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Kampala, the capital city of Uganda is the largest urban centre attracting tourists from all walks of life. The city is Uganda’s bustling capital which has a population exceeding a million. The word Kampala originates from the impalas that were present during the 19th century. Kampala city is fondly known as the green city and is also one of the popular places to visit in Uganda. Spreading over more than twenty hills, Kampala is one of the fastest growing cities in Africa that garnered tourists from all across the globe. With diverse culture, fascinating attractions, lip smacking cuisine and breathtaking landscape, the city of Kampala has lot in store for the enthusiast travelers. Kampala city is situated at an altitude of 1180m above the sea level and enjoys a pleasant weather throughout the year. The city was originally built on seven hills and has now widened and spread to over twenty two hills. Kampala can be an ideal holiday destination if you are choosing to spend your vacation in Africa. The city is a good place to explore and has numerous attractions where you can spend your day without any hassle. The best way to explore this stunning city is by foot where you will get an opportunity to explore and experience something new. Also known as ‘a city that never sleeps’, Kampala boasts of many places where you can try your hands in various adventure activities that will leave you amazed throughout your stay.

Places To visit In Kampala

Uganda national cultural centre

The biggest and the oldest museum in Kampala, Uganda national cultural center is a famous tourist attraction in Kampala that has attracted tourists from all walks of life. The museum showcases Uganda’s cultural heritage with displays of ethnological and natural-historical exhibits. The museum is also well known as the National Theatre which boasts of a lineup of great live up music, film, dance and drama in the inbuilt auditorium. Get to know about the ancient culture of Uganda by heading to this popular museum in Kampala.

Parliament of Uganda

Spend an hour or two in the parliament of Uganda where you can watch the parliamentarians in action from Tuesday to Thursday. The parliament is open to public and you get a closer view of how the parliament works. Make sure you are properly dressed, carry a valid identification card and head to the public relations department in room no.114 to arrange a visit. When entering the premises of parliament, look out for the huge wooden cultural map of Uganda where you can discover the country’s flora and fauna.

Kasubi Tombs

Kasubi Tombs is UNESCO listed place and is the burial site for the Kings and the royal family of the Buganda Kingdom. Visiting this heritage place gives the travelers an insight of a rural village which has impressive grass thatched huts, built originally for Kabaka Mutesa I. The place was turned into a burial site after his death two years later and has since become a famous tourist site in Kampala. Experienced guides will escort you and tell you about the tales of the Buganda King and the region.

Kabaka’s Palace and Idi Amin’s Torture Chambers

Kabaka’s Palace is a historic seat of the Bugandan King which is located on Mengo Hill. These days the palace is largely unoccupied due to the horrific functions that took under the rules of Idi Amin and president Obote. Visit the Amin’s torture chamber which saw the murder of 300 people. Get a guided tour around the chambers which proffers a harrowing and important insight into Uganda under Amin. You can see authentic messages written on the walls in human excrement and blood that depicted the desperation of people who were tortured.

Ba’hai Temple

Situated quite far out of town, Ba’hai Temple is one of its kind temples on the African continent and is definitely worth the visit. The temple boasts of green space in the whole of Kampala and is a popular place to visit when in Kampala. If you are a spiritual person, this temple serves the purpose and allows to you spend your day in peace and tranquility. You can attend the Sunday service that starts at 10.30 am where you can get to know about the rituals and religion of Kampala.

Lake Victoria

Well known as the second largest waterfall in the world, Lake Victoria is a must visit place when you are in the capital city of Uganda. The best way to take a glimpse of the lake is through a boat cruise that takes you on a journey of a lifetime. You can opt for a half day boat cruise where you will get to see the beautiful surrounding of the lake as well as wildlife residing there. Enjoy the picturesque beauty of the Lake and make the most of your trip.

Namirembe Catherdral

Namirembe Cathedral is one of the main attractions in Kampala where you spend your time in peace. It is the most beautiful Christian cathedral in Kampala attracting tourists from all walks of life. Tourists can take a guided tour and get to know about the church and its history. This protestant church welcomes people of every region and is one of the oldest churches in the city of Kampala. You can spend your day inside the church worshipping and get to know more about this religious place. After your church tour, you can head to the Namirembe guest house where you can have delicious lunch.

Best Time To Visit Kampala

The city of Kampala experiences a comfortable and warm weather throughout year, thus it is a year round destination and can be visited anytime of the year. The best time to visit Kampala is during the dry months that are from the month of June to September.  The dry months in Kampala are relatively cooler months with temperatures ranging from 20 to 22 degree Celsius. This season is an ideal time to visit Kampala as you can indulge in many outdoor activities and is the best time for game viewing on the famous gorilla safaris. 

Things To Do In Kampala

Let the experts guide you to the best of this mesmerizing destination

Spend your day at Entebbe Botanical Gardens

Nestled in the northern shores of Lake Victoria, Entebbe Botanical Gardens is a perfect place to spend your day with your family and friends. Enjoy your day in tranquility with exotic plants and abundance of bird species. Make sure you bring your picnic lunch and explore the botanical garden. This botanical garden boasts of collection of various plants and several shrubs that has been regenerated naturally over the years. Attracting people from all walks of life, the garden has become a popular tourist attraction in Kampala.

Shopping at Owino market

Owino Market in Kampala is the biggest market in East Africa making it a popular sight of attraction for the enthusiast travelers. This market is also the busiest and usually filled with so many people around. You will be amazed to see what people sell there. From clothes, fruits to vegetables and electronics, Owino market has everything to offer to the avid tourists. When in the market, you will come across various things, make sure you bargain and shop for the best valuables. When traversing this part of the city, you may see pick pocketers so be aware of your surroundings.

Take education Tour

To understand the wildlife of Uganda, visit to Uganda Educational centre is a must as you will get to learn about different species of animals residing there. Situated near Entebbe Botanical Garden, this wildlife centre has become a popular tourist attracting in Kampala garnering tourists from all walks of life. Head to visit the wildlife park and zoo where you will get to see the animals in their natural environment. Experienced guides will escort you and give you a brief educational tour about the Wildlife Park and zoo. There are multiple programs that are arranged to give you knowledge about the animals and the entire region.

Spend your day at the Beach

While on your tour to the city of Kampala, make sure you spend a day or two at the picturesque beaches along the Lake Victoria. Take your swimwear and some sunscreen lotion along with you to protect you from the rays of the sun. The beaches of Kampala are a true paradise where you can just relax and admire the beauty of nature. You can also go for a deep swim in the Lake and make the most of your trip. Indulge in a game of volleyball or enjoy some lip smacking food by the lake.

Visit Ngamba Chimpanzee Island

Ngamba Chimpanzee Island is one of the top tourist attractions that have garnered tourists from all across the globe. It is an ideal destination where you can get a closer view of the chimpanzees living in their natural environment. When in this sanctuary, there is something that will strike a chord and make you want to visit this place again. Professional guides will guide you on the walking tour and give you an insight about the sanctuary and the chimpanzees.

Explore the city in a boda boda taxi

The best way to explore the city is by boda boda motorcycles. A boda boda is a motorbike taxi which takes the passengers to their desired destination. A tour on this bike takes you through every nook and cranny of the city allowing you to explore the hidden gems of Kampala city. Tourists can choose to go on a ride at this motor vehicle which will save you a whole lot of time as well. Traversing trough boda boda can be quite rewarding and affordable for the enthusiast travelers.

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How to Reach Kampala

By Air:  There are numerous airlines that operate direct flights to and fro from Kampala. The nearest airport is Entebbe International airport which is situated 40 km away from the capital     city. From the airport you can hire a taxi or a cab which are easily available outside the airport.

By Rail: If you wish to travel to Kampala by rail, then you can opt to go to Nairobi. From there you can  catch a train to Kampala. Rail services from Nairobi to Kampala runs twice a week.                 While on your train journey, you will get to see the stunning scenery of the region. 

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