. Moving onto Kigali in Rwanda, this stands out for being budget destination in Africa. From exploring museums to mingling with the locals in cozy bars, Kigali is one stop destination for every kind of traveler. Housing amazing national parks and lending ultimate safari experience, Kenya won’t disappoint you if you are looking for cheap African destinations. Zanzibar in Tanzania is another budget destination that is blessed with exotic beaches and stunning natural beauty that will make your Africa tour packages memorable and worthwhile.

Africa can be best experienced throughout the year, depending completely upon the destination you have planned for. There are two seasons, wet and dry in Africa. The African countries experience a hot and dry climate but there are regions where the temperature is entirely different. Its the rainfall that can help you in planning the right season for your safari tours and other activities for Africa holiday packages. Being the destination for safari, you can plan game drive tour in South Africa from May to October. The Great Migration can be tracked in Kenya and Tanzania throughout the year, as the wildebeest moves with the movement of rain covering the entire region from Serengeti to Masai Mara. Coming to gorilla tracking in Uganda and Rwanda, January-February and June-September are the best month you can plan for.

Africa is blessed expansive landscape and formidable wildlife that should be experienced while on your Africa Holiday packages. It is an enormous continent that has lot to offer to the enthusiast travelers making their stay memorable and worthwhile. To explore the nature at its best, there are numerous destinations in Africa that will take your breath away. Starting with Tanzania, which has amazing natural beauty will soothe your eyes instantly. South Africa is yet another famous destination that is blessed with stunning landscape and has abundance of natural beauty that will leave you surprised. Victoria Falls in Zambia and Zimbabwe is another tourist destination that has amazing natural beauty and is a must visit place while on your Africa packages.

Apart from its abundance of wildlife and breathtaking natural beauty, Africa is also blessed with amazing beaches that will leave you awestruck. Africa's beaches and islands are as diverse as the huge continent itself, each offering you and your family something special while staying distinctly African and making your African vacation packages unforgettable. The Mnemba Island in Tanzania offers the best tropical beach holiday giving you lifetime of memories to cherish. Anse Source d’ Argent in Seychelles is a famous beach holiday destination that will swoop you off your feet. The perfect beauty and stunning landscape makes it an ideal stop for a beach vacation. Lamu Archipelago in Kenya is ideal for family, couples and budget travelers and offers an ultimate experience with your loved ones. Camps Bay in South Africa is one of the popular destinations in South Africa where one can relax and enjoy their time admiring the beauty of the region.

Adrenaline junkies can surely plan the most thrilling holiday with Africa vacation packages where there is some extreme action to enjoy. While safari ranks on the top, there is a lot that one can try around African countries. Tracking up the challenging paths of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania is surely the most difficult and thrilling task to do. Victoria Falls certainly is the most scenic attraction here but the thrill of bungee jumping down terrifying ravines and the rafting through the wild rapids will take your breath away. A dive in devil’s pool Zambia is worth the count. Every country has something challenging but a complete adventurous Africa holiday package is best with South Africa where there is the most enthralling adventure to enjoy. From Cape Town to Hermanus, Durban or Tsitsikamma and other attraction, the country offers an adventure-filled vacation in Africa.

Africa is home to a diverse landscape housing the mountains and the beaches along with some scenic deserts. There are three of the most beautiful desert in the African continent, the Sahara Desert, Namib Desert and the Kalahari Desert. For the Africa tour Packages, the Namib Desert and the Kalahari Desert are the best destinations where one can experience the treacherous beauty and observe the rich culture and heritage. The sand dunes of the Namib Desert are highest on Earth and considered to be the oldest in the world. The wilderness here includes the endemic species of Flora and Fauna. Similarly, the Kalahari Desert is a geographically rich region with the big five and meerkat, and many types of birds, antelopes and reptiles, ideal for Africa safari packages. While Namib is completely deserted with the dry atmosphere, several parts of Kalahari receive more than 10 inches of rain in a year, that doesn’t make it a true desert of Africa.

History of Africa can be best experienced if you include South Africa to your Africa holiday packages. While countries like Kenya or Tanzania are known for safari, there are cities where the museums and historic sites preserve the bygone culture and heritage. Zanzibar in Tanzania, Shimoni slave caves in Kwale, Mombasa Old Town of Kenya, Masaka Hill in Uganda or the Dar es Salaam or Tanzania are few to name where there are certain historical remains conserved to be discovered. When we talk about South Africa, there are not just museums or galleries but the streets or complete town where political and cultural history can be experienced. Bo-Kaap, Soweto, Pretoria and Robben Island are few attractions that are completely dedicated towards political history. Coming to the cultural and traditional glimpse, Lesedi Cultural village or Cradle of humankind offers a day tour where one can understand the tribal culture from the past for a cultural Africa vacation package.

Africa is a culturally and geographically rich country that opens up the most amazing tour to indulge each day. Every country here is unique in its own way, with the best of attractions, entertainment and food. No matter whether it’s about adventure or leisure, some historical buffering or re-living the culture, Africa packages can be tailored with the topmost activity. Starting with the adventure, South Africa is the country where one can enjoy the utmost thrill of whale watching, sky-diving, bungee from the world’s highest bungee bridge and more. Housing the Victoria falls, the largest waterfall in the world, a tour of fall can be counted as the most amazing experience in Zambia and Zimbabwe. Next is Gorilla tracking that is best organized in Uganda and Rwanda. African countries like Botswana, Tanzania and Kenya are known for the most thrilling safaris. Above all Africa safari packages are the most preferred holiday plans that surely can offer an unforgettable experience.

Africa can surely be one of the best destinations for solo travellers who want to discover the best of it. While certain counties of Africa are known with the highest crime rate, there are places where one can travel alone certainly with some precautions and awareness. Starting with Kenya, the safari destination of Africa can be hassle-free where you can enjoy the wilderness of Masai Mara and the beaches along the Indian Ocean. Next is Zanzibar in Tanzania where leisure is at its best. From strolling around the beaches to adding on the adventure of sailing or kite surfing, a solo tour here will surely be entertaining. Uganda is somewhere a remote area is surely safe for your solo Africa vacation packages, where you can explore the forest in Bwindi with the rangers or guide and enjoy game watching and gorilla tracking.

Africa can be discovered best when the culture and religion here are understood. From Christianity to Jewish and Islam, the continent houses diverse religious groups. Talking about the spiritual and religious tour, South Africa can offer the most diverse colours to observe. Different ethnic groups are residing in the country with some heritage churches and temples, mosque and other spiritual sites. Cape Town houses the oldest church of Southern Africa St Georges Cathedral while some Jewish Sites are also located in the city. The Jewish Museum in Company Gardens is the oldest to explore. For learning about the Islamic society in South Africa, colourful Bo Kaap is the ideal attraction. Masjid-ul-Quds is one of the major Islamic attraction here. Hindu sites are found in Durban with the Sri Sri Radha Radhanath Temple that is one of the most popular attractions you can discover for Africa packages.